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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I know I haven't posted on these forums in a couple years, and I hate to just jump in like this, but since this opportunity has presented itself, I need to get something off my chest about my least favorite ride of all time, Gatekeeper. This has nothing to do with B&M vs. Intamin, in fact, Banshee might be my new favorite coaster of all time, and I like DB as much as MF, but Gatekeeper is downright lethargic and uncomfortable. I'm not one for coaster bashing, but Gatekeeper navigates it's elements extremely slow starting right after the lift, and the restraints squeeze my collar bones in a
  2. It's good fun as long as the wait is under 30 mnutes.
  3. ^^^^ Ahhh you beat me to it. I just edited mine. sorry
  4. I agree. It Doesn't look like normal Intamin track. Wait, the rumor is its a giga, but is it an Intamin? I meen the track looks similar but not the same. In a previous pic on this thread it said it was an Intamin Giga. Here is the pic Sorry. I didn't see that earlier.
  5. First off, I like that video especially the part "Imagine a world..." Second, I thought you were talking about the spiel the alien guy says at the station. They played it more last year and now they play it rarely and very quiet compared to the noisy people. I have listened closley and was able to hear a couple. The first one went something like, "We have enjoyed our visit to your charming little world, but now it's time for you to visit ours." and the other one I'm not to sure on but it was like, "You think you have come to examine us, well then why are you the ones trapped in the seats?" Im
  6. I agree. It Doesn't look like normal Intamin track. Wait, the rumor is its a giga, but is it an Intamin? I meen the track looks similar but not the same.
  7. Edit: sorry made a mistake Hope the thing insider said is true. I will definitly have to make a trip us to KD next summer.
  8. That first picture really reminds me of the beggining of DB construction IMO. Like this one http://www.KICentral.com/photos/displayima...m=229&pos=0
  9. Love the negative g's on DB. The positives on the loop of FH, Double Helix of BLSC, Vortex and FOF. I also love those lats o AE (which some people don't seem to like but I do)
  10. I really didn't like Intamins but now I love them. Especially riding in the back of Mellenium, Maverick, and WT. I love them. But, I really would love to see the next coaster (however long that may be) a Dive Machine. I just don't see a Maverick like coaster going in anywhere. (as much as i do like Maverick.) I have this fantasy of a new kind of a B&M Dive Machine that is more than 90 degress like 93-97 degress or something and it being located in X-base with neon green paint and black supports. Just a fantasy......
  11. Thinking about all the various forces that my body is going to experiece.
  12. Lookin at THIS picture, It seems to me that there is or was one last cammel back. It seems to me that where that last hill is, is where it starts goes up then straight. Was that removed or is it still there?
  13. This is a little off topic but I have never been to a six flags. If I could go to one which one would you recomend?
  14. For me I would pick Universal but, I get the privlege of being able to go to Cedar Point and Kings Island a lot so for you I can see how it must be a very difficult decission. No matter what you choose I'm sure you'll have fun.
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