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  1. Now It would be very easy to just vote for your own area of the park, but I encourage you to vote for another area other than your own unless you just know your area is the best??
  2. I hardly doubt that it is so dark that you can barely see your food. Its a nice cool place that is a relaxing break from a busy/loud/energetic park.
  3. I am very sad to say that with being in Jamaica and with working all summer @ camp I didn't get to make a single visit all summer. Definitly a sad time
  4. Wow very interesting! Glad to see things haven't changed much since I left
  5. Yeah if you recall when the new PKI site came out last spring there were alot of these "test pages" They were up for the first few days that they new site was launched and the programmers slowly removed them all...I guess one slipped through tho
  6. Better Rides! Ha! Just stop building IJ and build something good--
  7. stephenmayes

    the pay

    Haunt Guy, Look PKI is a really fun place to work. But man trust me its not worth 4 hours in a car and like 20 dollars a day in gas. I really would strongly think about getting an apartment close by PKI if you decide to work there.
  8. stephenmayes

    the pay

    Dude really don't drive 2 hours. I live in KY to (Well I go to college in Columbus but my home is in NKY) and it was like a 45 minute drive for me and it was rough. I almost fell asleep with my shorter ride. If you wanna work at PKI get an apartment somewhere close...Either way your not going to actually make much money...Either you're going to spend it all on Gas or on an apartment..
  9. Yeah I know you wouldn't mind being a restraint dummy at first, but after a while, and after the initial shock and magic of the job dissappears you will want to do more than just bend over and check restraints all day. Being in an airconditioned box is very very nice on a hott day! Trust me~ But then once you become a driver and you drive all the time you once again gain respect for checking bars and you love being on the floor again.
  10. The rides aren't hard to operate at all. Just pushing buttons and watching people. However, to do this you must learn alot of information. There is a buttload of info you have to know inside and out and it does take a while. If your a newbie then don't expect to be taught how to drive right away---you will definity be a restraint dummy for the first few months and maybe even longer...
  11. PKI is an awesome place to work! I had to leave in the middle of June this past season because of a church thing but I have to say that I had a blast working there. The days do get a little long at times but they are fun through and through. LIke any other job it does have its rough parts (BFFD, Teen Mix night things, and the overall hot weather)--but the Good...no no the GREAT parts of this job out weighs that tremendously! I would say go get a job in the Rides department b.c. it is by far the best area to work in.
  12. Yeah as far as the whole ride driver thing is concerened it really is a trust issue- If your sups trust you and think you are mature enough to handle the HUGE responsibliity that you undertake when you are driving a ride. There really is a lot that has to be done...although once you start driving it all becomes second nature. I was one of the lucky ones when it came to driving last year. I was signed off in about 5 weekends. Which is pretty fast considereing the ride. I worked on two big coasters in Gun/Sob so it was really cool to get signed off so early. Howver, I will stress that driving is overrated for the most part---it is cool as dreamer said to get a chance to sit down, but being out and about and mingling with the guests and your fellow associates is what makes a job at PKI so much fun
  13. OH the perks of being Level one on a free restraint ride...
  14. I want you to really think about this one for a little bit. But whether you are an employee or just a regular guest---There has to be one memory that standsout above all the rest. Think about it--there has to one!! For me it has to be being the only driver @ SOB On the first dance club thingy that the park had. I was stuck in the booth for a while that night and it started to get late and I was bored and really wanted to make the most of having guests that were young and very excited to be at the park. As I brought in a train I had to give a little spiel and I started thinking about Usher & Lil JOhn, or wayne---whoever it is and I said "YEAH" and no joke the entire que house went "WHAT?" and then I of course followed it up with an "OK". This was fun to have so many people get involved. I then followed that by singing Eminem "My Band" GOOD TIMES
  15. Yeah I am a little bit---But I don't like rides that I don't fit on----Gay ride---
  16. Haha yeah maybe----I liked the pic in your sig and I borrowed it----I still think CP would be smart to just stick with doing what they do best and that is coasters----leave all the dumb flats to PKI
  17. Delirium isn't that great of a ride----who cares if someone is building another one--
  18. Yes I give full thanks to Drew for that quote...But It is true...I wish they would
  19. Lets get something straight tho. I wasn't bashing the ride nor saying bad things about it. I am one who was hoping for a BIG coaster. I Know PKI is a family park, but I wanted something that would give me a boner. Not a glorified and themed small rollar coaster.
  20. Does anyone else think that the park could have done better when it came to a new ride? I am not excited at all for IJST and I wish the park would have decided to build something better
  21. The only thing I haven'r ridden is Delirium b.c. I am too tall. But It doesn't look that great anyway, and it is a really short ride, so I don't mind
  22. Read the OFficial reports from these deaths-- NO one has actually died at PKI. They always die on their way to the hospital. It is the parks way of well, keeping the thought of people dying in their park from entering peoples minds. Also only one death was actually on a ride I believe, I could be wrong tho.
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