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  1. Yep I've got all that good stuff, thats how I put the ride together for this clip..sounds better this way. I'm probably going to put SDatHC together next...and maybe repost Phantom Theater lol.
  2. I hope this is what you were referring to... Enchanted Voyage
  3. I know alot of people have the Tomb Raider sound clips already, but I just went ahead and put them all together to form the whole ride experience, starting with the antechamber. The audio from the ride itself has been cleaned up a little bit since I always found the downloadable clip a bit fuzzy. Tomb Raider: The Ride
  4. I appreciate the added flipping, but without the theming, effects, and music that you can actually hear while riding...it's nothing more than a giant garage.
  5. Girl, while sitting on TRTR, says to her friend...."This is a roller coaster, there's the track." (pointing to that bamboo ladder that sat toward the left side of the themed wall)
  6. Kings Island: Now with 30% less imagination! Kings Island: You can do alot worse! Kings Island: We're moving mountains...out of the park! Kings Island: The best in hollywo...nah just kidding, we did away with all that! Sorry none of these are positive, but bashing the park is so much more fun lol.
  7. Kings Island: Soon to be called Cedar Fair Amusement Area # 472
  8. Kings Island: All New names, but we promise there's really Nothing new here.
  9. Not that it's my place to say, but I always felt they didn't fit right into the ride anyway lol
  10. It's a little more realistic than the last one I made. If you recall, the effects on the ride often overlapped eachother and repeated. ...Just trying to give a better impression of the actual ride.
  11. I've heard music from an album called "Carnival of Lost Souls" by Nox Arcana. They've done several albums with creepy music on it. One of the tracks I heard specifically at Halloween Haunt was called "Calliope."
  12. Hey, we all knew that Wild Thornberry's drop (rating of 4) was just as intense as Drop Zone's lol.....seriously though, whoever does their ratings is either a complete moron, or an 80 year old man who just looks at the rides and decides he can't handle them.
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