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  1. I visited Dorney Park back on Fourth of July Weekend in 2014 and our group was able to hit all of the coasters by 1:00pm. From there, we went to NJFTP and spent the rest of the day. Steel Force is a good ride, probably the best coaster in the park other than Talon or Hydra (the roll coming out of the station is hard to beat) I got a rain ride on Steel Force and I thought that was painful until I got a rain ride on Millennium Force last month in the front row. Doesn't feel good at 93 miles per hour!
  2. It was a 2 hour wait on Saturday right after opening and was running one train. Unfortunately, I didn't get to ride as the light on the test seat didn't turn green. Starting to think now that I should have maybe chanced it as I tried the test seat at Lightning Rod and it didn't turn green and ended up riding once I boarded. Hardly any crowds Saturday. We got Magnum, Maverick, Rougarou, Millennium Force, and Raptor (rain ride- pants have rust water on them now!) in by 1:00pm. By the end of the night, got in everything except Iron Dragon, Steel Vengeance, and Cedar Creek Mine Ride. 5 rides on Millennium Force Saturday- 4 of those in a 25 minute timespan as it was a walk on. The op on unload was letting people exit through the handicapped entrance and bypass walking around. The last ride was a rain ride and in Row 2 at that, which felt like needles at 93 mph!
  3. Based on the comments, they are only letting enough people in line to fill the first set of switchbacks. Right now, I'm planning on being up there at rope drop Saturday morning, so it'll be an early one. Leaving at 5:00am. Have to get back there early and get a boarding pass, if they're still doing it.
  4. I saw a post over on PointBuzz a couple of days ago that the chassis of these trains (and the ones at KD) are different than the other RMC installs in previous years. I wonder if this is something that could be contributing to the issues at both parks. Another difference between the CF RMC trains and the others is the restraint has one hinge that is central whereas the older RMC installs have a U-Bracket.
  5. I'll be up at the park next Saturday. If it's open and I'm able to ride it, that's great. If not, I'll be back up there hopefully a few more times during the season. I'm thinking that the state may require an inspection on it, but I'm not 100% for certain on this. Posts I've seen are speculating that RMC and IOE will have to make adjustments to the ride.
  6. I'm seeing multiple people post on Facebook and on PointBuzz that two trains collided in Steel Vengeance's station and first responders are on scene. Have not seen anything else other than this to clarify or provide proof. Mods, please delete this if it violates the TOS. Thanks!
  7. Hoeter

    Fireworks 2018 “The Greatest Show” Video

    This is the song that plays during the fireworks. From “The Greatest Showman” starring Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hoeter

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    I had Coney BBQ tonight and was very impressed with the meal itself. I had the pulled pork with the sidewinder fries. It was pretty good. Had the Carolina Mustard sauce which complemented the sauce well. I'll definitely be stopping back in throughout the season. Their other offerings looked amazing!
  9. https://wdwnt.com/2018/04/rumor-new-monorail-fleet-has-been-ordered-for-walt-disney-world/ The current fleet of 12 gradually started to replace the aging Mark IV monorails, used since WDW opened in 1971, back in 1989. A number of issues for the aging fleet over the last few years, one being a door on Monorail Red that opened while in transit on the EPCOT beam back in January. Last year, a piece of Monorail Blue broke off over the EPCOT parking lot. Word has it that Bombardier, who built the current Mark VI system, will supply the new trains. Thoughts?
  10. Kings Island Cedar Point Dorney Park Kings Dominion Carowinds Six Flags America Six Flags Great Adventure Dollywood Holiday World Kentucky Kingdom Coney Island Strickers Grove Magic Kingdom EPCOT Disney's Hollywood Studios Disney's Animal Kingdom Universal Studios Florida Universal's Islands of Adventure Americana (LeSourdesville Lake) Fantasy Farm Indiana Beach Magic World Kids Park (Pigeon Forge) Goats on the Roof- not a park? (An alpine coaster was my 100th credit. Lightning Rod was 99. Mystic Timbers was 101.) 5 of these parks was on a whirlwind trip over Fourth of July weekend in 2014. Dorney and Six Flags Great Adventure on Friday, Six Flags America and Kings Dominion on Saturday, Kings Dominion on Sunday, Carowinds on Monday. 40 new credits and a whole lot of windshield time for me that weekend!
  11. Hoeter

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    I didn't notice anything different on The Beast in regards to the speed on Lift # 1 either.
  12. Just busted open both tubs of cotton candy. I actually like the chili pepper cotton candy and it wasn't half bad. It had a good amount of heat. Anybody that knows me knows that I love my food spicy. Ranch, on the other hand, wasn't terrible but wasn't great either. It's an interesting attempt and one that I've never seen done before. Try it for yourselves and let me know what you all think! Sweet Spot is also running buy two, get one free on fudge. Picked up two bars of Blue Ice Cream and also tried their new Psychedelic flavor. Got a brick of that too. When I bring fudge into the office, it goes quick.
  13. Hoeter

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Renewed my Platinum Pass in January and added the meal plan, season long drinks, and season long FunPix just as I had it last year. Tried accessing the FunPix kiosk back at The Beast last night about 5:30pm and it said that the barcode on my pass was invalid. Anyone else have a similar issue? On another note, waits weren't that bad for the time I was there. Got to the park about 5, left about 8:00pm. Squeezed in rides on The Beast, Diamondback, and Mystic Timbers. Waited no more than 20 minutes for either. Looks like the KI Drive/Western Row construction for the most part is done. I came into the park via Columbia Road and KI Drive instead of I-71 so having the traffic light being further back across from One Team Way really helps with the traffic issues where Western Row/KI Drive/Columbia came together in the past.
  14. I just bought a tub of the ranch cotton candy. They had chili pepper as well so I picked up a tub of that.
  15. Hoeter

    Cedar Point Opening day

    Can't help you on Opening Day but based on my experiences in the month of May, the weather in Northern Ohio is the biggest wildcard of all. In 2016, I went up the second weekend they were open. Highs were in the 40's with winds over 15mph. As a result, Dragster was closed. Additionally, Gemini and Mean Streak were closed. The day after (Sunday) it was actually colder but the winds weren't as bad. As soon as I got off of Magnum XL-200 it started sleeting. Went up this past May and it was the polar opposite with highs in the 70's and no wind. All rides open, not a cloud in the sky, perfect crowd level, and I got my first ride on Dragster!