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  1. It would be very smart of them to bring on-ride photos back with the increased traffic to FoF. I always loved seeing my photo after the ride. I'm so excited to see the finished Area 72!!
  2. I understand but man, this sucks. I wonder how much this is going to impact just all aspects of the business. Finances, employment, future investments. Sheesh
  3. I don't think there's any pulsing. I think you might think that the graininess caused by the zoom is pulsing. You can see the same thing happening with the track on the drop.
  4. Uh... not to sound rude but what exactly are we supposed to be seeing here? There's nothing happening in this video...
  5. I definitely didn't think that CF should need to do any kind of refunds or other compensation for a delayed opening, but if the opening is delayed by more than a month then I definitely agree that they should do something for passholders.
  6. Not at all! I’ve had to watch the industry pretty closely once Disney Shanghai and Hong Kong closed and had a pretty strong feeling the US was going to see similar closures. The company I work for is hurting from this tremendously and I could see us shutting down in the coming weeks. Pretty scary thought.
  7. Haha, really? I can somewhat see where you’re coming from but I’m sure that somewhere in your agreement to buy the pass there is a no refunds section. The parks are going to open, don’t be stingy
  8. I knew it was going to happen soon enough. Disneyland is closed through the end of March. Source Edit: Saw I was a bit late Now we wait for the Florida parks to close....
  9. So long Robb! I'm sure many will miss him, but many more will not!
  10. Why does every topic have to end up discussing things like this? The park doesn't like it, but people do it. If you're super mad about it, don't watch it. KIC doesn't support it, but Facebook and YouTube will never care. It was pretty sad to see the station completely demolished like that
  11. Right, but with the way it's going CA is seeing more cases every day and Seattle had the first US death from the virus yesterday I believe.
  12. As far as I know, Disney Hong Kong and Shanghai resorts closed late January, Tokyo Disney and Universal Japan closed this past week. The company I work for works closely with Disney & Universal and we are REALLY starting to feel the impact of the virus within the company. Not only are we not receiving orders from the closed parks, but our factories and offices in China have been closed since late January. If things don't get better soon, I'm not sure how long my company will be able to operate normally. Thankfully most Cedar Fair parks have ordered their spring products from us lol. Hopefully the US can keep it under control. We've already heard talk of Universal/Disney in California considering closing, and I couldn't imagine the impact if the Florida parks closed. I could see Cedar Fair closing Knott's since that park attracts international visitors.
  13. I definitely would not consider anytime before June mid-summer. If anything, June/July is midsummer. Must have been a pretty quick planning process! Probably what they’ll do with Vortex
  14. If I do recall correctly, we were repeatedly told that there was nothing planned for Firehawks old site and that the decision to remove it was made mid-summer. That clearly turned out to be very untrue, unless they planned a coaster for Firehawks old spot immediately after deciding to remove it. There are probably plans for Vortex's old site, otherwise I think they would have left the station to turn it into a haunt attraction. I mean, SOB's is still there, the giant Crypt box still stands as a tiny haunt attraction, there'd be no reason to demolish it other than to use that land for something else.... It is sad nonetheless, but you can't hold onto the past! The future is always bright, and I see great things to come.
  15. KI had me spoiled... when I moved to Florida and found out Disney/Universal closes usually around 8/9 PM I was upset lol. I don't think the trimmed hours will do much honestly. The park being open until 10 most days is great. I think cutting back an hour on Haunt won't do much, I bet it has something to do with the noise.
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