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  1. Is anyone aware of any offered internships with KI? I will be graduating at wright state with an organizational leadership degree next November and was looking into possibly being an intern this summer...
  2. I miss the Phantom Theatre although I dont know if I would even ride it now.. getting a little old for that haha
  3. Yea thats what I was thinking... more people would be on Diamondback but also more people coming to the park in general. I also agree that The Beast will probably get a longer line because Flight of Fear had some fairly long lines last year.
  4. Do you think the opening of Diamondback will shorten the lines on other rides such as Flight of Fear, Firehawk, etc. Or will they stay just as long and also have ridiculous lines on Diamondback? I am back on forth on what I think will happen, but I am leaning towards the lines pretty much staying the same.
  5. First I would like to say that I havent been on here in forever.. obviously, and I am pumped to ride Diamondback and also go to Kings Island in general this summer. I was thinking about something the other day though... I was just wondering what kind of careers there are to pursue at Kings Island. I will be graduating college in a couple years and I might want to see what Kings Island has to offer as far as jobs and careers. Also.. who would I talk to about this at KI or where would I go? Thanks.
  6. Too bad I havent been on here in a while she would have got my vote that was really good. Shes pretty cute too! haha
  7. Haven't been on here in a while... seems like I get on here more in the winter haha anyway... 1. Diamondback... yea thats right haha I am putting it at number 1 in advance. 2. Firehawk 3. Flight of Fear 4. Vortex 5. Top Gun... I refuse to call it Flight Deck haha
  8. All I know is I can't wait to go... its tradition for me and my friends now. Last year at Halloween Haunt was one of the funniest nights in my life.
  9. Why does the back of my friends season pass say NOT FOR Halloween Haunt in capital letters in the middle of the big paragraph on the back?? Thats why he thought we cuoldnt use it.
  10. cant wait to go.. me and my friends have a blast. I heard you cant use your season pass to get in this year though. NOT COOL.
  11. You could work your way up. Go from racer to top gun then maybe stunt coaster then move up to Vortex. After that try Flight of Fear and Firehawk, and also hit the other coasters in there somewhere. You wont regret it trust me.
  12. I think I am going on wednesday to KI... I will be getting a regular pass that day and I dont have a lot of money right now but I'm pretty sure I will be going up to CP this summer so would it be possible to upgrade my pass to platinum?
  13. Ok so biggest change to worry about... pay in nickles. Got it. haha
  14. School is almost out so I can finally go and get a pass and go to KI. So is it a lot different down there now or what?
  15. where exactly is he jumping at anyway? just curious
  16. Its definetly cooler but we will be hoping for this weather once its july and august
  17. What are the gold pass perks haha I know you can bring a friend on certain days right? Anything else?
  18. The platinum pass is the one that lets you go to any Cedar Fair park right? I think I am getting this but I am not for sure yet since it is still quite a chunk of money for someone in college haha. Convince me to get it! Let me know if there are any other perks to getting it besides free parking. Thanks.
  19. ^ Yes true, I am glad I can walk I'm not complaining about lines, its all part of the experience haha
  20. This is cool I wish I could do this haha
  21. Yea we would have told someone but there wasnt really any ride attendants near us at the time and no one else said anything either. Next time I will point people out and make them feel embaressed too lol
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