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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. If you aren't absolutely petrified of heights, and if you don't have a background in mechanical engineering, then WindSeeker is a very pleasant ride with an incredible view and a touch of excitement due to the height. However it scares the living daylights out of me. I am petrified of heights, and I have a BSME degree so I can't help but think about dynamic stress equations and metal fatigue failure modes and 9.8m/s^2 (acceleration due to gravity)... lol... yeah it's pretty difficult for me to enjoy WindSeeker the way it's intended to be enjoyed. For me, it's a 4 or maybe even a 5. But
  2. Sorry for a double post - but while standing in line, I read MrSaturdayNite's comment and I kid you not I looked up from my phone and immediately across about 5 rows of turnstiles saw you in your green polo carrying your jacket. I was unable to give a shout out unfortunately, but it was kind of funny and I thought worth a mention anyways
  3. Banshee is fantastic... great ride, great theming, very exciting and fortunate to experience it on opening day! And it was nice seeing the O'Terpy nod to our very own Interpreter! ;-)
  4. I understand some of the complaints being cited here. Eating in the park can be expensive, and based on my experience, flashing my Gold Card at the cashier rarely does anything other than leave me frustrated because the food my family purchased isn't eligible for whatever discount is being offered. The posted information is arguably vague at best: "Food & Merch Discounts: Discount offers on purchases at select locations throughout the park."
  5. Absolutely. A train will not be allowed to crest the lift hill unless The previous train has passed the next set of brakes.There will be space before the station for two trains. Imagine the first of these as acting as the MCBR. Thanks - that makes sense and that is how I expected it to run. I just wanted a sanity check
  6. Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but on the topic of Banshee being valley'd... since this coaster has no mid course brake run, and since there is always a nonzero risk of it becoming valley'd... will standard procedure be that two trains will never be allowed onto the circuit at the same time, even if the brake run before the station is open?
  7. Honestly it's quite a shame that waist packs are mocked like they are... I can't think of a more convenient and safe way to carry a small number of essentials. I would trust a zipped waist pack a LOT more than the Velcro pockets on my cargo shorts. Many years ago, before they were ridiculed to the extent that they are now, I used a waist pack at KI. It was great actually, and I don't recall ever having to stow it. Maybe the hipster movement or something will make them acceptable. And to answer the "why do you need to bring things with you" questions that sometimes arise... a few things
  8. There have been certain "diversion" comments that are open-for-interpretation since Banshee first showed up... wondering if that has anything to do with this... ?
  9. If the "circle" is where this textured lighting is going to go in, then I don't get how it will have a spectacular impact on the Banshee experience. The circle seems to be prominent for only a small fraction of the ride layout.
  10. I hope a deer won't be standing there when I'm in the first row! (No idea how much clearance there is, but that was the first thing that came to mind)
  11. I am just speculating, but I would think that the gross weight indicated on a label is referring to the weight of that individual piece.
  12. On that note, 700WLW reported this morning that it will be the tallest and fastest Wing Coaster. Then they went on to describe a wing coaster as being similar to what The Bat was. Then yet later they went on to say it will be a suspended coaster. Methinkstheydon'tknowwhatthey'retalkingabout.
  13. This topic is derailed from the original question, but I want to share this little tidbit... anyone who is relatively afraid of losing their wallet on a roller coaster, should take the time to rubber-band it closed before entering the park. I was on Adventure Express (of all rides) and lost my wallet. I had a park map stuffed in my back pocket, and my son wanted to see it while we were stopped waiting to return to the station. I know it likely breaks the rule about "loose articles" but I went ahead and fished said map out of my back pocket while we were sitting there doing nothing. Well, m
  14. Are you talking about the signs which have an arrow that is supposed to indicate the current wait time? I've never given credence to those signs... the arrows often specify a fairly long wait time even when the ride has no wait at all, or at least that's been my experience. It seems like they are rarely correct when I am there, so I just ignore them. (But maybe they are actually used on crowded weekend days? I guess if properly utilized, those signs could be helpful for visitors unfamiliar with the park.)
  15. ^ awesome show... terrible traffic control in the parking lot afterwards!
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