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  1. I agree, I can't wait either! That's what my brother and I were trying to tell my mom when she was so upset about Swan Lake. She said they are ruining the park because they take every piece of foliage out. We tried to tell her not to get mad yet because it seems like Cedar Fair is trying really hard to maintain the quality of the park. We told her that they may (or may not) put Swan Lake back together again..lol. But you have to really appreciate the time and effort CF is putting into Kings Island. One of the biggest differences I noticed was how all of they employees are actually CHECKING the restraints this year. Not once did I get the old 'swipe one pinky finger over the lap bar' move. That, along with all of the landscaping, paint retouches, the new guest relations, and all of the new shows,etc,etc....I think that KI is only going to get better and better! Now if only they would bring back some of the old picnic areas, I would be a happy panda ~Ash Personally i don't see swan lake as too much of a thing to miss, i personally ended up walking through it last year and the bottom was a good foot of gunk, at least it's clean now.
  2. Went there last summer, for the most part comparing to Kings Island it's pretty dulled down but you can't leave without riding the Tennessee Tornado, I think that may be my favorite ride out of any park I've been to.
  3. I haven't gotten a chance to ride it yet on account of working doubles on opening weekend, but i don't plan on leaving the park this Saturday without riding it!
  4. Personal Speculation: Swan lake and the footing are for a chairlift that will take you to the back of the park to a super huge coaster that takes you over the river and through out the back property and over the waterpark... it's a theory.
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