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  1. It doesn’t at all, but the topic has become so dry that it’s all that people want to discuss.
  2. I am so upset that I'm going to miss this. It looks like it is going to be such a fun an unique thing to happen at KI. I can't wait to see everyones pictures and videos! Also, the thing in that last photo looks familiar, I feel like I saw that at Haunt last year somewhere near I-Street.
  3. Edit: Deleted original post. Not worth the negativity. Enjoy your day
  4. Totally agree! There is a ton of land where backlot sits that is unused. The empty area behind the showplace could be used as well.
  5. Anyone happen to know what projects he might have been a part of at Disney and Paramount Parks? It would be great to see more festivals/parades/celebrations come to CF parks. Really looking forward to seeing how Grand Carnivale performs, even though I most likely won’t be able to experience it in person.
  6. 2019 has nothing to do with anything. Why should you walk to GUEST SERVICES? Maybe that's because they are there to service guest who have complaints. There's no better way to voice a concern than to tell someone at the park directly to their face rather than from behind a screen. I have a feeling they don't have something like that integrated into the app because people tend to exaggerate and inflate small issues when they are behind a screen. Sounds to me like you are too lazy/anxious/afraid to go an tell a real person about issues that you had. They responded to you on two different platforms.
  7. Awesome to hear that you had a great day Thank you for sharing! Did you take all of those coneys and fries?! Lol
  8. I get so pumped seeing videos like that!! Thank you. I cannot wait to ride this. Those hills look crazy. I love it looks like you’re shooting up straight to the sky.
  9. Well, when the entrance to the ride is off of international street, we will call it a part of I-street lol. Anyways. I would like to see a new junior coaster like someone pointed out earlier. I only bring this up because the kids area was always growing and changing, but recently that growth has stagnated. It may not be too important to us enthusiasts, but Hanna-Barbers and Nick Central is where I got my start! I was always so excited to go and ride beastie and reptar. They’re still there but I think kids also deserve something new and exciting.
  10. Thank you! It is much appreciated.
  11. Well I mean, that was your own fault for expecting something giant and extravagant like that. I can definitely understand expecting something longer, but not longer than steel dragon lol. I personally find the elements to be really cool, especially the turnaround and helix-thing (forgive me, don’t know the term) at the end. I think an 86’ difference between dback and this will be pretty significant. Thank you for elaborating.
  12. I mean, technically speaking, but it’s a kids ride in the kids section of the park. Can we just agree it’s part of Planet Snoopy? Lol.
  13. It’s actually pretty impressive how long Boo blasters has lasted. It’s funny that it was rethemed every ten years, but this is going on sixteen. Unless you count what I’d call a de-theme to boo blasters as a re-theme of the ride.
  14. It has been like that since I have been a member here! It’s annoying and I’m not sure if it’s still necessary? I always thought it was something older forums did. I just had a lot of trouble trying to find a thread about Planet Snoopy haha.
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