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  1. What I also dislike is the visible silver pipes. It looks cheap and unnatural to the fountains. From the videos I seen they also look really weak.
  2. I agree. I’m not a fan of the pedestals being gone. It looks very empty. Change is good though, it can’t be the same forever
  3. Now this is what I want to see!! I am a believer now lol
  4. Dbacks teasers might not have gone up until later in the season but there was a significant amount of work done before the park opened in 2008.
  5. Yeah the rain wasn’t the biggest issue for me, it was the 50 degrees with rain that worried me. I can deal with rain but not when it’s chilly.
  6. Weather seems to be getting better!! Now it’s saying a 60% chance of rain. Overcast with rain showers at times. I hope it stays this way!
  7. Also you can see a little pond in the first image. It is now filled with dirt. Interesting!! Edit: I see now that the pond is still there covered by trees.
  8. Im definitely not going to post any photos lol, but there are tons of pics of I-Street and other parts of the park behind posted on Twitter by a couple news places. Just search for Kings Island and click the photos tab. I street looks amazing!!
  9. Chance of rain changed from 50% to 100% Saturday. Ugh. Still going though!
  10. This is awesome. Did the sign above the entrance change too? I can’t remember if it was still beast canyon cold drinks last year.
  11. Maybe not with concrete being poured, but if you read the thrad referenced a few posts back there were already hints towards what Banshee became. Construction walls and teaser signs. We haven’t seen any teasers or walls yet.
  12. True, but they were also clearing the woods behind the crypt at this time too. Hoping to see some footers or hints at a new coaster come opening day.
  13. These are two photos of Diamondbacks construction taken before the park opened in 2008 straight from the sites cosntruction gallery. Pretty significant amount of work done well before the ride was announced or opened. If the coaster isn't going in the Firehawk area, I have doubts there would be a 2020 coaster. Guess we will have to see if there is any construction/prep going on elsewhere in the park on opening day.
  14. I’m happy to see those large trees go. I love the way that international street looked when the park first opened. The openness of the area seemed like, grand I guess? KDs trees ruin their international street for me. Just imagine what Main Street at Disney would look like with big trees like KD has. It would not look good at all.
  15. I wonder if there will be any other surprises they have in store for us. Not getting my hopes up but at this rate who knows what else they have done!
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