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  1. Keep in mind that any and all rides PKI gets in the future will be themed to a movie. The only reason they built SOB and named it SOB is that it is a tie-in to The Beast. But if we get a giga-coaster, it will be based on a Paramount Movie. But an Intamin Giga Coaster would be really cool!
  2. That's news to me! Do you know me or something pastecaesar? Obviously, you came on this forum just to harass me - your name is a tie in to mine. Or are you just some wierdo who likes to be an ass? And I apologize if my picture is not 'cool'. I thought it was at the time. But thats no reason to call me gay or to f-ing hate me.
  3. I like that second picture Tanner. Its pretty cool. What did you have your aperature set at? It looks kind of over-exposed, but that must have been a five or six second exposure right? I have a Minolta Maxxum 4, and it can do some of that cool stuff. I havent learned how yet. Something I had an idea to do was keep the camera pointed at something stationary, like the top of the SOB lift hill, and take multiple exposures at several points during the day so it looks like there are a bunch of suns in a line across the sky. I have seen it done over the grand canyon, and the washington monument, but I thought it would be cool to do at PKI. I have to learn the camera first, and get a tripod first though. Most of my photography now is done with digitial video.
  4. I consider myself a big time fliers enthuiast. And once again I will say, we had many good memories, but the fliers are gone now. We are getting a new roller coaster in exchange. And remember than many more people, maybe millions, will continue to be entertained on the ride. Plus there are fliers at Strickers Grove, Lesourdsville Lake and Hershey Park. But you can't snap on the first two, and you aren't allowed to snap on the third.
  5. DHC must be a **** decent attraction! I'm too much of a wuss to ride any of the halloween things. I just stick to the coasters.
  6. Did someone really do that? Are you sure they didn't come to PKI for PKI, and just were looking forward to the swings as part of that experience? Or did they come just for the swings?
  7. I agree, we should never forget. But would you want to ride an 'amusement' ride where it was a simulator of the inside of one of those planes headed for the towers? Thats about equal to wanting to do a simulator ride of Normandy Omaha Beach.
  8. Oktoberfest is nothing more than Viking Fury, Adventure Express, Slingshot, Bubba Gumps Shrimp Shack and Festhaus. Its basically just what you walk through as you travel between Action Zone and Coney Mall. Blink and you'll miss it!
  9. I did attend the ceremony, and I will ride them again - even if they are themed to Hey Arnold or some other queer nicktoon. I didn't get any snaps on my last ride.
  10. I posted that before Fearfest. I payed extra attention the first saturday, and that is when I realized that the two events are not cause-effect. The restraints unlocked before the gates opened.
  11. That was what I was saying. Saving Private Ryan and Schindler's List are two incredible movies. I believe everybody should see them. However they are not entertaining. They were not created for that purpose. I remember, my vision of veterans and war in general was changed forever after seeing Saving Private Ryan. But it wasn't a fun movie. I wasn't cheering when that soldier is pulling his buddy up the beach, whose legs have been blown off but he is still alive, and the mortar lands on the buddy and blows him up and splatters the soldier with his body parts. Anybody who would find that entertaining and would like to see it in 3D needs some help. If you haven't seen Saving Private Ryan, go out and rent it soon. It is a very important movie. It just doesn't belong in a park, and should never be marketed as "entertainment".
  12. TheKlockster

    Best Flat

    Viking Fury is decent. If you want to sit in the extreme back or extreme front, you will have to wait a couple cycles, and its boring in the middle. But like Troika, its worth doing every once in a while. I wouldn't call it awesome though. I think I saw a Viking Fury fan group on yahoo groups! My favorite flat was Scooters. Now I don't know. I haven't done DZ or Duhlee yet, do it might be one of those. More than likely DZ after I do it. I love falling! Delirium is by far the most fun ride to watch in the park!
  13. I didn't think the sign would be that big of a deal. But last weekend I noticed that you could see it from 71, a good mile down the road from the exit. It's a lot more visible than I figured it would be. I wonder how far away one will be able to read the text on the sign. And what kind of text the sign will say. I mean what is there to say? PARAMOUNTS Kings Island, HOME OF THE WORLDS TALLEST, FASTEST AND ONLY LOOPING AS WELL AS LONGEST WOODEN ROLLER COASTERS? I guess Ill find out in a couple days!
  14. LMFAO! I respect veterans, but I have to agree. A 3D movie of Normandy could cause some flashbacks. I don't think it would be appropriate for a family park. The movie is very good, and I think that Saving Private Ryan and Schindler's List are two movies everybody should see. But I wouldn't put Saving Private Ryan in a family park. Besides it really isn't entertainment.
  15. Yes, I work until 6, so I always get there around 6:45. Some of my comrades, who are stuck at the Office Superstore until 9:30 get to PKI around 10, and its still open. To my knowledge they will let you in until a few minutes before close. I don't know when they stop selling tickets, but if you have a pass, its no big deal.
  16. Thats the percentage of days I went this year. But I only started going at the end of the season. If you look at my percentage for the whole year, its probably like 10 or less. I don't know how much I will go next year, but during the summer, probably at least twice a week. Probably more in the spring and summer. What can I say? I love PKI! Besides its not like there's anything else to do around here! School and Work, School and Work - the story of my life...
  17. I was just joking. I agree with you on most things. I just feel you close a disproportionately large number of threads, when compared to other mods. But I still say you have hit the nail on the head with this one. Anybody who is going to visit the park less, or not at all, based solely upon the decision to MOVE the Fliers (as in they are only 7 hours away) is a moron, and not a true PKI enthusiast at all! One more thing - why do you PKI employees hate ACErs? Thats a big thing I could never understand. Logically, wouldn't you like ACErs more than regular guests? BTW - I'm not an ACEr, just wondering!
  18. For once I actually am going to have to agree with AZ Kinda Guy. The removal of the Fliers is a terrible reason to stop going. It's a great ride, but as many people, myself included, have said in previous threads, life will go on. I voted that I would visit the park the same, because I don't think it would be physically possible to visit the park more than I do! This year I have gone almost every day I had off work, and even several days after I got off work. But I only started going in July. So next year, it will be pretty close to the same. About 50-75% of the days the park is open I will go.
  19. Wow. That is funny. The halloween theming isn't that good. I haven't tried any of the haunted houses or paths yet, but I know the overall theming of the park, aside from the sliders and the fog, isn't that spectacular. Certainly nothing comparable to Universal Studios.
  20. I don't wish The Beast will be removed. Quite the opposite in fact. The Beast is awesome. I'm just saying that Paramount has this mind set that they need to make these movie themed rides, and I wonder where they are going to draw the line. The Racer sparked the "golden age" of roller coasters. It is a classic. No movie themed ride could ever replace it. And I don't even need to say anything about The Beast. The stupidest thing PKI could do - stupider than revoking all season passes and removing the parking lot - would be removing The Beast. It would be suicide as a company and as a park. It is what PKI is known for. You say PKI, and people think - The Beast. So I just hope Paramount is intelligent in where they draw the line with being a movie themed park, and having great rides. We will never be a Cedar Point, and the worst thing PKI can do is try to be.
  21. Just as long as they never tear down The Beast, or give it to another Paramount Park!
  22. I will be sure to sign the petition. But please make sure everything is spelled right, and that it is written professionally. I do not think it will do any good. Its PPs property, and they can do with it as they please. The right of petition is a federal right, and companies are not by any means required to do what petitions say. The best advice is to enjoy your final rides on the scooters this weekend. The new coaster will be cool. I only hope PKI will add some more young people rides. Rides that cater to people too old to ride anything in HB, and too young to ride Duhlee or DZ. We need some more flats to cater to this audience (8-12). Monster, Troika and Scrambler is all thats left, and in a way, they are all variations of the same thing (rotation), as was scooters. But we need some good rides for those who think Atom Ants Airways and Yogi's Sky Tours are gay, but are unable or not allowed by their parents to ride the big flats. But like I said, I will sign, and I encourage anybody else who likes the fliers to sign also.
  23. I got it. Sorry the image is so crummy. I don't know why my scanner did it that way. But here it is! The text says: TOMB RAIDER: The Ride The Sequel - Experience a longer and more thrilling adventure as mystery and mayhem collide in an epic battle of fire and ice. (Please, no food, drink or smoking inside the cave. No carry-on items permitted)
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