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  1. Knotts? As in the Knotts family who sold KBF to Cedar Fair in the late 90's? How did they play a part in that?
  2. Every time I see Thunderbird on here all I can think about is the Bass Guitar. Awesome TR though!
  3. I noticed the dirt under them too. Like Malem said I was half paying attention. I didn't want to coaster geek out in front of my girlfriend when i saw a bunch of poles and dirt . Possible lighting effects? Something Cedar Fair has been in to recently. Please don't attack me when this is not the case.
  4. Saw the park was installing a series of poles along The Beast's track in between the second tunnel and the second lift hill. Is this something that has been mentioned on here and elaborated upon already? I've been out of the loop for a while. Also I'm back.
  5. Guilty, particularly in KIC groups, very guilty.
  6. I've ridden The Beast recently (last two years) with most trims removed and I don't see much of a difference. the speed lost on the trims are actually mainly lost due to friction on the high speed turns and without the trims they are very uncomfortable and slow. Other than that I personally find The Beast sort of an overrated ride in the first place so most of the the hype in my opinion is blinding nostalgia.
  7. Some speilers need to turn off the mic when not talking. Not only does it save batteries but it also is very annoying to hear wind/ their breath everytime they are not talking.
  8. To be real, giant flat rides are way out. Parks hate to maintain them and capacity is almost always terrible. The colossal failures of TR:TR, the WindSeekers, and the Dollywood- Huss debacle alongside the near shutdown of major flat ride manufactures Huss and Intamin ring the end of very large flats being made for quite some time. The new trend is a package of 2-3 small flats that maintenance departments and families can enjoy.
  9. Saw a bunch of goofballs and a few former co-workers having fun at The Racer today! Lucas get that to an even 70! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. The recent removals and renovations of wooden coaster at Six Flags reminds me of another string of ride removals at a certain other Amusement Park. Say most every addition at Cedar Point from 1994-2007. While expensive and large additions may add new guests in the short term, alienating loyal fans and customers has never worked for anyone.
  11. Also that a very large population of it's staff are Teens or College age who are in school. It's hard enough to staff the weekends let alone weekdays in April and May.
  12. I do enjoy the current look that I-street has to an extent. The shade trees and the grass around the Fountain make for a relaxing area that doesn't look present in the picture above. It serves as a replacement for the old look of Rivertown that D-back and Tomb Raider stripped away.
  13. Easy Banshee. I never really liked D-Back and The Beast is a little over trimmed. I'm on the band wagon early.
  14. Nice to see Wes reciting some stats.
  15. ^ My favorite type of trip report. Short and contains mainly wait times.
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