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  1. Well put! I dont know why people are getting all upset about losing the tiques to IJSS. There is a similar ride in HB. Although trying to compete with Cedar Point or SFMM would be futile, I think we should get some new extreme rides like a flying coaster or 4d coaster and a jump2. Well never bet to CPs point though - they have like three or four hypercoasters, a stratocoaster and a bunch of others. But we have the longest woodie, the second longest woodie, the tallest, fastest and only looping woodie. But thats about it. But PKI is fun - its not the type of park that attracts people from Russia to come all the way out to visit, but its just a fun family park. And they should keep it that way, but maybe add some more extreme rides, and a few flat rides to replace the ones they lost.
  2. What is tomb raider like? I have seen Top Spins on tv, and in RCT so I know what to do, but never a GIANT top spin. Doesnt it jerk you around a lot? Can larger people ride it? I know I find the seats on The Racer a little snug. Ive seen people my size getting on drop zone, so is it about the same? I mean if you go to pki.com all you get is a picture of the gondola and that big statue thing.
  3. Hey thanks! That looks pretty cool. It looks a lot more thrilling than I thought it would be. They are going to put all that where antiques and flyers are now?
  4. Do you work at PKI? I bet that would be fun. Is it hard to run a ride like FOF? Do you just push a button or is there actually some work involved? Is it possible for The Vortex OTSRs to come up? A friend of mine swears that while she was on the drop, they flipped up over her head. Is that possible?
  5. Darn! But still I am interested to see what it would look like when its done, or how it will be like to ride it? Will it have any inversions? Does it use flat turns or banked turns? How will they pull off this machine gunning helicopter? Does PKI get a new ride every year?
  6. Its gone now??? What about fliers? What kind of ride will TIJSS be? The track looks like the same kind of track you would find on a wild mouse, but I saw somewhere that it will be LIM launched? I guess Ill have to wait and see on season pass sneak preview day next year...
  7. Since Im kind of new here, maybe you can clairify. By Tiques, are you referring to those old school cars that go around in coney mall? Is it being taken down? What will replace it? Flyers is the ride across the sidewalk from the boomerang element in Vortex right? Is it moving? Why would they do that, and where would it go? Will something replace it?
  8. How many times have you rode the SOB Sobrider? Ive only been a few times, but Im going tomorrow. I plan to do AE first, since right now its my favorite (and the only one I can handle). Then I am going to try Top Gun and if I do alright on that Ill try it again. Then I might try The Vortex. My aunt and uncle made me ride it once, but I dont remember it. I had my eyes closed the entire time and all I remember is a feeling of being disintegrated while on the drop. So I am going to try to do The Vortex again. If I do finally overcome my fear, I might even do FOF or SOB! I also want to try to do TRTR and Delirium. I guess it all depends on how Im feeling. Right now the only rides I can ride without freaking out are WWC, AE, Racer and Congo Falls. Plus ANY of the rides at Boomerang Bay. I think I need to join a coasterphobe help group! I have found that it seems to be a trend to start out in Action Zone and then go to Coney Mall, then Rivertown. But then again, I never went with little kids, so I guess if you had some you would start out in HB and go the opposite direction.
  9. How do you like to spend your day at PKI? With which rides do you start, and where do you eat? What times do you like to ride certain things?
  10. Must be nice! I am going to try and get an ipod mini with my bonus check from work in January, but for now all I can do is burn MP3 cds, and listen to them with my discman! I have a 12" iBook G4 with os 10.3.3. I also have an old beige G3 233 mhz, and a Packard Bell Pentium 1 PC. But the only thing I do with the PC is play RCT. I use the laptop for everything else!
  11. Im voting for Bush, but not because Im a Republican - I just dont like Kerry, and voting for a thrid party is throwing a vote away. Although trying to see a correlation behind system preference and political preference is foolhardy, I think I read in MacAddict that most Mac Users are liberals. Most PC users are conservatives. But who knows!
  12. Is runaway reptar a vekoma coaster? Are AE, Vortex and Wild Thornberries the only S&S Arrow Rides there? Im still new at all this coaster stuff. Ive been playing RCT for about two years, but went to a Theme Park (PKI) for the first time a month ago. I liked it so much i bought a 2005 gold pass, which is good for the rest of this year too. But I still cant get up the nerve to ride Vortex or SOB. How can you guys tell the maker of a coaster by looking at them? Is it track type, or the supports or what? One thing I do know - everybody keeps saying that Delirium is a Huss Gaint Frisbee, but its not. Its a Huss Frisbee XL. It is between the Frisbee and Gaint Frisbee in height, has outward facing seats like Giant Frisbee, but not as many, and swings 130 degrees, where the Giant Frisbee is only 120 degrees, and the regular frisbee is 90 degrees. Go to hussrides.com and check it out. It even has a pic of PKI Delirium on the Frisbee XL page.
  13. Once you go Mac, you can never go back!!!! I have a stargate sg1 background on my iBook g4, but I have no idea how to put it on here so you can look at it.
  14. Have you seen the park map recently? It is comical. Everything is way off as far as scale, and the track is wrong there as well. Vortex track is a large tubular steel pipe with little ribs coming off of it that support tubular running rails. I guess its the type of track S&S Arrow always uses, but I dont know. But as far as the logo not being accurate - just compare the people on drop zone on the park map to the people on Vortex. In fact one person on drop zone would be like as tall as Vortex. The map is way off!
  15. I would make the first lift chain on AE enclosed like the second one is. Also I think some fire and water effects could be added to make it more of an Indiana Jones ride. Drop Zone would rotate on ascent. I too would move Congo Falls to rivertown. A Jump2 would be sweet - I think it would be cool if it was put where the Action Theater is now, between the sides of The Racer. I disagree with painting the Eiffel Tower, because its the same color as the one in France. Top Gun would be modified to be a longer ride, and the cars would themed more like an airplane. Like little wings coming out of the sides, and maybe a cockpit that closes over the car. The park would get a Star Trek coaster, but not Borg Assimilator from PKD. To remain a serious competitor in the theme park world, we need a flying coaster, a fourth dimensional coaster and a giga or strata coaster. I think Oktoberfest is underrated, and there would be German music, and the park employees would wear Lederhosen. Boomerang Bay would get a water coaster. I think they could do a little kiddie 4d coaster themed on the Jetsons or something - like Jetsons Jetpack adventure or something. One biggie is The Vortex. It is desperately underthemed. When it came out they made a big deal that Vortex was a robot that got a hold of you and twisted you and turned you and everything and you couldnt escape his grasp. But if you go there, all it has is a big sign that says "Vortex". I think they could do some kind of futuristic theme on it, and with the station. I definately think that it should get a different paint job, and that some of the track should be redone - like right after the drop and big hill, when you go on that turnaround over LaRosas, the track does a wierd jerk to the right that is out of place. Also there are a few other spots where its going one direction, and then boom, youre going a different direction. I know its not typical of Arrow coasters - look at AE or Runaway Reptar. So it could use some retracking. I guess it doesnt matter though cause im too much of a wuss to ride it regardless. But I guess thats it. Kings Island is my favorite park of all, but then again, its the only one I ever went to, so I dont really have any comparison. But I live only 2 hrs from SFKK and about 5 hrs from Cedar Point. So I guess I have no excuse. Im a big RCT fan though. But I think that PKI is awesome as it is.
  16. I got the "guess my weight or age" guy to say "Dirty Sanchez" over the PA. But I wasnt being a butthole. He offered to guess an age or weight, and me and my friends were standing there, and since one of the girls in my partys boyfriends name was sanchez, we asked the guessing guy to guess her boyfriends name. And we told him the first word was dirty, and the first letter of the second word was s. So he kept guessing and getting it wrong, and I said sanchez, and he said really loud in the microphone "DIRTY SANCHEZ!?" Then realizing what he had done he shook his head in disgust. But the dudes name seriously is sanchez, so we werent just being distasteful. That was the funniest thing I did at PKI. That and scream like an irish schoolgirl while riding tasmanian typhoon, then breaking the raft while getting off of it.
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