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  1. I see, I didn't even make the connection there. Are the queues not spaced out?
  2. While the park should enforce social distancing, I do not think they should be sending people out to tell people to move away from each other and singling people out. I think the park needs to have the social distancing markers, signs, and messages playing on the speakers, but nothing else. It is the individuals responsibility to distance themselves. Same goes for people not wearing masks; just get as far away from them as you can.
  3. Glad I'm not the only one haha. I wonder what compelled them to choose such a light color while everything around it remains brown. The park has made some odd choices these past few years, but at least its getting some attention!
  4. Possibly, but I live in Louisville and I'd say the general public here doesn't seem to be too fond of KK. Whenever I talk amusement parks, everyone seems to point towards Holiday World or KI. In my experience, a lot of non-enthusiasts look at KK as a budget, dirty, carnival-like park, and the parking is horrible. Of course I am not speaking for everyone, but after three years of living here it's what I've come to find when talking about parks.
  5. I obviously don't know the specifics, but I'm sure the KI marketing team had plans to advertise more in the month leading up to the park opening, you know, March. The month where everything closed and most people were sent home from their jobs, some to never return (such as myself). I don't think coming after the parks marketing team for their poor marketing of Orion is fair at all. For a time, I remember seeing Orion all over my Facebook and was a big deal to most non-enthusiasts on my friend list. I think you need to take a step back and think of how much the world has changed in just the past three months. I don't think Kings Island's marketing team was greatly concerned with promoting a new attraction that was put on hold indefinitely (until today). Do many parks give construction updates, especially of new themed areas? I can't think of any parks that have made it a point to give guests an update on construction and showing an unfinished new area.
  6. That is Orion with Flight of Fear's building and Banshee behind it.
  7. I'm with you there. If Universal Studios can open, I'm not sure why Kings Island can't. I know they're in two very different states but I mean, come on. There's barely going to be a summer season. I wonder what projects CF is cancelling/putting on hold because of this.
  8. Watching passholder previews for Universal Orlando and it seems that they have it figured out. We will see how it goes when the park actually opens to the public. Maybe KI can get some ideas from them.
  9. That does make me feel better, personally. I’ve been worried they might just call off the season all together. Hopefully the order is not extended to August 1st when July comes around.
  10. Honestly, I find it a bit annoying that KI can't open yet. I understand the concerns, but Universal opens on the 5th, Disney is set to have all their parks open by July 15th. I believe KI could handle opening the park by mid June or by July 1st. I just can't see them opening the park any later than July 15th since they'll have just a little over a month of "normal" operation. Fingers crossed
  11. They probably do it to minimize complaints about food not being hot & fresh and also to not waste any food if someone orders something and doesn't pick it up. I worked for Chipotle for 3 months in college and you wouldn't believe the amount of people who would place mobile orders and never pick up the food. Still got the money from them since they had to prepay, but it was still a waste of time, effort, and food.
  12. How many trees did a movie stunt area have? None, and it was pretty bad. Might not fit the theme very well but it doesn’t make it a non issue :)
  13. Oh I saw those, not really doing much by being on the outskirts lol. There were plenty of trees on the outskirts of AZ, but the giant expanse of concrete was awful.
  14. Cool to see but wow, that is a lot of concrete with no trees. Hope Area 72 isn't Action Zone 2.0
  15. If you haven't seen any video of it, there are some good ones on YouTube that can give you the general idea of the ride. This is one someone put up recently that I think is the best quality. The ride was very unique, something you would never find at a regional park. I love haunted houses, they are a dying breed in parks and I am trying to ride as many as I can before they disappear. Thankfully the Haunted Mansion at WDW will likely never go anywhere.
  16. What a surprise to see a topic I started 12 years ago quoted in 2020, lol. I was only 12 and a new enthusiast (and quite a rocky start for me on these forums to say the least...). I say we still bring back the Shooting Star! That coaster creation in the article looks like something that would fit nicely in Holiday World
  17. Well, that's interesting haha. Still, I'm going to keep contact between my hands and anywhere near my face very minimal lol.
  18. I voted yes. I would be very careful to not touch my face, make sure I'm washing my hands frequently, and keeping a distance from people. I also wouldn't be eating anything, except maybe a funnel cake as long as I have a fork and knife.
  19. Yes please!! That land behind the showplace is a perfect spot for a new flat. I believe that space hasn't been occupied since the water theater was there long before my time.
  20. This is my main concern for all theme parks and other entertainment. Even when/if the parks open, I don't think many families are going to be making many trips this year and are going to hold off on any pass purchases. The fear being instilled in people is something that is going to take a long time to shake off. The timing couldn't have been worse for KI with Orion opening this season. I feel for the smaller parks out there that are going to struggle through this.
  21. It would be very smart of them to bring on-ride photos back with the increased traffic to FoF. I always loved seeing my photo after the ride. I'm so excited to see the finished Area 72!!
  22. I understand but man, this sucks. I wonder how much this is going to impact just all aspects of the business. Finances, employment, future investments. Sheesh
  23. I don't think there's any pulsing. I think you might think that the graininess caused by the zoom is pulsing. You can see the same thing happening with the track on the drop.
  24. Uh... not to sound rude but what exactly are we supposed to be seeing here? There's nothing happening in this video...
  25. I definitely didn't think that CF should need to do any kind of refunds or other compensation for a delayed opening, but if the opening is delayed by more than a month then I definitely agree that they should do something for passholders.
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