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  1. Hey guys and gals! My father and I, along with some family friends put together a haunted barn each year for our community. The event is free of charge and is a great way to spend the day with friends or family! Over the past couple years however, people have stopped donating money, making it hard for us to improve on our haunt. We are taking drastic measures to avoid losing everything we have. Most of the summer has been spent expanding and revamping the haunt and all this hard work should not go unnoticed! Here is a little info about the haunt! If you have a facebook please like and share it with your friends, or if you live in the Cincinnati/ NKY area give us a visit, It's FREE! The Bullittsville Haunted Barn “Northern Kentucky’s Scariest Yard Haunt” 2 floors and over 20 rooms of extreme terror! Located at 5695 Bullittsville Rd. Burlington, KY, 41005 Dates and times: October 12th -13th: 8-11 pm October 19th -20th: 8-11pm October 26th: 8-11pm Admission is FREE! (Donations greatly appreciated and go towards future improvements.) Parking and concessions on site. Like our Page: Facebook.com/HauntedBarnNKY (Please Note: This is not your neighborhood pumpkin patch, this event is made to scare you! If you think your children are too young, then your children are too young.)
  2. No! One of my biggest mistakes, I usually plan a visit and it never falls through so I didn't get one this year
  3. I need some help!!!! Leaving for Cedar Point wednesday morning, where can I find the cheapest admission tickets? Also About how far of a drive is it from Cincinnati? and which rides should I run to in order to beat the lines??? Im going 2 days and I want to get in as much as possible!!! If you could help me it would be GREATLY appreciated!!
  4. My party as well as the others who were brave enough to wait in the pouring rain were granted access to any seat of their choice, I of course chose row 16 which is by far the best IMO
  5. How the worst days at King's island (as far as crowds, weather etc.) can be the funnest trips you've ever had? I went to the park yesterday (May 25th) as the weather hit, and waited in line for Diamondback for 2 hours in the pouring rain until the ride began operation again. I got to meet a lot of cool as well as some amazing park employees who were teasing us by not letting us under the station shelter. They also taught us a lot about how everything operates at the park, and were telling us funny stories and joking around with us. At one point they even had a set-up where they pretended to answer the phone and start the ride. They also made jokes about how Drop Tower could operate during inclimate weather but not italian job.. hahaha All-in-all If I had to do it again, I would, It was the funnest time standing in line, and definantly better than standing in line on a sunny 80 degree summer afternoon. Andrew Jackson and Matt (I don't know your last name) You guys rock...
  6. I was waiting all day yesterday to get home from the park, I rode the crypt, and I must say we finally have a ferris wheel. It's pretty bad when not one person liked the ride. And they need to change the sign to like a 2 or 3, and transport it to kiddie land. It was that bad. Some kid on viking fury actually yelled "This is better than the crypt" while in cycle and everyone started laughing. Oh and Drop Zone Broke Down Yesterday, something I haven't seen in a long time!
  7. I totally remember that Diamondback picture... hahaha Thanks for posting If I would have known we were doing scared faces I would have joined in... Although im the seat right in front of you guys... Those were some fun last rides, Although we didn't get the extra ride we wanted. but it didn't hurt to try!!
  8. This will be my first event as a KIC member It would be awesome to meet some of you guys
  9. Thanks! A more detailed schedule would be nice... I feel more comfortable knowing what I will and wont be able to do on each given day...
  10. Does anybody know if there is a specific time you must arrive at the park to sign in... I may not get to the park until about 1 on saturday...
  11. Terpy has a point... And why would they give us a member number if it has no form of use... I'm so confused
  12. I put my number... If I have to re-register what happens to the guest I already registered??? A number would make more sense I think.
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