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  1. Itamins are great and all, done get me wrong, but why on earth would they build one (other than one with Maverick restriants?) The seat/seatbelt issues with Intamin are just obserd. Why do they make them so short? why not longer so more could ride and spend more $$ at park?? Hell all the PTC trains now have like a 4 ft retractable seatbelt... Is there any reason Intamin doesnt?
  2. Not to be mean or anything because I am a big guy, but very proportional. I am 6'2 290 with thick quads. I have wider hip bones, but I also wear 42in waist. I can get on Dragster with some struggle. If my friend helps me he can get me on MF. I get 1 click on Diamondback... so I could not ride. I fit on everything at KI.. Drop Tower, faceoff, delirum, everything else.... It might be a tad snug, but no biggie. Now on to Holiday world. I went there last year and notice a HUGE room difference at HW vs KI or CP.. I round HW to be very roomie on me. but most of the PTC train issues I have is legroom. As far as test seat.. there are not many at KI... But they are NOT embarrassing at all. Most ppl getting in line dont care about you trying to fit, they are just excited to get in line. You should also keep in mind seat and restraints have changed over the years.. EVERYTHING has a seatbelt, and most of the PTC trains have dividers and have for years.. I dont think they all did years ago, but could be wrong. One tip I can give you is just wear swim trunks all day, that helps me, but also I hate having layers of clothes on when its hot. Other than that, have fun, and if needed get some thrills at water park, and motivate yourself to drop some pounds for next season... I found that my I am pretty much close to my threshold at this current weight and Have lost 11lbs in 3 weeks and plan on being down 10 more by August.
  3. Just got back from a soggy day. This was my first KI trip of 2009... Some good and bad thoughts of the day.. The good- Very nice landscaping/theming around beast, Diamondback, crypt.... Ok and now to the story.. Arrived at a DEAD park about 11:30. I dont know if it is the angle of the lift hill or what, but DB didnt really impress me from the skyline. Imediatly went to DB line got in test seat and was able to get it to click once, and almost a 2nd time. Iwas not too dissapointed because I prepared myself. So I basically went in single rider line, got right up and in Row 12. I jumped in seat and clicked it down once... after the seat checks ALL operators had thumbs up. UNTIL the controller said... (check ____) so when she did that she pushed it down and got it to click again, but then said sorry... I was unable to ride. I have a football build, and thick legs so I was surprised to even get it to click at all I guess. No biggie I have a feeling this ruling will be reversed later this year or next.. like the 1in MF seatbelt slack! lol I havent had 1in slack for 5 years on that ride! LOL. Wet rainy day, only 1 train on coasters, and NO WATERPARK OPEN?? That is what ****ed me off! Between that and nobody there the "spirit" of a good park day was gone. Hopefully my July trip will be better!!
  4. well I am going to the park today with the assumption I wont fit, and hopefully works out for the best! Either way I do think it is sad that ANY new coaster these days wouldnt accomidate larger folk.... I think Maverick has the ultimate restraint design, everyone can fit and still get plenty of airtime. Firehawks is pretty good too.
  5. Hey everyone, I am excited to say I am going to KI on Wednesday (June 10) Here is my question... 1. I have a 42in waist, I CANT fit on MF, but get by on dragster. I WAS able to fit on Dominator at GL just fine in 2007. (havent changed much since) I was told by a guy a work with that I would be fine because his son is my size and he fit. Is anyone else still having any issues?? Also would you please compare the seats to something else.. like Raptor or does it come down really tight on the thighs like Maxair or Delierium?? I will be wearing swim trunks all day so I wont be padded any more than needed. Thanks
  6. I am 6'2 295lbs, and 42in waist. I usually dont wear jeans to park, but gym shorts and or swim trucks (like I always did even at lower weights to to comfort) but I can fit on everything at KI in 2008, those PTC trains are tight on the hips, but legroom too. Millenium force I fit in 2007 with help from a buddy pulling seatbelt for me, TTD I can fit fine, and get myself. For some reason Wicked Twister gave me hell in 2008. I was not able to ride. I am on a 12 week program to lose some Lbs.. no real goal. I know I can fit on everything just fine at 279-280s. I am not all fat, I have a lot of muscle, but also just a big frame.
  7. SFKK was TERRIBLE the time I was there. First and Only time 2005. poor landscape maintianence, only 1 train running/ride, untidy/professional staff. July 3, 2005 was the date! Mid season! Thunder Run is the best thing going there. and that was suppose to go to the Late AMERICANA! If that place cleans up let me know.
  8. when i was a dual passholder I used my Cedar Point picture for 3 years. It was KI that made me get a new one each time.. but no biggie! I am just glad 2009 is paid for!
  9. just renewed mine, adn it is the same card. even thought the signature is rubbed off! LOL
  10. Just an FYI.. VF was open Satuday, and I rode it.. it also had a pretty long line!
  11. If you think SOB is smoother than MS.. your trippin. I love them both but MS is smoother than beast and sob.
  12. Holiday world is really at a disadvantage for the fall festivities due to location. Evansville is best bet in terms of population (but I would assume much of those folks are bored with it, or like you said would drive to 6 flags) Owensburro KY , or even Bowling Green KY (where Beach Bend is located, and Western KY Univ) might be able to support but unlikely) I think HW gets most of the business form the "free drinks" and waterpark than the regular park. but still love it. my first visit was 6-20-2008!
  13. Bringing in some lumbar. http://www.cedarpoint.com/public/fun/blog/index.cfm possible MS retracking? I love MS, and would like ot see them get different trains.
  14. I looked on website but cant find a park map of HH this year. is the train still being used? I am going on 10-18. thanks
  15. I wonder if the SEATBELTS will be able to accomidate the larger guests. It makes me mad at CP to see people that for most part are in decent shape, and maybe with a football build get rejected b/c of a stupid belt length or slack! I wonder if Bohemeth has had any issues?
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