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  1. My buddy called me last night. His wife works for a company who has club seats and he was able to get me and my girlfriend tickets to the game tonight with a parking pass in the East Garage. We got down there about 6:45 and the bobbleheads were already gone. I knew they'd go quick but wasn't sure exactly how quick. It was a fun game for sure! Seeing the Cyclones honor The Beast for one game was a memorable experience.
  2. I will second Vortex having the best drop in the entire park, sitting in 7-1. Even though it wasn't the steepest drop in the park, the feeling of your stomach dropping out was the best.
  3. Looking back at the calendars, both Banshee and Diamondback opened to the public on April 18th. Wouldn't it be cool if Orion was the same?
  4. I'm curious to see how this all unfolds. In 2015, Six Flags America got a Larson Looper named Bourbon Street Fireball. I hope that something similar named International Street Fireball never becomes reality at Kings Island.
  5. Something I’ve thought about over the course of the last few hours. Let’s say it goes through. Take LA for example as you have SFMM and Knotts. What happens there? I’m not sure what other markets besides that one in particular is there an overlap between CF and SIX. If this has already been discussed, please forgive me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Every Cedar Fair park gets a Larson Looper! No, just no. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I've stayed at the Econo Lodge on U.S. 6 across from The Thirsty Pony. It was fairly close to the park and convenient for us, especially having driven from here in Batavia to Sandusky, leaving at 7AM, arriving at Noon and staying until close. The least I have to stay in the car, the better. Camp Sandusky is also good (SR 2 and SR 101, near Friendship and McDonald's) if you are into tent camping or cabin camping. The cabins are relatively small but can sleep multiple people. The amenities vary dependent on the cabin but all have electric. There is a public bath house on site for showers and any other necessities. It was serviceable given I was able to get in a couple hours sleep for Coastermania and a good night's sleep when all was said and done. I haven't been up to Cedar Point this year, but last year I did end up staying at the Hampton Inn in Fremont. It was decent and one of the nicer rooms I've stayed in but that drive from the park to Fremont after being at the park open to close, coming from Cincinnati that morning, was rather draining.
  8. This is definitely sad news to say the least. I grew up on the east side of town and still live there, so Coney Island is relatively close and a lot of people that I know go down there not only for Sunlite Pool but also for the dry park as well. Feedback I've seen on social media with those I know personally, so far, is nothing but disappointment. I wish the park nothing but the absolute best in their endeavors and hope that they have calculated this risk and analyzed their decision as much as possible. I am wondering, however, if the tendency and susceptibility for Coney Island to flood played part in this decision. I cannot imagine that flood insurance for that piece of property is reasonable by any means. If Kings Island/Cedar Fair doesn't step in to purchase the rides, I hope at least Stricker's Grove makes an attempt to do so.
  9. Drove past CSF yesterday on the way from my house in Batavia to Brown County. Still a good amount of track left!
  10. Based on the website, looks like it’s 287 feet tall. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I agree that it is a "Have." Cedar Fair, I feel, has invested heavily in Kings Island since they took over in 2006 and the park has not looked this good in a long time. We got Firehawk in 2007, Diamondback in 2009, Banshee in 2014, Mystic Timbers in 2017, and our new giga coaster next year. Cedar Point on the other hand, got Maverick in 2007, GateKeeper in 2013, the Mantarou conversion in 2015, Valravn in 2016, and Steel Vengeance in 2018. Some may feel that Kings Island falls behind Cedar Point in the types of coasters offered, but I feel that both parks complement each other well as it's only 3.5 to 4 hours to Cedar Point from Kings Island's parking lot. Other parks in the chain have gotten significant investment such as Carowinds (Intimidator, Copperhead Strike, Fury 325) and Canada's Wonderland (Behemoth, Leviathan, Yukon Striker). While I've only been to Carowinds, Kings Dominion, and Dorney Park in addition to Cedar Point and Kings Island, I feel that we have gotten a fair amount of investment compared to others within the chain, immediately coming to mind is Dorney Park (I don't believe has gotten a new coaster in some time) and Michigan's Adventure (has only been getting new trashcans for the longest time.) Joking aside, I am glad that Cedar Fair has invested tens of millions into our park with new rides, infrastructure, and refurbishments!
  12. Hoeter

    Decoding 2020

    None that I can recall in recent memory. As far as coasters, Diamondback was announced on a Wednesday (August 6, 2008) while Banshee and Mystic Timbers were both on a Thursday (August 8, 2013 and July 28, 2016 respectively)
  13. The girlfriend and I watched “Fresh Horses” a few weeks back not only for the KI scene but since parts of the movie was filmed in and around the Alexandria area and that’s where she’s from. It was interesting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Check these guys out. https://shop.madetothrill.com/ When I bought my condo last year, I bought several prints from them. The Beast is the only KI one hanging up in my office but I have the Magnum, Millennium Force, Dragster, and Maverick prints hanging up as well. Debating on getting the Fury 325 and Steel Vengeance later on but they are pricey at $22 apiece.
  15. This looks good! I did something similar to the 2016 season where I tracked my visits between KI and CP. I also tracked usage of the drink and meal plans as well as admission and parking at both parks. As I amassed close to 30 visits for the season, the final numbers in regards to what it would have cost and what I saved was an eyeopener- it was several thousand dollars once all was said and done.
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