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  1. Doh! I do that all the time. I thought today was Sunday. You're right, its Saturday, and that show will be on tomorrow. I am definately going to watch it. But I seriously thought today was Sunday. It's so hard to keep track of time these days! One week until FearFest!
  2. So is there truly more in Indiana than Corn? I think Holiday World looks a lot better than Indiana Beach. If I went to one (and I might next season) it would be HW.
  3. Caught the last five minutes of it. Mister and Misses Brady were checking into a hotel and they got the honeymoon suite or something. But I didn't see anything about Cincinnati on it. Plus the info said "Marcia promises to get Davy Jones for the school prom". Are you sure that's the right one? Oh well, I guess I should have come online sooner, then I would have known about it and I could have watched the entire thing. Why didn't you text message me at work? Just kidding.
  4. I do not believe NUGBOS and SOB/GUN Steve-O are the same person. Steve-O has a distinct writing style, and it doesn't match with NUGBOS. Of course, he could be changing his style on purpose to mislead us. But I do not believe that it is him. Besides, Steve-O is still an active member. So what reason would he have to use a different user name? The roller coaster database www.rcdb.com lists Flight of Fear at 54 MPH. It has the actual speeds on there - not rounded speeds. I am sure that different loads on the coaster can cause variations on the exact launch speed, but 54 is probably the average. PS - Does anybody know what means?
  5. According to both Paramount's Kings Island, people who work on Flight of Fear and the Roller Coaster Database, Flight of Fear launches at 54 MPH in 3.9 seconds. So it must be correct. And what is with that huge blank signature NUGBOS? Are you just trying to be annoying?
  6. That wasn't a dumb question. They are moving them to the old Flight Commander site aren't they? I was just wondering if that move was going to happen before fearfest or after fearfest. I guess it doesn't matter - I'll ride it either way.
  7. I am going every Saturday, but on the first four, I won't be there till seven. The 30th Ill be there all day, and on Nov 6 Ill be there after four. Does anybody know if the scooters will be in their old or new location for fearfest?
  8. Now that you mention it, I agree. The OTSRs must be ratcheting. Even though they dont make a clicking noise while going down, once they are down, if its loose you can pull on it and it will click again. So they must be ratcheting. I noticed that the point the OTSRs lock is when the gates close. And that corresponds to that long thing under the train going down. Does that long bar engage with something on the bottom of the train when it is raised that allows the restraints to move. Then I guess when it lowers, it must release some kind of mechanism on the bottom of the car that locks all the restraints on the car. But yeah, I didnt think that was possible. I told her it probably just felt like the OTSR went up because of the forces. But thats impossible. But I do always have a fear in the back of my mind that the restraints will unlock on the corkscrew!
  9. Yeah, thats been done before. And both me and Hoskins were about to do it, but didnt since he did it first. But heres another rumor. She swears it happened, but I dont think its possible, so I call it a rumor. A friend of mine said that she is afraid to ride Vortex because when she rode it last time, when it was going down the drop, the OTSR flipped up over her head, and she grabbed it and pulled it back down. But it stayed locked the rest of the ride. I dont think thats possible. The Vortex OTSRs are hydraulically locked arent they? So I would say that is an unlikely one.
  10. So it will be about the same in size as AE. I wonder if it will be more fun, or not as fun. AE is pretty fun, but except for a few tunnels and headchoppers, there isn't a lot to it. I think the aqueduct, helicopter, and parking garage will make it a little more interesting. Plus it looks like it has some pretty cool track elements. But you can tell from the track type that it wont do anything too extreme.
  11. You mods can look at IP addresses of people on here? Thats spooky. But I am on dialup, so my IP changes each time. I don't see anything wrong with liking TunedIn, alot. I have no idea what that is, but I am sure other people like it too. I just think its funny how she keeps coming back. Like that song in Elementary School, about the cat who came back, the very next day! But we all must be obsessed with PKI to an extent, or we wouldn't be on here. My obsession is Vortex and Adventure Express.
  12. Ok, I get it, that crap at the top was stupid. I wrote it at 4 in the morning. I guess there are no other true RCT people here who like to actually design new rides. Just people who like to ride existing rides. And I have always wondered, but never asked. What is this emoticon? What's so bad about this post? The fact it comes from me? And it isnt as bad as "Do you guys still have the entrance fountains?". I just wanted to get some discussion going on. So much for that.
  13. A swiss coaster eh? How about in place of the international showplace. I mean they have tons of theaters. So we put it there, and extending over that pond and that area behind the Alexander statue from TR2. Im seeing cobra roll going toward the tower. Like it starts out going to the tower, then flips upward and enters the cobra roll, then exits it going away from the tower, back toward the lake. Not sure if B&M fliers do cobra rolls or not, but I know B&M inverts do - ie. silver bullet. So well get a cobra roll facing the tower. Also a part where the people are horizontal, and facing down, then it goes down a big drop and it plunges toward the lake, then goes parallel to the water just a couple of feet above the lake so that the people think they are going to go underwater. Then it pulls up really quick and goes into a half-loop that throws the people toward LaRosas, then pulls them away and at the top does a half corkscrew - like half of a cobra roll, so the riders exit in a direction perpendicular to the direction they came in. Those are the two elements I would like. What else can we think of?
  14. Ahoy! I would if I could, but I can't so I won't! I be sure that that thar AZ Kinda Guy would be happy to keel-haul this here poll! Harharhar! I must apologize for my horribe pirate talk, but today is talk like a pirate day.
  15. Watch what you say NUGBOS! StXBomber has a lot more authority around here than you do. After all, he is the PKIU Waaaaahmbulance! And his points are good. There are tons of "whats your favorite ride" polls. I myself have voted on several, and I am new here. And polls belong in the Polls part, not trip reports. So all of his points are valid, and he doesnt sound stressed. Probably just annoyed at Newbies like yourself.
  16. John Wardley is a coaster designer. I am saying that if you could design any coaster any way you wanted, how would you do it, and where would you put it. I was just trying to make the backround a little more interesting. In the latest PKI newsletter (I finally got it) they had replies from people who had written about designing any coaster they wanted, and what the theming would be like and the track elements. I am asking the same thing. This is not a refit or retheme of an old coaster, rather a new coaster. How would you do it? I was trying to get some discussion going. If its a dumb thread, sorry. There was a thread a while ago asking how you would retheme rides. Im asking if you could build a new one from scratch, what would it be like.
  17. I did not see anything similar to this on here, so I thought I would post it. I think PKI did something like this a while ago in a survey, but I did not see any PKIU posts about it. There used to be a bunch of stupid background stuff here, but I edited it off cause people thought it was gay. How would you design a brand new, never done before coaster. What type will it be. What will the theming be. Which elements will be included on it. Where will it be. Have fun!
  18. Sorry to resurrect an old post, but I had a funny story about this. I almost had my pants stolen at PKI! No seriously! I was at Boomerang Bay, and I had my swim shorts on, and I was in the bathroom there where the locker rental is, and I put my pants on the counter next to the sink I was washing my hands in, and some kid came and took them and walked off with them! It had my wallet and car keys in it. I ran after them, and took them back. I wasnt polite about it, and the kid didnt argue. I guess I should have told security or something, but I didnt. I just ran after him, grabbed the pants and yanked them away from him. He got all upset, but didnt argue that they were his or anything. Just turned and walked away. I was just glad to get my wallet and keys back, and I was pretty happy to get my pants back too, but I didnt really need them cause I could have just worn my swim shorts. But still, who the heck steals pants?
  19. Its a shame to see an entire park SBNO. I was looking at the unofficial website for the park, and it says that there are even some rides that were under construction when the park closed permanetly. You said it closed because of management and financial issues? PKI probably had a lot to do with that didn't it? Although Americana was a lot older than PKI.
  20. Does anybody here remember Americana? That was my first park. I went when I was four or five, and dont remember anything except riding a coaster that is probably similar to Top Cat's Taxi Jam. It had me paranoid of coasters till a month ago! Now I love em. But Americana is closed. Im not sure if its gone or if the park is just SBNO though.
  21. I was on at 1:13 AM, and there were 31 users online at that time! Only one (myself) was a registered user. The rest were guests. But I wonder why so many people would be on this site at such a strange time? And on a Thursday night! Edit: I figured it out all by my lonesome! They were waiting to see what the always insightful, always amazing copyczar had to say!
  22. About The Vortex stalling cause of poor staffing, it might be possible. I notice while coming back to the station that there is a large round object underneath the station. Maybe trolls run circles on it and this drives the chain. But even then, once the train builds up its gravitational potential energy at the top of the lift, it cant stall. The worst that could happen is that the block brakes do not engage and the train flies through the station taking out anything in its path! So I guess that rumors dead either day. About Hoskins, there is one easy way to find out what happens. Sobrider can get in his garbage recepticle of doom and travel into the future to see if he ever got his job back. Or if I ever get a job there at all! No offense intedended, Hoskins...
  23. Not really a rumor, but a friend of mine (the same one who told me about the Flight Commander), before my first visit to PKI told me that I ABSOLUTELY HAD to ride the Timberwolf. Its like the best ride in the midwest! It supposedly won all these rewards and stuff. He said I better get to the park early so I dont have to wait in line all day. Got there and its a freakin' theater! Found out later, he tells that to all PKI Newbees. He likes them to make fools of themselves as they wander around aimlessly looking for this spectacular ride!
  24. But what's the advantage in using linear speed hills? I know a big thing about clothiod loops and parabolic hills is that the rate of acceleration itself changes. Now we all know acceleration is just a change in direction or speed, to the positive or negative. And we know this occurs on the linear speed hills. But the joy of parabolic hills is that different levels of acceleration are felt. My physics is rusty, but I believe that on a linear speed hill you will feel a deceleration of (9.8m/s^2)/tan(x) going up and an acceleration of (9.8m/s^2)/tan(x) going down, where x is the angle of ascent/descent. But the acceleration is constant. The acceleration contiunally varies while cresting a parabolic hill. Im not even going to try and calculate that since it involves integrals! So back to my original question. Whats the hype about linear speed hills?
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