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  1. I believe it is called pampus grass. I am unsure of the spelling for the first word, sorry.
  2. Is that the piece where there is a guy taking the news lady on a tour of Phantom Theater while it is under construction?? If it is the guy the is talking is my dad.
  3. I miss eurobungee. I hated it when I worked it, but I miss it now.
  4. smurfberry ice cream is by far the best thing in the park. mmmmmmmmmmmm.
  5. I wouldnt think that they would say anything to you about your syringes and insulin, it is kind of a necessity for you. If you explain what it is for I dont think you should have too much of a problem.
  6. From what I hear it is supposed to be exactly like the old one, just a new film so that it wont be crackly, but same movie.
  7. Days of Thunder is back this year. It will be in B side.
  8. I would say side B, just because I love Days of Thunder.
  9. I think I would survive without PKI but I would really miss it. I would be especially sad because that is where I spent a great deal of my summers when I was a kid, and it would be like taking away a special part of me.
  10. I disagree with you Tom...I love my job, there are some bad days but when I leave I always seem to be in a good mood as I walk through the park and see all of the smiling faces. You can't let a few issues make the entire day bad, you have to look at the day as a whole and see how you doing your job made somebody elses day really great.
  11. I don't really like smokers, but I understand that it is an addicting habit. The only thing that I ask is that they step out their cigarettes when they are finished with them, and it would be great to throw them away. But if they don't step them out then there is always a chance that a little kid will pick up a partially smoked cigarette and put it in their mouth because they see adults doing it. This may seem really gross, but it happens, and i would like to hope that if nothing else the cigarette wont still be lit when they put it in their mouth.
  12. Well since i now work at pki I am there all the time, but as a kid i was at the park at least once a week if not two or three times a week. Now i just suffer from withdraw when i am not there.
  13. you cant remove action theater, where would you put the tech services people whose offices are in the basement.
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