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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I've been searching for the announcement of the Mothers Day $9.99 deal and haven't seen it posted this year. If anyone has seen it advertised, please direct me to it. I have been to the park on bring a friend free day and it was packed! I have not been on bring a friend for $9.99. It would be helpful to hear from someone who's been to both the free and $9.99 days. I am hesitant on going on $9.99 days due to the horrible experience I had with the crowds on bring a friend free days. Thanks in advance for the help. My family would like to go this Sunday with Mom.
  2. Bump for more info on platinum passes. I want to upgrade my gold to plat. I was wondering if this can be done on friday oct 22 at the park? Will I get comp admission tickets for this year? Whats the costs, $150? Thanks in advance.
  3. Raptorguy-- Please don't attend Halloween Haunt weekends if they offend you. It's not a church Sunday school. If you attend the park during the haunt season you will experience some of what you complain about. The fact is KI needs the revenue boost to pay for rides like Diamond Back. Attendence goes up because of HH. People go and many enjoy it. I like the atmosphere of HH. Of course there will always be a few trouble makers but don't let them ruin your good times. Maybe your just getting old? Lol.
  4. Your instructor isn't Mr. Pence was it? He used to be my instructor.
  5. Years ago I had the pleasure of riding The Beast with an Acer. This was the guy who rode it a bunch of times in a row over days. (I think, or maybe just getting a ridership record) I may still have his card he signed with the ride number on it. Wish I had more info on this guy. Anyway, he told me that he rode The Beast once with some exclusive people during what he called a speed test. he stated the train nearly reached the to of the second lift hill before catching the chain. I have no idea if its true. dont see why the guy would lie. maybe he is still an Ace member and still holds the record
  6. friday night on diamond back 2 rows in front of us someone lost a cell phone. lady in the row in front of us cought in under her foot. returned it to the very happy owner.
  7. I need to ask why do the track peices that ive seen have a large box support for the rails. some of the larger coasters that ive seen dont have that kind of rail supoport. being a box rail support design would lead me to believe the rails will be under large loads. but even The Vortex has lighter weight track. millinium is lighter weight track. what reasons for coasters to use this design?
  8. so i searched the photo gallery and didnt find any construction photos for the new coaster. if i was better at the interwebs i would collect all the photos and put them here myself. sure would be nice to go to one place to see all the latest construction photos.
  9. Thought it would be good to have a thread with construction photos to show progress. Use this tread for photos and descriptions only. This way we dont have to search through 100s of pages to see photo progress. Thanks.
  10. i believe this to be true.
  11. It would be nice for a calander. You could add your name to the date you are going. I would look to see if anyone else was going to be there and try to meet up for a few rides. Its good to have a new friend to talk to in line.
  12. I dont think ill ever ride SOB again. I have ridden it once a year since it was built. Everytime I ride it I say to myself why do I do it? I usually end up with a headach or feel internaly bruised. Just got back from CP and rode steel coasters 37 times in 2 days. Each morning waking up ready for more. I dont think if I rode SOB 37 times in 2 days I could say the same. I wonder if anyone has had an interest in riding SOB for a record? Prob not its would not be fun. Getting beat up on wood coasters is no fun. KI should replace the wood track with steel. Even better build a new train w
  13. segdog2

    Private event

    go to the park and wait for a miracle. they do occure. it will happen. just say your meeting your brother and he has the tickets. that will get you into the parking lot. scour the lot for an extra. you can get in easily.
  14. p&g days are late season. they are easy to get tix for those days. go to park and comb the lot asking for extras. that may work for employee day the 19th. the reason why people want to go is because there will be no waits for anything. put me down for a tix. ill even pay good money for a few. i live for corp days. no crowds and sometimes free tickets. they usually give away their extras because they didnt pay for them in the first place. see you on the 19th. ill be there.
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