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  1. I personally am very excited for this! I will probably only do it a couple times through the year, but I mean come on...60 dinosaurs?! I have to imagine the area they are putting this in will fit amazingly! I also think it's a very smart decision by Kings Island, most amusement parks wouldn't do this. It's a nice change in pace, and will more than likely bring in the nickels!
  2. I found out about Db when I was at Band camp. I remember getting the text from KIC and going absolutely mad, I told everyone about it. And then that night I managed to get one of my friends dad to let me look at the web page for it. I was soooo excited...That was definitely the best part of Band camp!
  3. But on a side note, I was there and when the sirens went off, I was thinking, "could that be right?" Haha, me and my friends pretty much ignored them. Good thing a tornado didn't hit.
  4. Yeah, I managed to get one ride on Boo Blasters before they closed. I love how they closed right when it cleared up a little bit, there is more on the way though,so I see why they did that. The place was flooded! Part of the Employee lot was filled with water.
  5. I'm probably going to be killed for saying this, but am I the only one here who can't stand the beating the voyage gives? I went to HW for the first time this summer, and I was so hyped up because all I heard were great things about the Voyage, But when i got off I was in pain. I think it was partially the seats because there was nothing preventing you from slamming to the middle of the seat, but I hope these trains make it more enjoyable.
  6. It's not so much of a review on the roamers, but to me there is a real lack of roamers this year.
  7. I prefer to sit in 7-1 because to me there is alot more airtime down the first drop, you feel like your being pulled down it.
  8. Thanks for the advice! I'll be sure to remember that!
  9. My family is planning on making a trip up to Holiday World on either Monday or Tuesday this week, it's going to be my first time going there. Since many of you have been there before, what do you think lines will be like? And also, should i goto The Voyage first? Any info will help, Thanks.
  10. Even though we already have a good amount of woodies, I would love to see a nice GG or GCI put in!
  11. Yes, because instead of killing the very people they hate, they'll say, "hey, lets go beat around the bush and kill some kids."
  12. You people act as if Dubai already isn't filled with rich westerners, When the world's tallest buiding is being constructed and you have one of the fastest growing cities, I doubt an amusement park is their first target...
  13. Not that I have any idea how to do that, I would think that would be pretty hard... But if someone would do that I would definately use it for when I'm on the edge about going!
  14. I know that...that's what I'm saying though,the mcdonalds by KI I'd bet sees an amazing profit, and the subway and stuff doesn't need to be that high, they could raise it alittle, but by lowering prices less people would leave the park to eat.
  15. I know food plays a big role...but let's not forget season passes and tickets...those are a big chunk. Let's just say Kings Island made their own franchise of a mcdonalds...do you mean to tell me that if they used normal mcdonalds pricing they wouldn't make a profit???? They don't need to be that high.
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