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  1. Wasnt there 2 scooby-doo coasters at KI.One is the fairly odd coaster and the other is now little bills giggle coaster
  2. Whoops!!! I meant to put other on the poll!!! Sorry.Can a mod put that on their? ok... i dont know why it just posted this 4 times.Sorry again
  3. Whoops!!! I meant to put other on the poll!!! Sorry.Can a mod put that on their?
  4. Whoops!!! I meant to put other on the poll!!! Sorry.Can a mod put that on their?
  5. What was your first coaster you`ve rode?Mine was The Big dipper,Geauga lake...RIP. Also vote and say what coaster!
  6. Im going to ride The Crypt to see what it looks like since the movie themeing is gone and they removed some rows on the gondola!My 2nd will be Firehawk.I still need to ride it.
  7. Ohh.Ok.I thought i remembered something that was in the eurobungees spot.Havent been there for awhile!
  8. I have 3 Questions.What used to be on the turtle parades spot and on the eurobungee thing?and wheres the Kiddie circle freeway going?
  9. Hello everyone! A couple months ago,i found a video on youtube with the phantom theater characters out and running,and on dafe i compared pictures of the characters and the furnace guy (the larger one)has not been in good shape. Just look for yourself! http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=AglEuumvF9k On the youtube vid stop it exactly on 2:48. Now go on DAFE http://www.dafe.org/attractions/darkrides/...l/pharewell.php and go find the pics of the two furnace men. This makes me sad.even though they at leat kept them,they could keep them in good shape.The large guy lost his eyes got his teeth pulled up,and looks just funky.
  10. In this picture http://www.americalovescrap.com/gallery/ma...g2_itemId=17578 where was this at?I know it wasnt at KI,was it?
  11. Thats a cool coaster! If only KI could get some more flats,than coasters.KI needs a Skyride again.
  12. Hooray!! Coney island finnally gets some new rides!Im kinda excited to see it expand but it lost a ride i really Liked.The spinner eee ride.Although i did look like it was in bad shape but a liitle maintenece could fix that!And if CI got the screechin eagle where would it be put?
  13. Thanks!Oh sorry didnt know but still think their cool!And theirs still some albums if you go to the top and press gallery!
  14. Hi people.Im new.Today while browsing the internet i found some really cool old phtotos of KI.It has Barvarian Beetle and the sky ride photos when it was at Coney island.So i thought it was cool and wanted to share. Heres the site link http://www.americalovescrap.com/gallery/ma...4f6a13de1259641
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