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  1. For me it’s personal Facebook friends, various FB posts from news pages, YouTube and tweets. I did not expect a lot of the reactions I see. I def expected it from enthusiasts, but seeing the GP point out things that enthusiasts see is surprising. You’re right though, most comments are just tags of other people, so I assume they’re excited. Just not the reactions I expected.
  2. Giga isn’t a B&M term I believe, Fury and Leviathan are listed as Hypers, but Millie is Giga. Guess it has to be Intamin to be considered a giga. We’re ALL wrong :p
  3. Thank you so much for this hahaha I think a majority of the coaster community can agree that a giga can be defined by either: - being 300-399 feet tall OR - being less than 300 feet tall, but having a 300-399 foot drop
  4. I really wish we could all come together and get excited about the new coaster instead of being upset about it’s height. I personally don’t think it matters at all. The drop is 300 feet and it seems forceful with cool elements. I haven’t stopped thinking about it tbh, I am just excited to get to ride it next year! I also can’t wait to see what they do with Area 72. I am really hoping to see FoF get cleaned up, I can’t say that enough lol.
  5. I thought the same thing, but getting on other social platforms this morning, I’ve seen a whole lot of the GP saying they’re confused on why it’s not Beast Unleashed or why it looks like a blue Diamondback. I am totally pumped for the ride, and I was excited today see some positive reaction to it today, but I’ve seen so much negativity surrounding it that it’s made me a little upset honestly.
  6. Waking up this morning and reading a vast majority of people being disappointed in the ride has made me kind of sad. Not here, but on YT, Twitter and Facebook. It kind of worries me that CF made a mistake. I’ve seen countless people disappointed that it’s not “Beast Unleashed”. Let’s hope this doesn’t reflect poorly in pass sales and attendance
  7. It really has been a TON of fun watching everyone decode. I was never really actively participating in this conversation, but I read it every single day. It really feels like a special day! I am so excited for the announcement and I hope everyone that is there has a great time. Thanks for the discussion!
  8. A lift tunnel like the Hulk coaster at islands of Adventure would be fantastic. I doubt they’d do something like that but it would be so cool and an amazing night ride.
  9. I totally agree, I’ve talked about the entrance a lot, I’m sure others have seen me post about it lol. I do feel strongly about it because it really is dated. Im not sure how they could modernize it though. The shingles are what date it, and removing those leaves a big box. It should look like the new parking lot entrance and sign, but I can’t imagine that building being brought to modern standards. I still believe they will do a Camp Snoopy renovation, including boo blasters leaving or being refurbished. Then a couple of years of general touch ups, then a new coaster in 2024-26.
  10. I voted Intamin!! After Millie, Maverick, top thrill and Hagrids magical creatures, I have to say they’re my favorite company. B&M is great, but they’re so... smooth and free flowing I guess? I’m not up to par with coaster terms haha, but I like coasters that are quick and zip around. I’m still surprised that KI has no intamin coasters.
  11. That sounds awesome, I can’t wait to see what they do. For all of you who live close by, I am forever jealous. I’m really expecting a story of some kind but i don’t know if CF would do something like that.
  12. Just let him stay mad. He clearly feeds off this kind of attention and it drags us all down. I hope that they decide to move the maintenance buildings. The location of the coaster kind of sucks IMO, only because photos from the tower are going to have those big red buildings and water tank in them.
  13. Haha, that would be so cruel of them to not reveal the stats. They better! I would love to know the speed. I’m hoping they reveal a story of some kind. Did they do that for mystic? Did we know about the themeing other than the shed?
  14. Cedar Fair seems to prioritize the beauty of their parks and the quality of their rides. The tiques did take up a pretty large chunk of land, but I don’t think that CF would want to remove them from that location. It was the perfect spot for them. There are plenty of areas for expansion, and Paramounts placement of IJST didn’t make sense to begin with.
  15. I know there’s still space between the posters, but “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It” seems fitting for the current letters
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