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  1. We rode early in he morning and I never noticed where they were being sold honestly forgot about it also. I loved the ride as did my wife (who got startled by one effect). If they only sold 1,000 pairs a day, that will still make around $15,000 for the season. I'm sure they will sell more than 1,000 pairs a day and as goodyellowkorn says, $ > 0.
  2. We were treated to some fantastic people watching today.
  3. Is Action Theatre closed? Nope, and it's still playing Spongebob. WHAT? granted, i did go by early on in the day, but it wasnt open when i stopped by... i did notice nothing had changed around it but that really upsets me. Im hoping that what guest services told me was true, but i would doubt it if they were playing spongebob today.....[/size] It was closed (trash can blocking entrance) when we went by to see if anything had been changed...Spongebob sign was still there though.
  4. Diamondback-2 Beast-1 had to check out Boo Blasters, we enjoyed it Beautiful day at the park, wish we could have stayed longer. I was impressed with Planet Snoopy, everything looked very nice and kids we saw while walking through seemed to like Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang.
  5. We figured that was what it was when we noticed all the lights also.
  6. Thanks for the replies so far. goodyellowkorn182 - thanks for the tip on the Quick Queue passes, I think that will be the way to go.
  7. My wife and I are planning a trip to Virginia soon. I have read numerous trip reports on Kings Dominion and have a good idea what to expect (tahnks for all the info..it looks great). We are also going to Busch Gardens, aside from Apollo's Chariot looking fantastic, are there any tips on what else are must rides? Also, is Six Flags America worth heading to, or should we spend another day at these parks? Any advice is welcome.
  8. Just thought I would share, pretty good story. http://www.daytondailynews.com/news/dayton...but-196498.html
  9. Terpy is absolutely right, this is a road you do not want to go down at all. Unsafe, frequented by hoodlums is tough to recover from. Whe i was a child my family went to KI once a year and it was a real treat to enjoy as a family in a fun atmosphere. I can only imagine if we had gone and had to deal with line jumping, spitting, swearing, ect. I wonder if we would have eventually stopped going. It sounds crazy, but in an atmosphere like that, eventually enough people do stop going to hurt business badly. Failure to control unpleasantness has already destroyed the mall i always went to as a child (Salem Mall) and have fond memories of, i would rather not see this happen to a great place like KI.
  10. Great footage, thats the KI i remember from childhood. Strange song choice.
  11. me and my wife decided to wait out the downtime for MF during ERT, ended up getting the very backseat on the first train of the day. but while in line, we saw a lady walk up, see it was down..rip off her jacket, throw it on the ground, stomp..then preceed to say how she could "kill somebody right now" all while a defeated looking young man was walking behind her (he picked up her jacket also) The lady appeared to me to be late 30's - early forties-ish, so old enough to not act like a child. she was also wearing a diamondack first rider shirt. I hoped we didn't share the same home park, but i am sure we do. Funny to watch though.
  12. ^^ now that i know that is you I will have to say hi next time. I think I saw pahntom waiting at the main gate as well, me in my wife were let in before the park open (due to pass not scanning) and had to stand there with another couple until the national anthem...recieving mass amounts of stink eye from a few people outside the gate.
  13. i also had no problem with either last year, opening day or any other.
  14. ^^ were you with phantom theatre? if so i think i saw you guys during ERT. i was just going off pics i have seen here.
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