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  1. The front seat of the blue train provided a great ride. Sadly, that's a very small fraction of the seating capacity. Other seats weren't rough enough to injure me, but pretty rough. I think a notice should be posted or something when it re-opens.
  2. SOB! The coaster with only one ridable seat, front row of the blue train!
  3. Can't believe this topic is still alive over a year later.. CRAZY! I had no idea they were displaying the screen electronically, but I don't think they would try to jack the price up on busy days, as SOMEONE would notice and if the news got ahold of the info KI food service would look very bad. I agree that lowering the prices would likely increase the demand for food, but KI sets those prices for a reason. They must maximize their total revenue by charging ridiculously high prices.
  4. I am not afraid of heights at all, I am afraid of the unknown though. My first ride on the outer limits Flight of Fear scared the crap outta me because I couldn't see where I was going or what would happen. Being dropped unexpectantly (drop zone) is another one haha.
  5. "and SOB really hurts me so I choose not to ride it anywhere other than the front seat of the blue train." HAHAHA me too I thought I was the only one who made up stories to wait for the blue train front seat. that red train had a square wheel or something
  6. If one ride HAS to be replaced I wouldn't mind seeing Crypt go. Rotating in a box isn't much fun. But why remove a ride for the sake of removing it? If land can be developed, clear that first.
  7. I agree with Mike I do not understand why they are converting it to the Peanuts. Kids these days will not know who the characters are since the Peanuts are not on TV (at least to my knowledge). I wonder why they didn't go back to hanna barbara?
  8. Wow, to be honest that surprises me. The people I was with at Cedar Point said the Mantis was better and KC was "lame". I also had NO IDEA that Manhattan Express was a TOGO. haha I rode that in Vegas and looked in Pain on the ride photo it was so rough. So is the TOGO in Kings Domain similar to KC?
  9. Well guys, i lost my Cedar Point virginity and rode manits while i was there. My question is between the defunct king cobra and mantis, which did you prefer and why? I believe the mantis was a B&M and was a fun stand up coaster. i've never been on one before and am curious if you guys thought King Cobra topped it and why
  10. I think it would be fun to write out trip reports of what we would each do if you say yes. I would head straight to skyride to view the park in sceenic splendor. I'd ride King Cobra then (which I sadly never did experience as I was scared for a long time). I'd then stroll into rivertown and would view those beast pawprints and see the line outside the entrance! As I stand outside waiting for The Beast(completely untamed and the kingpin attraction it was) I would look in awe at the lift hill of KCKC, standing proud above the Wild thornberrys crap as the center of rivertown. After a wild ride on the legendary beast (no trim brakes thank you) I would ride KCKC 10 times because(as shown by my avatar) I miss it so much. Then I'd ride wheel of fortune which I never got to see. Ride the Ohio Overland Auto Livery to coney to ride the crazy Zodiac. Enchanted Voyage would be next which I never got to see. Enjoying the gourmet food they used to have.. ahh. What would you do?
  11. If admission price was $200 for one day's admission, but you could ride all defunct attractions again as much as you wanted for that one day... Would you pay the price? It would also include visiting old stores and eating at old resaurants. The thought came to mind and I personally would take the offer for a day. Save up and relieve those memories... Would you?
  12. Start feeling sorry for me, I work train and sit next to a speaker in Boomerang Bay. But it's the cake job in the park as all we have to do is talk to people and open gates!
  13. How about a Cedar Fair name! "Giant metal hypercoster"
  14. Steve

    Crypt dying?

    I heard recently that the new roller coaster will go straight through Crypt. So does anyone know for sure if Crypt will be dead next year? I believe it and doubt it at the same time. It was kinda a flop for KI in a way due to last year and the lack of scenary/lighting/effects. But I thought CF was against ripping out existing attractions for new ones. Any input?
  15. Actually they changed it this year, to ride the flume you must be at least 36" tall.
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