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  1. KI had me spoiled... when I moved to Florida and found out Disney/Universal closes usually around 8/9 PM I was upset lol. I don't think the trimmed hours will do much honestly. The park being open until 10 most days is great. I think cutting back an hour on Haunt won't do much, I bet it has something to do with the noise.
  2. Awesome shot! 5 coasters in one photo and the only time Vortex will coexist with Orion
  3. I find it amazing that so many users have stuck around for so long. Most of the posts from 2002 are from people who still post today! Can you believe they've been coming to this site for 18 years now? I'm on my 13th year. To answer the question: I don't think I have ever watched any of the shows. When I'm there I'm focused solely on getting on as many coasters as I can. Guess I need to drop in and watch a few this coming season.
  4. I worked at Jungle Jims for SIX years and saw it run maybe three times. It was very slow and it made loud animal noises haha. Did it do that when it ran at KI? I definitely feel like that's something Jungle added.
  5. I think it might do you some good to actually read the article haha. One person interviewed for this article state that their home was built and has lived in it prior to Kings Island opening. To me, I think it’s fair for anyone that lived there before KI opened to complain about noise. Anyone else, no.
  6. ^ the vehicles did slam into each other in one of the stations. Glass is broken. I don’t know if there were people in the vehicles. Heres a short clip from twitter:
  7. I know nothing of the topic, but maybe someone here does. Would this cause an issue with becoming a monopoly? The only competitors to a merger like this would be Universal and Disney. They would own over 30 parks in the US.
  8. People who remember the sale of Paramount Parks to Cedar Fair: how did that go down? I was only 11 at the time and barely remember it. I’m curious about how people felt and did we know CF was interested before the parks were purchased?
  9. I completely agree. It sounds dramatic, but I couldn’t watch the park I love become a SIX park. I love to compare the differences between SF Great America and CGA. Two similar parks built by the same people, one now owned by six and one CF. The differences are stark.
  10. Oh, no. Oh god, NO. What is happening to KI and CF?!? Please let this fall through
  11. My initial reaction was a bit over dramatic... I respect CF and KI for the decision, I’m certain there’s a very good and legitimate reason to close the ride. I got to go yesterday to get a few final rides. Looking forward to the future of that part of Coney Mall.
  12. The idea of this makes me sad. Let’s hope they aren’t on the chopping block too. Feels like we’re on Survivor now
  13. I wonder why they chose to make this such a small announcement? Firehawks was so highly publicized with the funeral, hashtags, media buildup. Why did they announce this so non-chalantly?
  14. Cedar Fair, you have a DUTY to honor Vortex like this! Not being too serious, but I would LOVE to see something like this done for Vortex. This is Corkscrew’s corkscrew (lol) at the entrance to Alton Towers, image from rollercoaster.fandom.com
  15. I think a lot of us aren’t mad at the fact it is being removed. It is the sudden, early morning announcement coupled with the fact that Orion is coming next year, essentially confirming that nothing will replace it for years to come. I think everyone agrees that it is old, rickety, and rough, and it was due to be *replaced* soon. I think that the decision to remove it without a replacement (again, Orion basically confirms no other coasters coming soon) is upsetting most of us. Who knows, maybe they’ll surprise all with a “real” giga for 2021
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