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  1. Terp, do you know how many season pass's was sold the last season under SIX? and be willing to share?
  2. There is a BK across the street. Also a truck stop with a diner in it, and a subway. Go to the diner very good home cook meals and not over priced. In the park the i305 food stand has the yummy intimidator funnel cake. For your trip if driving dont break your gps aday before you leave. Happen to me, bought a friends and I ended up all in the mountians on dirt roads. going in reverse at 230am with cliff on both side's of you is not fun.
  3. Am I blind? Where does the footers behind slingshot fit in at?
  4. I would love to have the Eagles back, only if they was the ones we lost. Newer models just ain't the same.
  5. IMO its a tower ride. It's a 300ft tower that goes in a circle. Drop Tower IMO is a tower ride. ferris wheel I would love to see added where tower gardens is.
  6. I will more then likely be there tuesday the 13th. Go to nascar HoF first, then carowinds. Far as BB i'm not a fan of water parks, so most likely pass.
  7. something like it. if s&s would make one or other major company. Also far as the top spin mondial Splash over would be great. If it works better then the WindSeekers.
  8. I think they need to add a hand full or two of new flat rides. I know we got WindSeeker, but that imo is not a true flat ride. I'm thinking more like 1. A Mondial Top Scan 2.Sledgehammer 3. crazy jump 4.rotoshake 5.starship 4000 6.fly away by huss. I know the history 7.screamin swing 8. Top spin This is just a few. I know we had a top spin, but it was a giant huss top spin. maybe this time more like the one at KD A sledgehammer i would like in Action Zone. If it stays Action Zone. top scan would be cool some wheres near The Racers gates. and if the ever add to x base a starsh
  9. So what does a owl have to do with a bat? Keeping bats out of your home is as simple as placing one of their natural enemies, the owl, near their roosting place. Our bat is roosting in the Action Zone.
  10. Yeah, I was thinking monday or Tuesday. I hope school is back in session that week.
  11. Hey guys, I'm going to Carowinds soon, and wanted to know what would be the best day to visit? Going to Myrtle beach for the week getting in town Monday leaving Saturday. So I can drive up any day. pending weather. any help would be great. or suggestions on where to stop and eat at?
  12. thanks for this post. I will be heading there in a few weeks. So now i have a place to check out. Was there any other place you went to that you would suggest?
  13. how about a wooden invert http://www.gordonrides.com/concepts.html doubt this will happen. But is different and maybe a record breaker
  14. so why was the station trains and line area painted blue and green when the ride open? and not the red and yellow to match the ride?
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