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  1. Isn't anyone else a little ****ed of that they copied us? When have we ever copied them like that? NEVER. Same color scheme and everything. Retro my ass it's the exact same color as Delirium. We expanded our waterpark, they build a waterpark. I hate that park. I'll bet they put in something themed next year. Anyway, anyone know how the platform on maXair is gonna work? Is gonna be like ours with flaps or will raise and lower like Face/Off?
  2. I am thrilled with Kings Island's decision to build Italian Job, I loved the movie and the chase sequence will make for a great ride. The Adams family coaster just looked like a big Ghoster Coaster to me. When was the last time PKI built a steel coaster that isn't inverted? If memory serves me right, yeah 9 Years ago! It's about time, be happy people. We are getting a great ride.
  3. The new version of the site looks great even though it looks kinda like Coasterbuzz.
  4. You guys are waaaaay off topic.
  5. How many gallons does the Rivertown Lake hold?
  6. Yeah it's not even close to being finished and it'll open next season. You all wish you had the knowledge that I have.
  7. I'm going to go into eat massive amounts of fatty foods and go into hibernation because PKI is my life and without PKI I have no life. I just hope I don't gain more weight because I can barely get my fat ass into The Beast as it is.
  8. There are many things on Italian Job that will need pipes other than the spash scene... storm drains for the sewer scene, supply pipes for the fuel in the helicopter scene, storm drains in the que and the entrance, gutters for the station a supply pipe for a hose in the station... dumbass
  9. No way the flying eagles aren't being removed... that's a bunch of BS!
  10. Worst rumor of all time??? That the flying eagles were being removed. Why would the park ever do such a thing?
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