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  1. Sorry i guess you are right, see i was riding, in the dark it felt like it. im sorry
  2. When you take off, notice that you feel A loop. Because i accidentily brung my flash light and i turned it on on FOF and saw a loop. its in the dark
  3. to me the best 2 parts is the LIM LAUNCH SYSTEM and the loop in the dark. Any body argees with me.
  4. -Flight of Fear- -Son of Beast- Delirium- FACE OFF- BEAST AT NIGHT-
  5. sounds like it hurts.but once when was like 7(now im 19)i was riding Vortex i was very short so i wasnt tall enough. so my aunt had to sneak me on.i didnt want to ride it because my aunt told me that it hurts your head so i had to take some kind of medicine. so i 4 hats on ever since.(soon i was 10)I didnt do that no more.
  6. thats true. i like that ride. it always pumped me up.The Racers never has a big line
  7. I remember that i hated those. it gave me bad headaches. But doesnt The Vortex give you headaches.
  8. I was looking at some rides to see when they were opened to the public on this website.I saw the main picture of it and i saw that the seat belts came over our shoulder. I didnt go this year but look at this picture of it and can anyone tell me if this is true. http://www.KICentral.com/attractions/flightfear.php
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