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  1. Well I work at the park so when talking to guests I refer to the rides by their current names even though it drives me crazy to have to do so. But when I go with friends, its Tomb Raider, Drop Zone, Faceoff, Top Gun, and The Beastie.
  2. It would be nice, but it's not going to happen. They have no reason to spend labor on putting it up, or the electricity to light it. *sigh*
  3. Haha! For some reason that just made me laugh. But I do believe that Larosa's and Subway actually are operated by KI. You can tell who is and who isn't by the uniforms they wear, if they are park foodservice, then they are operated by the park, if not, otherwise is probabaly true, unless that was part of the agreement between KI and that company, that they would allow the selling of their products, under their name, if the employees that worked at that particular establishment wore that companies uniform.
  4. You can't submit an application until you are 15. I tried it last year at the job fair because even though I was 14, my birthday was before the park opened for the season, when i went to turn in my aplication and get in line for an interveiw they told me that I would have to wait until I turned 15. And by the time I was able to apply all of the 15 year old positions were filled. Although I will say that Kaman's art shoppes, the keyhole photo, facepainting, and other art stuff people, will hire 15 year olds, and I believe some 14 year olds. I'm not as sure about the 14 year olds because everyone that I worked with this year was at least 15, but I do know that the year before last they did hire 14 year olds. But the only thing is that they don't hire through the park, they for the most part only hire people who have been reffered to work their by present employees, but I'm sure if you came into the park, and went to any of the photo or facepainting type stands they would give you an application, and maybe an on the spot interveiw, or reshcedule an interveiw time.
  5. Definantly not worth the 25 or thirty dollars when the beach was right down the road and had multiple tobogan sleds, horses and caragges, a live nativity, ice skating, paddleboats in the lazy river, and a huge train set up, for less or the same price as winterfest.
  6. Haha wow did not mean to turn this into the keyhole photo thread! But we do hand out the cards with the numbers on them, and you are able to purchase the photos online as well as in stores. And actually Keyhole photo isn't owned by the park, they are a private vendor run by Kaman's art shoppes, who also does all the portrait, facepaint, airbrush, and henna stands throughout the park. Ad they don't only do photos for the park, as somone sayed earlier we do the reds game, along with lots of zoos, like Cincinnati and Columbus, as well as multiple other major amusment parks across the country. Thank you for the pity, but it's really not that bad of a job at all! On slow days you are pretty much payed to stand there and talk to your friends with a camera in hand, although saturdays and special event days are pretty crazy. But I find that most of the time people are very polite in saying no, and the second I realize someone isn't interested I try to just drop it, and tell them to enjoy the park. I mean of course you do have the occasional rude group or whatever, but you just learn to let rudness and rejection not effect you anymore. But answering a question asked earlier I actually work at both the stands and taking photos, I don't think I could live if I only did one or the other, they both have their dull/frustrating moments.
  7. I am a member of the mosted hated crew in the park by guests and park management alike... keyhole photo!
  8. that "whistle" was never played with TR:TR that is part of the crypt soundtrack, i rode it friday and everything was still the same
  9. where is the 10 coming from? and whats considerd frequently?
  11. The train is still running right now. Is there haunt rehersal tonight or are workers still working through the night and using the train as a mode of transport?
  12. I see no movement in that picture. What are you looking at?
  13. the desent up??? haha you mean ascent? sorry just had to
  14. If the second hill looks that beautiful I can't wait til they start adding track to the first!
  15. If your going to be the advocate of proper grammer you may want to check yours. It might make you sound smarter. But seriously, as long as we get the point who really cares.
  16. I actually doubt it... although i could be totally wrong, but I bet it is only good for the normal season, it should say on the ticket, I had some but they were only good until the end of august.
  17. Yeah thats what I'm saying. What are they doing with the heavy machinery while private events are going on? They wouldn't just expect people to make detours around it would they, or do you think those hosting the events only rented out part of the park, that not including the rivertown area.
  18. What are they going to do with this huge crane while people are there this weekend?
  19. I think this is the picture you want. Looks like lots of stuff has been happening out of our veiw lately.
  20. ...but Carmen Electra trumps her anyway you look at it
  21. I got so close to them! They were walking right past the employee eating area when i came out from break so i got a picture of them on my phone! Kerri seemed kind of annoyed and kept saying she had to go and the press was following her around asking for photos, so i thought thats what was bothering her but I found out later that she spent the rest of her afternoon down at the ronald mcdonald house with kids there. I felt kind of bad though cause the whole time cause I thought she was just snappy.
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