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  1. Ravens is to small? Have yoy ever even been on Raven? Raven owns Beast! Legend is better than Beast! You seriously need to ride it b4 u think it isnt as good as Beast bc Beast is boring!
  2. OMG FOF is closing!!! Way to go PP u know close one of the better rides you own! Man everyone congradulate PP on this great move!
  3. we wont get any of this bc we are for sale! So dont expect and big additions until wea re purchased then it might be a while after that! You guys think so positiev about our park but look at it! its going downhill! You might see a small flat in 07' and it might be relocated from another park.
  4. its Cedar Points new coaster track!!!! OMG yeah we finially get our huge bEEMer that 600 ft tall
  5. it doesnt coast a lot of money to relocat some rides and retheme some and add 3 new carnival rides! Yeas PP is going cheap! Just look at Carowinds...... New BB!! Yeah but they didnt get any new slides for adults and teens! WTF Pro Slide Tornados dont cost a lot! And PGA is only gettin a disco! You tell me if thats cheap or not!
  6. That pic has been on rcdb atleast since last year. Plus, if this was taken in 06 why are there leaves on the trees? no sh!t its a joke
  7. this is coming from really reliable source ...the pic was taken this coming year in 06!
  8. can you say knoebels??? that would be awesome! Also its the BEST woodie in ohio!
  9. yeah its just dirt but.... there is still a lot of work to be done! Dont you think they will repaint some rides like sky tours??? Bc that paint job looks like my Sh#T I just took! LOL Anyways by the time they get the rides in re pave everything retheme rides ect, paint them in 2 months?? Remember its PKI not Cedar Point our rides ALWAYS open a month behind schedule!
  10. ohh my god juggs!!!! Look get the camera!!!! DIRT! Man I bet that cost a lot of money! darn PKI in 06! DIRT the ride Is it me but I dont think its gonna be ready in 2 months!
  11. six flags fiesta texas has really good shows Cedar Point has better and more shows than we do! WTF
  12. yeah your right because our shows were really good last year but just a lack of shows ! We need more shows!!! Like we use to! Bring back the Action Zone stunt show! DAMMIT
  13. ^^^^ I totally agree with you on this one!!
  14. so since we can have 3.4 million people come through our gates and we use the money from our park which is one of the biggest parks out there and we spend the outrageous 2 million on BB!!!! darn thats a lot of money ummm NOT! Geauga Lakes water park cost 25 million! And look how that park is doing not even getting a million a year????? Its PARAMOUNT that takes our profit and keeps it and uses it for movies and stuff! SO WTF??? Cedar Fair uses the money the parks make for there own parks! Just like Six Flags does! This is stupid because if we would get bought by a new company then we would have more money for us to spend on flowers, food ,m rides ect! How much do you think NU will cost? Not that much lol!
  15. I was just curious if you were excited about someone else buying the park and or chain? I 'm Really excited about this because I liked Paramount some of the years like 04 (BB), 03' (D,SHC}, 99" FACE/OFF, DROP ZONE! But what the hell! NU??? Also IJST and SOB??? What were they thinking! I'm not saying I dont like NU but the attractions there putting in are a bunch of carnival rides and a powered halfpipe disco lol! Seriously I wish Paramount would let us use more money so we can add 10 new family rides and a super Saterator! But that will never happen! So what do you think??
  16. http://www.norcalcoasters.net/news.php?id=0129061 Go here and they have pictures of there new ride! Thats exciting!
  17. Y? this is the best news we could ask for! I mean darn everyone is so excited about NU well how many of the rides in NU can we ride???? Not that many! So whats the point of being excited about just yet anaother kiddie addition? what its only been 4 years! OMG! Hopefully we will get some rides that we can ride and enjoy!
  18. I hope not! Just let our park turn into the great AMUSEMENT PARK it once was! Not this stupid Hollywood SH$T
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