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  1. I wonder if there also adding a new antique cars attraction as well.
  2. Full size inverted coaster. not junior coaster.
  3. Thanks for posting the video Don. Can't wait to get to ride it next year. Its been a long time coming for Kings Island to get a inverted roller coaster. I'm very happy with the choice.
  4. I totally love these pictures. Can't wait to ride this next year. I have always wanted a inverted coaster at Kings Island and I have finally got my wish. And this is going to be a awesome coaster.
  5. I have sprint and also have bad service at Kings Island.
  6. For myself I have been on 8 Intamin coasters and 10 B&M coasters. My favorite Intamin coasters I have been on are Top Thrill Dragster, Wicked Twister, Volcano, Millennium Force, & Xcelerator. My favorite B&M coaster I have been on are Diamondback, Raptor, Silver Bullet, Tatsu & Scream. To me I enjoy B&M rides more, but does not mean I don't like Intamin coaster because there are some really good one there that are fun.
  7. My favorite coaster at King Island is Diamondback but that is pretty much tied with The Beast. They are just great fun coasters.
  8. I don't really see any of the rides leaving anytime soon. The only reason rides who get the ax is they become unsafe or they become impossible to repair due to lack of parts just because the coaster company is gone does not mean they get a part made elsewhere.
  9. My favorite was The Beast, but I'm really liking the new logo for the Banshee.
  10. Do it how ever you like to do it, there is no wrong way.
  11. I can't wait to ride it. I have always always wanted a full circuit inverted roller coaster at Kings Island. Banshee looks like it will be very fun coaster to have there.
  12. I would also say the Great Pumpkin Coaster. I just don't find it thrilling.
  13. Yes I agree with you Flight of Fear opening year with the OTS restraints was horrible, got off the ride with lots neck and head pain, but SOB is the worse coaster by far never liked it before or after the removal of the loop.
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