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  1. Is it just me or does that look like we're all gonna play a live version of Hang Man?
  2. I think the more important part is that sticks are made of wood.
  3. Talk about a...head chooper. Badum dum, tstttt! I'll show myself out.
  4. Edit: Whhops! Looks like it was already figured out! Cary on, nothing to see here.
  5. 810' - 700 = 110'. If I'm thinking about your little nudge there Thrill_Biscuit. And if the ranges were in the 700s then well, everyone can do the math
  6. We talked about this in my Constitution Law class this spring. The argument of the 2nd Amendment as stated in the majority opinion in Heller is that the, "well regulated militia..." is a check against the government by the people. Cobra, not a lawyer, just engaging the grand ole tradition of America. Debate.
  7. HOLD UP. LADY BUNNY IS GONNA BE THERE? Oh I am so in! I love Lady Bunny!
  8. The POV is very cool. Its all very well done. Ans that's all I'll say!
  9. I rather like that picnic coaster idea. And its part wood, so it fits a hybrid category. Consider Cobra a full investor!
  10. The Beast needs to be updated? Bless your heart! Cobra raised in the South.
  11. The red and blue circles, pointed out by DBInternational, do render a pattern presented to us.
  12. One of my favorite part of Top Gun was riding in the right seat and having the great view of SOB coming awinging to view geiving the illusion that you were gonna run right into the side of him!
  13. I have a thought, pure speculation, but we JUST got a nice new rollercoaster that has a record of inversions. Methinks the park would not create another multi-looper for those (families, vertigo sufferers, and those with fears of big roller coasters) that prefer a less...inverted perspective? (Beat.) Anyway, I'm hoping for a GCI where the only thing you can see over the trees is the lift hill. And tunnels! There ought to be tunnels! It is Rivertown, and would fit The Beast mining theme. Either way, I is much excited! Send in the cranes!
  14. Well count me in the happy bunch. We need a nice new modern woodie. And No. I doubt people will confuse it with SOB.
  15. I sure hope not. I found out through an email that I apparently have this rich cousin in Africa, and apparently I'm a zillionare!
  16. So what model is that track? I know some of you can tell just by looking looks like its made to take some forces. It also looks pretty big. I'm still relaxingin the woodie but if this track is headed for KI, I'm still pumped! Bring on Project 2017!
  17. And unto KIC he said let there be a plague of spam, trolls, and mayhem.
  18. Don't remember who said it first, but Banshee also sat on pretty bare lot. This seems like the park is meticulously picking through trees. Which is all cool #savethetreesman. But it seems telling, they want whatever this is to stay semi secluded and use the woods as backdrop. You can really tell you're flying when you're passing a bunch of still objects. So that's why its taking ao long for construction, they aren't trying to Dick Kinzel the woods and build a new exciting nickel grabber.
  19. The question, I think is imperative to ask with this Eiffel Tower and Track conspiracy, is Does Don have the authority to determine the the color of the programed lights for the Eiffel Tower?
  20. I'm far from new and far from foolish not to listen to what the Terp lays down. As I said, my guess was a shot in the dark; pure, albeit perhaps far fetched, speculation. Terp has more connections than one may think. I've noticed, a lot, with all of these Decoding Threads this site has had Terp, remains mostly silent. Until the announcement, of course. But in other places, he usually pops up in old forgetten threads. Perhaps for a simple "beat bump" perhaps not. Its all fun and games really. Of course I could just be blowing smoke, but again I'd doubt Terp would Interpret that!
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