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  1. I do have to say that I love topics like this. it is sad that it didn't work as well this year as it has in the past...but at least opening day is very soon now
  2. wow I wouldn't have thought about them doing something like that.....but im kind of excited for it
  3. what year was this ride taken out? I have only seen a few pictures of it and have never really known what it was until now. I'm thinking it was taken out before I was even born which could be one of the reasons why I have no memory of ever seeing this ride before unless it was my own research.
  4. on one of my days off I was behind someone that ended up asking "is this ride safe?" the answer from the ride op, "it should be" and then walked away
  5. now this one I know I have seen before. I used to watch that ride all the time. mom and dad would like to ride it and I would watch it for like 2 or 3 cycles and then go into the store and wait for them to come out of the exit.
  6. great photos as always. I cant wait to get back to working there. my third year I hated it but I found my old excitement for working at the park last year and am now back to not being able to wait until the season starts. you also have helped with this with all of the old pictures.
  7. I cant agree with you more. I used to LOVE seeing the Klingons walking around the park when I was younger.
  8. I know this post is just a tad late but I am so happy you are doing this again...I absolutely love when you post these topics every year. I may not comment too much on them but I sure do love looking at the pictures and thinking of how I remembered Kings Island as a little kid
  9. although I never really knew her im sure at some point during the season last year I talked to her. with that said though, its always hard hearing news like this about someone you worked with in the same area of the park is hard to process and believe.
  10. I honestly think it was the best one the park has had in a very long time. It definitely is my favorite. I was really hoping they would do a good job with it considering they would have a full year to prepare for it. I was blown away by the maze and definitely will be doing it again. I didn’t feel like it was a generic maze at a theme park. It had its own unique atmosphere and was really well planned. It is by far my favorite maze at the park and hope they keep it around for many seasons.
  11. I think the reasoning for why they did that was to add extra space for the line. You start where the WWC entrance is but then you end up going through the patio where the seats are next to funnel cakes and end up going through the line for the train like you used to do in the past. this is just my thought but I think they did it because when the line would be backed up it would go across the walkway of crypt and block it off but since there is a haunt inside crypt now they needed that space clear so they could use the queue line for it. At first I thought they ended up using the entire queue line from WWC but when my girlfriend and I went through it, we noticed it was just extra space for the long line that it can have.
  12. honnestly i feel like they wont start much of the construction until after the park has closed for the post season. especially since they are keeping wolf pack for this season of haunt. but i would think before they did anything they would take out some of the easier parts first, like the chain to the lift and all the electrical aspects if they havent yet. but of course i dont know anything about demolition. it will be weird to see just that whole area open though when it is down. either way im excited because this means a new page is being turned for Kings Island and another coaster in the history books. honnestly, i dont think people will forget about SOB since it was a world breaker and a prototype.
  13. And strata coasters are 400 feet or more like TTD or Kingda Ka
  14. I loved all of the pics. It's so sad to know that his three has come to an end but it also makes me happy that the season has started. Thanks for all the hard work
  15. I loved all of the pics. It's so sad to know that his three has come to an end but it also makes me happy that the season has started. Thanks for all the hard work
  16. I used to work on the express and viking fury. she will love it. such a fun ride and i will miss working on it
  17. Also tell her to take a deep breath. Believe it or not it helps the little ones out a little cause they stand taller. We tell little ones we height check at express to take a deep breath if they are close and it usually works. Just as long ad they aren't on their tiptoes lol
  18. I FORGOT ALL ABOUT HE INVISIBLE DOGS! My aunt bought me one of this one year and i loved it. Thanks for bringing more memories back in an instant lol
  19. I absolutely love this thread. So many amazing pics!
  20. I was excited when I noticed this was coming on. It was so mice seeing the old rides. I wish they would play that episode more often though lol
  21. I do have to say. I love the pics from the '90s. So many memories that come flying back when I see those pics
  22. sunday would be less crouded all around. sundays always seem to be one of the less crouded days of the week. in the AM hours there arent that many people there and even in the PM hours of park operation there usually isnt too many more people coming in. if I had to choose between going on a Sat or a Sun I would choose Sunday.
  23. First, welcome to KIC! For the crowds, it will depend. if it rains then the park will most likely be pretty dead but if the sun is shining and the temp is warm then my guess is that it will be fairly busy but nowhere near as bad if it were July. As for food, the cheapest way is to get your hands stamped and exit the park and go to a fast food place. However if you do not wish to leave the park and you are really hungry then stop by rivertown junction I think is the name of the place. It will be right beside Diamondback. It is an all-you-can-eat buffet style joint and has amazing food. It is a little pricy but it is good. although you could just pick up a full large pizza from Larose’s somewhere in the park if you don’t have too many people to feed and are looking for a small meal. If you go to this link http://www.visitkingsisland.com/things-to-do/dining then it will show you what types of food and treats Kings Island have to offer. Although it does not show any prices as prices may change throughout the season. Hope this helped a little bit and hope you stay around here on KIC.
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