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  1. need more feedback on time estimates and a strategy please
  2. The thing is I will be getting there around 4 or 5 all of the kids will be gone. In addition I emailed Kings Island and they said that all of the major rides will be operational that day with some opening up around mid-day since they expect by evening time to have a packed theme park so it wants to have all of its big rides up and operational
  3. I am going to on May2nd and only have a small amount of time and was wondering what are the five must ride coasters at the park?
  4. also how much is parking
  5. yeah I will keep that in mind. Could you rank the nine rides that I listed one through 9.
  6. Okay so I will be going to see a friend in cincy and am going to go to Kings Island that friday night with my girlfriend. We will probably get there by 5 and want to get a few things done we actually have a list of nine things that we want to do. I would like to know what you guys think the best strategy will be for that night and what the crowds and waits should be like. We have never been on son of The Beast, Firehawk and top gun and would like to know the waits and how good they are as they are musts. Two other musts are The Beast and racer which were my favorites last time that I went. I would also like to try and squeeze in thr Drop Tower, stunt track, Flight of Fear and vertigo. So my three questions that you guys can help me with are 1. Will it be busy and what type of waits should I expect on Friday May 2nd. 2. What are your opinions of Firehawk son of The Beast and top gun as I have never been on them and what waits should I expect? 3. So I am going to be there that friday night from 5-10 pm can you give me a good startegy to get those five main attractions done with beast and Son of Beast riding in the front row and possibily having time for the other four rides that i mentioned? Thanks everyone and I look forward to your responses.
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