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  1. pilotank

    2017 2018 2019

    Looks like we are not quite done yet! You can understand why CI moved to KI, but it sure wold be nice for it to return to it's glory days. Pilotank
  2. pilotank

    New Coney Historical Pictures

    I agree!! Also, I would love to see inside pictures of the Windjammer:) Pilotank
  3. pilotank

    New Coney Historical Pictures

    A few observations: The overflow parking lot where the ferry parked by the lighthouse was used as a campground for the Boy Scouts over every Memorial Weekend Many of the Ginkgo ice cream push-up trees are still there They still had duo ways to ride the rides, tickets and POP Since then, Lake Como's configuration was changed. Excellent posts! Pilotank
  4. pilotank

    2017 2018 2019

    Since CI has close to a million people living within a 15 mile radius, I would like to see the midway brought back with many of the old style rides back. I know Riverbend is located where the turnaround for the Shooting Star is, however it could be redesigned. I work Balloon Glow and some crowds are estimated at over 20,000 people. You can always dream! Pilotank
  5. Check out this video of the former Six Flags Park in New Orleans has been abandoned since Hurricane Katrina hit the area more than 10 years ago: https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/video/abandoned-and-left-to-rot-over-a-decade-ago pilotank
  6. pilotank

    The Tickler?

    The only thing left is a plaque in the Business Office of the Cincinnati Water Works. Which is ironic, because the reason they closed is that the didn't pay their water bill . I was surprised it didn't survive because they had better public transportation than Coney. pilotank
  7. Here is a website: http://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/article/20-haunting-photos-of-disneys-abandoned-water-park/ss-BBqDmSD of Disney's abandoned waterpark. I remember it fondly. Gone the way of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. pilotank
  8. pilotank

    Was the Wild Mouse moved to Kings Island?

    Speaking of WCET and documentaries, has anyone gained access to Relive the Magic? I think it is ca 1984. I have been looking for years without any luck:( pilotank
  9. pilotank

    Island Queen Color Animation

    Isn't it sad and ironic that the final trip of the Island Queen was to Pittsburg:( Fantastic job and thanks for bringing it back to life. pioltank
  10. pilotank

    Coney Island Turnpike 1958

    And who can forget the beginning of The Banana Splits: It shows The Log Flume, Lost River, Moonlight Gardens and many more... pilotank
  11. pilotank

    Coney Island Turnpike 1958

    Did they ever install a center rail? My older brother said he remembers one about ca 1970. pilotank
  12. pilotank

    Surviving remnants of "Old Coney"

    http://www.cincinnativiews.net/images/Coney%20Island%20Large.jpg Hopefully you can see part of the pond/fountain from this post card. I actually meant near Moonlite Pavilion. One of the maintenance workers told me that they had to replace the original roof because of dry rot from non-use and flooding. So they removed the roof over the dance floor and adapted it for Moonlight Pavilion. I am looking for documentation. Hope to post it soon. pilotank
  13. pilotank

    Surviving remnants of "Old Coney"

    The original water fountain by Coney's Moonlite Pavilion is still there but recently was upgraded. It use to have a flower clock adjacent to it. The roof over Moonlite Gardens is now over Moonlite Pavilion. Many of the Ice Cream Push-up Ginko Trees are still there. You also can see parts of the original midway looking east from the Moonlite Gardens. pilotank
  14. pilotank

    Typhoon Tower Coming to Coney in 2016

    Wow! What a great addition! Too bad we lost the title of World's Largest Circulating Pool. At least we still have largest in North America pilotank
  15. pilotank

    16th Annual LaRosa`s Balloon Glow at Coney Island

    It was great! I heard crowd estimates at over 30,000! We ran out of Kettle Corn by the time the fireworks started. And the rain stayed away. The rides stayed open past midnight! pilotank