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  1. I may be posting in the wrong section but I was wondering w/all the talk of diving coasters what exactly is a HYPER coaster? Something like Millinium Force Top Thrill Dragster?
  2. My cousin, who works at the CP Marina said he heard a rumor that KI is getting 3 new rollercoasters. I don't really believe that but thought I would share.
  3. My 7 1/2 rode this for her 1st time on Mother's Day and liked it, my 10 yr old niece LOVED it and wanted to ride it again. We rode this in pouring down rain!
  4. I think KI should do what Cedar Point does, they have the twilight hours. You get in for 1/2 price at 4 on the nights CP is open til 11 or at 5 pm when CP is open til 10:00.....last year in AUgust at KI they did that the week before School started. I am thinking the 2nd to last weekend in AUgust b/c we took a neighbor's child then.
  5. Gross, I will remember to ride in the middle or back tomorrow if I dare to venture over there.
  6. yes, those things are not on the trains anymore and i also think that the sign w/the Timmy on it is gone it was right as you leave the station.
  7. Don't know if this has been discussed. I was there yesterday and noticed that the front of the trains have no cartoon characters on them or anything in writing. I thought there was something on the front of the green or pink trains but I could be wrong. Can someone help me w/my memory?
  8. they are horrible in BOomerang Bay....I won't go back til they are gone. Someone needs to go around and sweep all the dead or dying ones up. You have to watch your step. I don't think they are as bad as Mayflies either.
  9. I just wanted to say that I have been to KI at least 5X this year so far. For 2 of those times I have put Danzani Water bottles in my backpack. THey checked my backpack one time during those 2X and saw the water but didn't say anything. I think they know how expensive it is to eat and drink there. I am w/the person who said they leave and go eat....it is a pain in the butt but for saving $$ this helps that McDonald's is just down the street or Wendy's or Taco bell.
  10. I went MEmorial Day weekend to CP. It was pretty dead. The Magnum had no wait. DH and I are going the second week in July, hope to finally ride the Dragster. That is the only rollercoaster I have not ridden. I love CP!!
  11. I went to the park on Friday evening w/my two kids ages 7 and 4 and a friends 7 yr old. We ate before we came so all we needed was water. Oh, by the way I did bring in little Oreo Cookies that they got from Gold Star w/their Kids' Meals and security didn't even look in my bag, just waved me on by. Well, my friends daughter really wanted a bottle of pop. I gave her her $1 left over from dinner and told her to go to the Funnel Cake Window, on International Street, and ask how much a bottle of pop was. She went up and asked and came back w/a water b/c it was free. A lady in line to get fu
  12. My daughter and I went to Cedar Point this past Saturday night. Got there at 5 and rides were still running at 11:20 pm when we left. My daughter really wanted to ride the corkscrew and loved it. We rode it 3x. We rode the Mine Road 4x, Disaster Transport 1x and the Magnum 1x. She hated it. I told her it was much smoother than The Beast. She walked right over me on the Gemini. I was really surprised it wasn't crowded. There was only a 45 minute wait for TTD which I still have yet to ride, maybe 4th of July week. I think it is better to go in the evening b/c alot of people le
  13. My cousin told me Friday that the Wildcat had a rollback from the first hill onto the cars or cars below it. I believe he said 9 people were injured. Anyway I took my daughter to CP on Saturday night and I asked the ride op. in front of the Iron Dragon if that was true about the Wildcat. He said it was having mechanical problems. I said that is not what I heard and then the Ride Op said, well I can't comment on that.
  14. I have been to the park 4x this year and each time I have taken bagged snacks (cheetos, doritos etc) and bottled water for my kids. THe security guards have checked my bag and never said anything.
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