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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I am so looking forward to this place. We moved last year, so it's almost in my back yard now. = ) PRONTO PUPS!!
  2. Once a year for me. There are two many other places to see/parks to go to in the world. Without a season pass to keep my next visit "free", I don't see the draw. We're taking the year off of parks due to buying a house and our wedding, and we can see a difference in how much money we are NOT spending when we would do our normal 5 or 6 trips to various parks and a cruise each year.... the idea of having to pay even more money to get in the park because of not having a season pass is not very appealing.
  3. My question is, if the ink were a t-shirt with guns instead, I would think she would have been asked to turn the shirt inside out?
  4. I love KD! The atmosphere can't be described. I have heard this is how KI used to be. Love the trees and flowers.
  5. We just bought a house a couple weeks ago. It is not far from Camden Park and Nathan is already plotting how to ask the management if we can get in the park just to buy Pronto Pups!
  6. Something inexpensive to help with planning is the National Parks passport book. It is less than ten bucks. In it, they list all the national parks, historic sites of interest, etc. When you go to those places, the passport is stamped to show you were there. I thought it was a really neat collectible and got it for Nathan for Christmas. For a PA trip, Google Centralia. Looks like it is something right up your alley!!
  7. Angie, Great trip report! I love ccombining roller coasters with other attractions in the area. Can't wait to see the Arch. Two thumbs up!
  8. We purchase Christmas ornaments wherever we travel to. We do have the King's Island ornament. Individual ride ornaments would be really neat. I agree that I would snap up a Beast ornament!
  9. On the glass blower comment, my boyfriend and I had our names made out of glass when we were at Holliwood Nights this past summer. The glass blower talked to us the whole time as she made it and it made for a really nice reminder of our trip there. We are considering using it for a cake topper at our wedding.
  10. My thought on outside activities would be- we are all here because of a love of King's Island. For those of you who read any of my trip reports, I write about all different types of activities- not just a day at one of our awesome parks. What really surprised me was that people seemed to be interested in those types of reports too and mentioned having been there or wanting to go. I would be totally interested if the site (with other folks besides our very busy mods *hugs to you guys*) planned a few road trips. Whoever mentioned the caving thing-- let me get my boots and knee pads. I'm there
  11. With Halloween quickly bearing down, Nathan and I decided we wanted to get in the spirit of fall. On Saturday, October 3rd, we headed to Parkersburg, WV to participate in their Haunted Parkersburg tour. Listed as one of the top ten for the past few years, we thought it would be a great way to while away our time. We headed up early as it was a beautiful day. We stopped at the Blennerhassett Museum and I picked up a Christmas ornament for our tree (I had forgotten it last time we were there). They lady at the register was very friendly and we chatted with her about our last v
  12. I adore Phantom so much! This is wonderful news and November 2010 is not that far away. I see a roadtrip in my future...
  13. I was signed up to go and had to cancel at the last minute due to life happening. I was really disappointed, but it happens and at least it wasn't lots of money... Congrats everyone who were able to attend!
  14. A side note- Camden Park used to do Pay Per Ride. It was the mid 80's if I recall. You had the option of purchasing tickets or could buy a ride all day pass. I thought it was so neat- you had a green clip with red yarn around your wrist that denoted you had paid the big bucks to ride all day!
  15. I liked your report and I am sorry to hear about the injury. It totally sounds like something I would have done! Rest up and listen to the docs. Heal fast and strong! (PS I like the colors of your cast.)
  16. This is an awesome trip report! I love your pictures. It looks like you got to experience so many different things.
  17. Thanks! She is a big sweetie and would love to meet people from the boards. If only they'd let me bring her to the park! (Kidding!)
  18. Photos- again, sorry for the delay! World of Coke
  19. Dave, I love your trip reports! The photos are beautiful and (pardon me for sounding *pun time* corny!) but the fun you all had was seeping through my computer screen. Thank you for sharing.
  20. Work stole my time for awhile. I apologize for the delay. Here are the photos. Photos of Georgia Aquarium I looked through them and see Nathan published every photo of me drinking a Diet Coke. I don't know if he is staging an intervention or what! Thanks for looking!
  21. LOL- I didn't catch my own pun. The 8 I had listed in the original post was for the 8 countries it spread to shortly after it was invented at the turn of the 20th century. I did not follow up with the statistic that Coca-Cola brands are enjoyed in more than 200 countries now. They had a photo of people bringing in Coke by elephant! I feared for my life if I asked for a Pepsi anywhere in that town....
  22. The Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coke are both located on Pemberton Place. After visiting the aquarium, we walked across the square and went to the Coca-Cola complex. We had a little under two hours to tour, so we would have to hurry. Tickets are $15 each. We entered a lobby and waited for out tour to begin (they start every 15 minutes). We would be the last tour of the evening. When it was our time to start, we headed into the Coca-Cola Loft where we met our tour guides. The room was full of memorabilia through the years and all over the world. We learned that in 1886 John Pemberto
  23. On July 5th, Nathan and I had originally planned to go to Six Flags Over Georgia. When we got up that morning, gray skies and a near 100% chance of rain made us change our mind. We had been talking about different options, and we turned to each other and said. “Let’s go to the Aquarium!” Nathan and I have several fish tanks and love our fishy friends. Billed as the world’s largest aquarium with 8 million gallons of water, it was a perfect choice for us. We arrived at the aquarium around 11:00.The place was busy, but not so packed that you couldn’t move around. We had read that a display of
  24. Here are the pictures of our last days at sea. Last Day at Sea and Disembarkation
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