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  1. Hey I think we are going again if you want to go.
  2. Ok here is the backround, like I said in another post me and Fearthe Four went to the Ohio State fair. We were beginning to wind down our day and we wanted to ride a fun ride that wasnt to crazy (pretty much anything but a Zipper) we both decided on an Avatar/Surfin' Dog type ride and this decision gave us a story for the rest of our lifes. We go in and sit in our seat and the lady at the very front of the ride sat down (note:the only restraint is a Viking Ship type lap bar.) and she pulled down her lap bar. as soon as she released her grip on the bar it popped staright back up. Everyone else had already been secured. The women asked the operator, "Mam why wont my restraint stay down," and the operator goes, "Oh that restraint hasnt worked all day so just hold it and you should be fine." Me and FeartheFour looked at eachother and both had a wtf look on our face. Needless to say that lady did not ride that ride that day but we've got a story for the rest of our lifes.
  3. Ive ridden one once and never again. A little too thrilling fo me
  4. I was working under the Tower the fourth and unfortunately we were one of the few stands open. We were packed. Also Invertigo and Congo Falls were still down most of yesterday from the outage. Note: Delirium has a motor issue and a special order has been put in for the parts. Delirium's shutdown was not dew to the power outage.
  5. Ok so about 2 years ago me and my friend Nick or FeartheFour went to the Ohio State Fair. Yeah we knew it would be completely different from KI but we love to ride any rides from fair to amusement park. We walked in and the first ride we rode was a chainsaw type ride. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3392/3307216319_d97d008457.jpg We both completely underestimated it. We ride every ride in Kings Island and Cedar Point over and over and never feel even a little naseaus. One ride on Chainsaw killed us. We didnt ride another ride for like 4 hours. So if your looking for something to destroy your stomach find a chainsaw ride.
  6. Cool. Thanks everyone.I will have to start planning a trip to there.
  7. cool. Can anyone confirm if SF Over Texas is a good park or not?
  8. Yeah I need to plan a trip somewhere. Later this year I might go to Holiday World but I really want to go to Six Flags Over Texas. It looks like a good park. That Jump 2 also looks like a great ride. Were is that located?
  9. Thanks for all the help Terpy
  10. So do you know why HUSS has a fascination of taking good rides and wanting to supersize them? Is it to make them look more thrilling?
  11. Could you show me the difference of a Giant Top Spin and a normal Top Spin?
  12. has anyone every ridden an inner facing Frisbee ride. They feel so much faster I guess because they are much smaller and a different veiw
  13. Kings Island has Drop Tower and Delerium but Cedar Point has MaXair and Tower of Power. So you can look at it from either way
  14. Silly Terpy if you can relax on that then kudos to you
  15. Yeah a Ferris Wheel is a nice relaxing ride. The only one of those at Kings Island is the Carousel and The Train
  16. Ahh The Crypt aka Ferris Wheel
  17. Yeah I just wish Kings Island could have gotten a ride like Skyhawk in Cedar Point. I loved that ride.
  18. This really has nothing to do with this but I want to know is MaXair smaller than Delerium because to me it seemed as if it was
  19. Yes new and improved lighter trains with interesting Racer colors.
  20. Not saying that this is whats wrong right now but back in the paramount days of Delirium my sister worked there and they had a problem with the breaks going out and it took about 2 weeks to get the new ones.They said the breaks go out if the ride is ran incorrectly. Just what i heard. With all the mechaniacs who have been climbing around up top thats what i beleive it is.
  21. i know it isnt. I rode it alot as Phantom and i never saw it then. Thanks though
  22. Wow I never noticed that sign. Ive riden that ride for years too. Hmm I learn somthing new from you almost every day Terpy.
  23. through my experience, (rode Diamondback 21 times in a day) I would suggest normal line even if it is through the second turnstyle. It wont take as long as you think.
  24. Well think of it this way. On Millineum Force you are traveling up the hill around 15 mph. So this means down the first hill you are already starting at 15 mph not 0 mph so it gives a certain gain of speed. If that helped any.
  25. "were is the ride that is wooden and loops. I will never ride it."(guest on SoB in the looping days.) ride employee, "this is it sir have a nice ride. All clear!!!!"
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