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  1. I got to sit in Volcano seats at KD and KI. They transplanted used seats to Drop Tower from Volcano one season. I liked Volcano and I probably got to ride it 20 times over the years.
  2. Seems there is a double standard when it comes to park roaches. I recall Six Flags had a cockroach eating contest.
  3. The foot traffic in Coney Mall has probably dropped off with the placement of new rides over the years. The cars are to get you and your money back in the area.
  4. Paramount always had us thinking about what could come next with endless theming possibilities. I quickly lost interest in KI after the sale and I also didn't care for the way some of our friends on the forums was treated.
  5. I seen the Globetrotters when I was in school. They must have visited schools back in the 70's and was entertaining back then. I remember some professional Frisbee players visiting my school back then and they was just as or more entertaining than the Globetrotters.
  6. I had a friend in engineering at Disney that told me they was looking for alternatives to the monorail. That was said probably 10 years ago. I probably posted on here about it back then. They seemed to be more interested in getting rid of it 10 years ago.
  7. I would bet there are people that was injured on that SOB that don't even know it. The amount of riders over the years it operated that could have had an injury would be staggering. The kind of injury you would have got from SOB can take 10 years to fully manifest. I have talked to one of the Doctors working on these injuries and you would be surprised how easy it can happen.
  8. The people on Son of Beast probably did obey all safety instructions didn't they? Someone had a swelled head and thought they could make changes to the ride without taking into consideration what it was doing to the integrity of other parts of the ride.
  9. They should have someone at the entrance to let first timers know the proper riding technique. This thing is painful, rough, uncomfortable and requires a little core strength so that your spine isn't getting whipped. Things must have changed here as you would have set off the red alert at the park and you would have been banned from the site for saying that.
  10. They could take over the SEAS parks for half of what it would take to start one new park in Florida. I don't think anyone would buy now when all they got to do is wait and get them cheap if anyone would want them. The value of the SEAS parks are no where near what they was asking not long ago. There was rumors of Six Flags and Cedar Fair years ago as well with everyone saying Cedar Fair buying Six Flags. I could see Six Flags buying the Cedar Fair way before the other way around. This is just my thoughts from what I knew years ago as I don't keep up with it much anymore.
  11. The failure was in the engineering. Typically the ride manufacturer has an engineer and the park has one. The manufacturer and park engineer have to agree or changes are made. I seen this in action at Disney with Everest. This is done to prevent things from happening like what happened with SoB. This points the finger again at who should not be working on any wood coaster as I said before.
  12. The Ohio Department of Agriculture had said that the work that was done trying to fix the ride didn't take into account what effects it would have on other parts of the ride. This is what I recall caused the 2006 incident. So if they knew what they was doing they did that intentionally.
  13. I said people that worked on it and I know of one that still works for the park. If you go back and do a little research on all the things that happened when it was built and the mess it became after you may think the same. It looked clear to me that someone had a big swelled head thinking they knew more than they did. It turned out that the ones that said it wouldn't work was correct. The report from the Ohio Department of Agriculture after the accident tells a lot as well. If I am out of line here feel free to delete.
  14. I had some good rides on it in the early days. If they put the budget in for it that it needed and listened to the experts when it was built it would still be there today. I find it hard to believe that anyone that helped build and maintain it is still working today.
  15. I never been on one of these coasters. They are low to the ground and look like you could have a deer ruin your day. As for seat belts I have seen some that had to be released by the ride op. I seen these on the Woodstock Gliders and I don't know if they are still that way. I don't like the idea of it but its not much different than other restraints that must be released before you can get off. That would end being able to say the rider took it off.
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