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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Bummer for the Kings and there fans. Nothing stinks like leaving a concert early other than getting pooped on. But some guys just have that kind of luck.
  2. As always I was honored to be part of such a great group last weekend. Even though I was the butt of a pretzel heist . It was fun seeing everyone from KIC. Looking forward to seeing everyone here again soon. The reason I was sooo tired is I had called in sick (food poisoning) Wen. and Thurs. And probably should have stayed home and rested. Would I do it all over again? 100%. Thanks again you guys (you all know who you are!) for such a great day. All done via Palm Prē (Yeah it can do that )
  3. A more appropriate thread http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=4730
  4. After watching the animation video. I'm wandering if they're going to play that "hee-haw" music during the ride Also sounds like some pre-existing theming may be incorporated. Which saves a nickel or two. Hopefully the buck doesn't stop there, and they go all out on the whole theme. All in all the ride looks like a perfect addition to Cedar Point, and I'm anxious to check this out.
  5. KI confirmed via twtter Scooby on the way out the door W/Nick U. Edit: was already posted in another thread and I didn't know. Wanted to clarify this before 10 others did.
  6. Yes, Sean who knows Terpy knows that someone would.
  7. MAN its nice to see another giga after 10 years!!!! Looks like someone got there 5's and 0's mixed up though. BTW anything NASCAR drivers put there name on is GOLD! I predict a three hour wait all next season! lol
  8. I see some contradiction here. nuff said........
  9. 1.kjkjkj/ Kyle- Maybe going 2. Ashers/ Ashley- Maybe going 3. Avatar/ Jesse 4. dare-to-fly 5. Justin M17/ Justin 6. AgentSoB/ Tracy 7. Andrew- should be going but not definite 8. Ogrmac / Makayla 9. Coaster Kid/ Ryan 10. mtl2013 (probably) 11. StalkerChick/ Rachel (again will probably be there just not sure on the whole participating thing... 12.rotag1299 ( not participating due to money issues, but will try to go) 13.indianapolisman/Sean
  10. Great PTR Jackson. Brings back some fun memories. BTW it's Sean don't feel bad happens daily. I-spy
  11. That's the first time I've heard someone call the teenagers with cameras "professional photographers". I'll usually drop the bucks needed for a meal and one snack inside the park. And they've forgotten the most important one. Build stairs or a ramp over anything.
  12. 75 cents is a steal for a one time use locker. Cedar Point has raised their price to $2 for the cheapest one time use locker!
  13. Mabye they where a little ditsy and misinterprited the term jury "Pool"
  14. If you cannot understand Avatar's sense of humor its better left alone. I personaly find him humorous. Even when the jokes are AIMed at me. Wow lots of opinions coming out of the woodwork in this topic. Makes me happy to say I'm a blue jeans/shorts pocket t-shirt kinda guy. With that twenty three skidoo.....
  15. Theres a toll RD that takes the same amount of time. Not sure of the name. But seriously detour took us an extra 18min. Really not that bad.
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