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  1. So maybe I went too far in saying it lost its touch LOL. I'm not trying to complain or act as though the ride is horrible or something.. I'm sure it was just the wheels like someone said before. Diamondback is one of the smoothest rollercoasters that I've ever ridden. I was just commenting that this past time I rode it just felt rackety and I've never experienced that before. I always sit in the back and never a problem. But oh well, its still the best at Kings Island, so I can't complain much. Vortex..now thats another story LOL. And Mean Streak at Cedar Point is a headache waiting to happen.
  2. Yesterday when I rode Diamondback for the first time in about a month it seemed extra bumpy and rough. Normally the ride is very smooth even in the back seat (which is my favorite). However it already seems to be wearing down. The people I was with also made the same comments that it was not as smooth as the usual. Has anyone else experienced this recently?
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