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    If I could be doing whatever I wanted right now it would be traveling. From backpacking across Europe, deep sea fishing off Outer Banks, snorkeling in the Caribbean, water skiing in Lake Erie, shredding tree runs on the slopes in Colorado its all good. If I'm not on my bike or playing a league sport like Volleyball at Flannigan's I'm probably cheering on The US National Soccer Team, The Brownies, Indians, Cavs, Crew, or Jackets. As you guessed already I love playing and watching sports but as I get older I'm focusing more on outdoor sports like camping, mountain biking, skiing, fishing, whatever I don't care as long as I'm doing it. Something I've never done but am planning to do this summer is white water rafting.<br />As for roller coasters I grew up in a small town on Lake Erie and would go to Cedar Point 20-30 times in the summer. I typically make it back once a summer now but last year was the first in my life I didn't make it to Cedar Point or any other park. Coasters are kind of a back burner passion for me and I don't usually consider them when I travel so my experience is limited to Cedar Point, Kinds Island, and Six Flags Chicago. I love following the construction of a coaster on sites like kicentral or pointbuzz and trying to decipher the clues before a coaster is announced. I've actually only been to KI once and the new ride that year was Days of Thunder but I will surely be there this summer for DB. <br />Got any questions just ask.<br />Cheers,<br />Greg

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  1. I haven't been following much coaster news lately, that construction video was pretty cool. I very naively thought that there wasn't going to be much work to be done for the conversion other than slapping some paint on and loading up the new trains. interesting to see how much of the guts needed torn out.
  2. Walt over at Pointbuzz.com is reporting that Gatekeeper had its first successful test run this afternoon. When it comes to things regarding Cedar Point Walt is a pretty safe bet.
  3. Ok last one I swear.. I love these little Google tricks. (go to google and search "do a barrel roll" go to www.youtube.com and search "Do the harlem shake"
  4. Gatekeeper may fall into the category of a "Parking Lot Coaster" but it's the most absolutely stunning Parking Lot Coaster I've ever seen. After seeing some of the most recent pictures showing the completed Key Hole Loop I'm certain that choosing this specific coaster and incorporating it into the front gate of the park will prove to be one of the best decisions made by the park in years. With the lift on the beach, the flyover through the keyhole doubling as the entrance to the park, and the grassy tree lined turn around, it's really not much more a Parking Lot Coaster than say Magnum or Gemini.
  5. http://old.nationalreview.com/comment/wood200312230101.asp I like the pine tree tradition... "The tree is the key symbol and it is not, as many might suppose, a holiday touch. In the high-steel trade, it announces that the construction has reached the sky without loss of life or serious injury. And it is meant to auger well for the future inhabitants of the building."
  6. No the street view changes as if you are there turning your head to look up.
  7. Want to see something really cool and you have an android phone (maybe only newer)? Navigate your way under Top Thrill Dragser in street view then click menu, compass mode, and tilt your phone back.
  8. Great question and outstanding answers from Medford and Monroe. This is why I come to KICentral.com
  9. Maybe they weighted up the passenger compartment on one side to influence the direction of the fall. I have no idea how much weight it would actually take in order for that to be a reasonable possibility but I was surprised the compartment was there too.
  10. Wow I was not expecting that! Probably in good taste that they did that today instead of yesterday.
  11. IBEW_Sparky I'm as nostalgic as anyone, I still miss Mill Race, but I have to say with respect that leaving the big 12-E Box is the worst idea I've ever heard. Haha I'm so happy to see that ugly box gone forever.
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