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  1. Just curious... what Pinball machines (if any) does the arcade have? Planning a trip this Summer and I'm a big pinball fan. Wondering what I can look forward to playing when I go. Thanks!
  2. Awesome news! King Cobra, next! King Cobra, next! King Cobra, next! *crossing fingers*
  3. Would it be possible (if any props still remain, of course) to use some of Phantom Theater's props inside the station of Banshee? Would add to the theme, I think.
  4. What do the t-shirts look like? Anyone got pics? And why aren't they selling them online yet?? *Looks at Kings Island marketplace website* "New for 2012!!" Ohhhhhh.
  5. Another vote for Midnight Syndicate... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFllOE4CCKE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZabCoz1BGQw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQm4hOVRhTE
  6. I reaaaaaally hope they'll consider adding actual, permanent tombstones for each of these rides somewhere near the enterance or the station. Would make a great photo op area for us longtime Kings Island fans and supporters.
  7. I want a Banshee t-shirt, like now.
  8. Can't stop watching that teaser video. So awesome that the Banshee "screams" down Son of Beast. haha!
  9. Awesome! I realize the tombstones and fog along the ground were probably done only for effect on the video, but I hope they'll consider adding actual tombstones with the former ride names on them. Would love to have my picture made next to them outside the line queue next spring. I think it'd be a classy addition to the ride. Can't wait for 2014!
  10. Any word on what the original theme/name to Top Gun was to have been?
  11. Did he mean Cousteau, (diver) or Clouseau (inspector)?
  12. Looks like they found a way to make SoB a smoother ride after all.
  13. This thing looks awesome. Haven't been to Dollywood since it was known as Silver Dollar City. Might have to make a trip for this.
  14. Bluegrass Boardwalk sounds too... bluegrassy. As in the music genre. I for one would never visit an amusement park if I even suspected I'd have to hear banjo and fiddle music 24/7. Kentucky Kingdom doesn't have the best positive brand recognition, but it's by far the more superior name. Good, consistent ownership can undo any negative feelings brought upon by past incidents. That said, I wouldn't be opposed to changing it to something more generic in line with their other park... Holiday Kingdom or Holiday Land or something like that.
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