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  1. I thought I'd just say I found the Chandelier haha. I got my first look at our Performing Arts Center today in theater class and it was just hanging backstage.
  2. It was a park buy out for Cincinnati Financial, I went their with one of my friends, whos aunt works at Cincinnati Financial. Free cheeseburgers and drinks
  3. "After a 4-year absence, Cirque du Soleil returns to Cincinnati" But I saw this last year in January in Cincinnati?
  4. I believe it is still standing, we passed it 3 weeks ago unless something happened during that time.
  5. Sycamore and KI are very well contected in ways . just looked at my 12th grade year book on of the pages it says Congrats to the class of 2006 Syacamore High school from all of us at Paramounts Kings Island with the parks logo. same with my 9th 10th and 11th grade ones to. Huh, that's interesting! I don't think they've had any connection with KI in the yearbooks the past couple years. But I meant how did Fairfield get the rights to do a production of "Phantom of the Opera" three years before any other high school... Our drama teacher mr.Muldoon actually wrote to R&H Theatricals asking for permission to do the play, and they said yes.
  6. Okay I thought my sister was lyin or something haha it makes me wonder how we ended up with that chandelier?? But yeah, my sister helped put it together, but I never went and seen it.
  7. So my sister who went to my school, Fairfield High school, and she was asking me if I remember Phantom Theater at KI, and of course I said yeah, and she was tellin me about how our high school got one of the old chandeliers that was in phantom theater and our school used it for the production of Phantom of the Opera, I was wondering if anybody knew if this was true?
  8. Im coming at 9:30-10:00. So how long do you think the pass processing line will be? We forgot to get them procesed early, and ive known from other years that line is always soooo long, so im assuming long? Ha.
  9. Wow those are really cool! I never knew there was a bridge that you could walk over on Outer Hanks across the lake.
  10. I call Invertigo! It doesnt have that great of hourly cpacity, and that line is long sometimes.
  11. News Plus Notes has some pics of what could be Demon Drop, http://newsplusnotes.blogspot.com/ Its the first entry.
  12. Monster! Woot!
  13. Ummm I dont even think Darlene Bell (I think that was her name) has gotten that many rides, and they celebrated when she got to 500! Im pretty sure they would have celebrated your 1000!
  14. Well, what I thought theyd do was, remove all scooby characters, and things, but keep the ride intact, and just put in Penuts characters in there place. Just dress them up in halloween costumes.
  15. Well, I dont want to start a new topic, so I guess ill just ask in here, How crowded do you guys think it will be tomorrow?? I hope its not to crowded, and I really hope it doesnt rain.