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  1. Phantom Theater

    International street makeover

    I didn't bring it up man if you look back......all I said was what? where?.. as you can tell it was a joke. Also I did not know of this " inside joke". Moving on to stay on topic...….. People like silver2005 are the reason I don't like posting much on this board. You didn't do anything wrong Maverick44. You didn't even bring up Intamin. Not every single post in a topic will be exclusively about the topic at hand.
  2. Phantom Theater

    International street makeover

    This is so great to hear!! I was discussing a makeover of international street not too long ago in another topic. I cannot wait to see the outcome!
  3. Phantom Theater

    International Street Discussion

    Yeah, I also think that they remove the flagpoles for Halloween Haunt and Winterfest, or at least just Winterfest from the photos that I've seen recently. I think a separate flag display would be great, maybe somewhere in the expanse of the empty areas near backlot.
  4. Phantom Theater

    International Street Discussion

    I agree with @standbyme, I dislike the flagpoles. He is referring to these: Image Source
  5. Phantom Theater

    Would a new skyride work?

    I have doubts that they would ever install another Skyride, but this would be amazing! I love large fountains like these. They should put that fountain in, Skyride or not.
  6. Phantom Theater

    International Street Discussion

    Is this really what this topic turned into? lol, come on guys. There will be no zip line on IS except for maybe those stunt shows they do.
  7. Phantom Theater

    Oktoberfest Discussion

    I'm in the minority here but... I personally think the oktoberfest area has been completely lost and they have no intention of bringing it back. The area is very small but they could fit a couple flats in there. I have no idea what they could potentially theme the area to if they dropped oktoberfest entirely, but I could see them seeing it as an extension of Coney Mall or whatever they call Action Zone now. However, removing Tower Gardens and that air brush building would open up a lot of space for an oktoberfest revival or complete area retheme. Only time will tell!!
  8. Phantom Theater

    Kentucky Kingdom

    Thanks for the tips!! I definitely wouldn't be expecting a KI experience. I've read a lot about their history and I'm surprised they've made it this far. They've had an incredible turnaround and it's exciting to see that they are committed to installing more coasters and flats. I've read that they do some kind of special drink deal where they're free or a $1 or something, so that will be nice.
  9. Phantom Theater

    Kentucky Kingdom

    Looks like it will be a nice addition to their park! Wish it was a little bit longer. I recently moved to Louisville and will be making a trip there when it opens in the spring.
  10. Phantom Theater

    International Street Discussion

    I'm not sure actually, but those tables do look much better. However, I dont think those would be enough to accommodate the amount of guests the park gets today compared to back then.
  11. Phantom Theater

    International Street Discussion

    I have always wondered why they got rid of the street aspect of the area. In the photos below you can see how there used to be sidewalks and then what is supposed to be the street. I think it makes the name make more sense and looks more cleaned up and less cluttered. I feel like that is one major change in the park that is never talked about. Source Source
  12. Phantom Theater

    You down with S-N-OO-P?

    I think that Snoopy is a great fit for the park. Nickelodeon was aging VERY quickly. All of the themes that were in Nick U would be extremely outdated at this time. The fact Mall of America still has Nick Universe baffles me. I don't think there would be any other relevant IP to replace Snoopy, they'd probably have to go the generic route and I don't think anyone wants that.
  13. Phantom Theater

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    Sad to see it go! It is definitely one unique ride. I can't wait to see what will takes its place!! F
  14. Phantom Theater

    Kings Island Confirms removal of Coaster

    I definitely agree, I tend to forget that Firehawk is back there. The only time I notice it is when I'm on the tower, riding Racer or going to FoF. Firehawk is a really great ride, I'll be so sad to see it go. Vortex is a beautiful ride and I'd really hate to see that go.
  15. Phantom Theater

    Kings Island Confirms removal of Coaster

    Does anyone else think this is really extra just to announce a coasters removal? Is there some kind of theme here for a new coaster that will be announced at the same time? It all just seems, fishy. Maybe nothing will leave at all and its an elaborate marketing campaign. (One can dream, I don't want to see anything go )