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  1. I remember they had an alien movie there. The only part I remember was the alien was on the vehicle, it stopped really quick and the alien hit the wall and slid down the wall leaving a green blood. It was pretty cool. I have no idea what it was called.
  2. Don't go Friday or Saturday nights during the haunt, the wait time is very long. Also, do we really have to nitpick about how he/she asked?
  3. Because there is not any water being used. Yes but regular goggles have holes in them, Chemisty or water proof goggles can prevent particles going behind the lens. Seems a lot cheaper then wearing a full suit...
  4. ^ They have to wear full suits? Why not just wear water proof goggles?
  5. I think she should win, I mean come on 27 other people got hurt. Why shouldn't she be entitled to some sort of care? I think she should have all of her medical bills paid for. She should receive some money to supplement her time off work (if she worked). If she gets a Million dollar settlement thats crazy....
  6. The bad thing is I think those new flat screen menus are plasma tv's. If they are they won't last long because the burn in will set in and then they CAN'T change the price!!!
  7. Sure, only one condition... you clean the ride
  8. It is NOT wrong. It speaks as of the time it was made. And coaster specials are made frequently, but the old ones get shown again and again. Were they not, someone would cry out "Why don't they ever show the old ones? I want to see how things were..." Terpy, just sayin' Exactly, what are they supposed to do re-shoot everything just because its a bit old? Its cool that they show how the park looked. The show is running during the day and its something to fill the channel lineup.
  9. Just about as many G's as Millennium Force, if you can handle that then I guess you would get tunnel vision. I don't get the color scheme though... if it is themed with dale earnhardt why wouldn't it be black and red? Yellow doesn't really seem to fit.
  10. Tunnel vision? I don't think your going to be pulling that many G's
  11. 305 looks like it would be way more fun then Diamondback. At least it doesn't repeat its self 10 times... Why couldn't we get an intamin
  12. As long as the flat ride is fun and capacity is high I'll be happy.
  13. If the track was redone into steel the coaster would go way too fast, and would be trimmed to death. If intamin could redesign it that would be another story. The only thing you'd have to keep in mind is the cost of such a project. Also if the track was redone into steel the supports may not be able to safely handle the weight.
  14. I think they are done with redesigns, I sure am...
  15. Just saw this on the news. "The future of SOB will be decided during the off season". I honestly don't think the SOB will be here any longer, too much money has been spent on this ride to fix it.
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