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  1. 2018 Paramount's Kings Island

    This is an interesting topic! It's hard to predict something like that. I think we'd still have Nickelodeon Universe, mostly untouched from when it was built. They might have updated some of the rides to reflect what is new on Nickelodeon, but it would be so out of date now since only two shows (Fairly Odd Parents and Spongebob) still run on Nickelodeon that were there in 2006. I definitely think we'd still have Tomb Raider, either updated a little bit or they let the effects continue to die out. Son of Beast would probably still be there too. The Paramount logo would still be EVERYWHERE, and we'd have maybe two new themed rides since 2006. Since we're on this topic, are there any Paramount remnants still around? I still think its interesting to see the old logo with Paramount removed from the top. I feel like I remember someone saying the paychecks still said Paramount Parks up until last year??
  2. Underutilized Plots of Land

    I'd love to see some more thrilling flat rides come to KI. As mentioned above, the Flight Commander area could really use something, its been without an actual ride for how long now?! I'd also really love to see the land by Backlot used, but I am still holding out for the removal of that ride and replacement with a better coaster I actually really enjoy the Tower Gardens area, but the last time I walked through it there were too many smokers and the landscaping was nothing special. I honestly can't even think of any good flat rides to suggest putting in (its been a long day haha), but I would love to see the addition of some more thrilling ones.
  3. Things that KI can improve on

    Having an elaborate theme for a ride is great, but I do believe that it isn't in the parks interests to put significant amounts of money into theming the queue of any ride unless it is especially important to the rides story, such as Flight of Fear. Since Flight of Fear is completely indoors, the theming needs little to no upkeep except for keeping it clean. For lines that are outdoors like Banshee and MT, theming the queues will only add more to maintenance costs since they are exposed to the weather. People will ride the coasters regardless of an elaborate theme in the line. For me, I think that the actual theme throughout the ride is the most important part. The only coaster at KI that I can think of that has any type of theme during the ride is Adventure Express. I love AE, and I really hope to see improvements come to the ride, such as the rehab on the final tunnel and cleaning up and adding more elements to the tunnels throughout the ride. Sadly, I really feel like that coaster is getting too old and might be removed in the coming years, but who knows?
  4. Things that KI can improve on

    I agree, that is very bland. I've never seen KD's gates before. What they could do is remove the roofing that goes around the 2nd floor of the building and add pieces to the top of the building that match the new parking lot entrance and the park sign. This would give the entire entrance area a more uniform design and modernize the front gate.
  5. Things that KI can improve on

    I think that KI should put more effort into keeping the lines for the rides clean. Adventure Express' line always looks terrible, even when the park opens for the season. The fact that it is enclosed doesn't help, but a good pressure washing every so often could take care of that. Flight of Fear's line also gets pretty bad. Personally, I really wish something could be done with the main entrance. I know that it would be too costly and unnecessary (since the building is fine and is used), but it just seems like a very ugly and dated building to me. I dislike the fact that it hides much of the entrance until you get in, which is actually kind of cool since you get that kind if "awe" once you walk in, but I picture it as a smaller modern looking building. If the restaurant wasn't there I think it would look much better.
  6. Fairfield High and Phantom Theater

    I thought I'd just say I found the Chandelier haha. I got my first look at our Performing Arts Center today in theater class and it was just hanging backstage.
  7. Who's at Kings Island right now?

    It was a park buy out for Cincinnati Financial, I went their with one of my friends, whos aunt works at Cincinnati Financial. Free cheeseburgers and drinks
  8. Coney Island to Host Cirque du Soleil's Ovo

    "After a 4-year absence, Cirque du Soleil returns to Cincinnati" But I saw this last year in January in Cincinnati?
  9. I believe it is still standing, we passed it 3 weeks ago unless something happened during that time.
  10. Fairfield High and Phantom Theater

    Sycamore and KI are very well contected in ways . just looked at my 12th grade year book on of the pages it says Congrats to the class of 2006 Syacamore High school from all of us at Paramounts Kings Island with the parks logo. same with my 9th 10th and 11th grade ones to. Huh, that's interesting! I don't think they've had any connection with KI in the yearbooks the past couple years. But I meant how did Fairfield get the rights to do a production of "Phantom of the Opera" three years before any other high school... Our drama teacher mr.Muldoon actually wrote to R&H Theatricals asking for permission to do the play, and they said yes.
  11. Fairfield High and Phantom Theater

    Okay I thought my sister was lyin or something haha it makes me wonder how we ended up with that chandelier?? But yeah, my sister helped put it together, but I never went and seen it.
  12. Fairfield High and Phantom Theater

    So my sister who went to my school, Fairfield High school, and she was asking me if I remember Phantom Theater at KI, and of course I said yeah, and she was tellin me about how our high school got one of the old chandeliers that was in phantom theater and our school used it for the production of Phantom of the Opera, I was wondering if anybody knew if this was true?
  13. Opening Day Poll 2010

    Im coming at 9:30-10:00. So how long do you think the pass processing line will be? We forgot to get them procesed early, and ive known from other years that line is always soooo long, so im assuming long? Ha.
  14. Kings Island - Photos of Things Now Gone

    Wow those are really cool! I never knew there was a bridge that you could walk over on Outer Hanks across the lake.
  15. VIP Rider

    I call Invertigo! It doesnt have that great of hourly cpacity, and that line is long sometimes.