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  1. *Peeks his head in* Nope, nothing's changed. I'll get my diversions elsewhere. Like Universal Studios.
  2. Are you really implying that there was foul play? Really? IT WAS PROFESSOR PLUM, ON THE TILT-A-WHIRL, WITH THE GOBBLER GETAWAY GUN. Amusement parks, serious business.
  3. This isn't Orwellian. No one is forcing them to wear the wristbands when they leave the park. Hell, no one will be forcing them to wear them IN the park either. If they don't want to use the system, they don't have to.
  5. Never really contributed, that's a laugh. Since Nemo is out, maybe I should start posting again, take his place. Because the fact that I live nowhere near the park anymore, and now spend my time with much better parks in California, makes me "part of the problem". Should get a lot of laughs from the people here. I've already gotten a few, especially TTD's comment, when I've got almost 3x as many posts as he does.
  6. *Pops his head in* Oh, still arguing and fighting change. Glad to see I'm not missing anything here. *Goes back into not caring about this site*
  7. Sadly no, I've moved away from Ohio, and even before then I've been less and less a "fan" of the park. Came in here again only because I heard about the troll digging his hole deeper and deeper.
  8. More lies. I'd love to hear how you've "ALWAYS been in the entertainment industry". Enlighten us, oh master of the entertainment business...
  9. Dear SoakCity, go **** yourself (self edited). Try spending time in Orlando or Anaheim before you compare KI prices to Disney prices. And from what I have seen from the show online, you're just making this crap up. Make like a tree, and get outta here.
  10. Topics like this make me glad I'm no longer a part of the Kings Island fan community. Ripping on the show is one thing, calling someone "hideous" is another. Grow the hell up.
  11. You read right. The Peanuts characters were sold to the same company that owns Joe Boxer. http://www.wcpo.com/news/local/story/Peanuts-Gang-Sold-To-Owner-Of-Joe-Boxer-For-175M/Mlr-KCdp50mPPbcWfiphCg.cspx So how long till we see Joe Boxer ads in the parks?
  12. Starting in one hour, Brian Kosmac, operations manager at Kings Island, will be a guest on In The Loop. Join us live tonight at 8 PM as we talk with him about all things Kings Island! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/in-the-loop http://www.coastercrew.com
  13. *Oh hai there Brad* I must say this one made me laugh out loud. Was wondering when someone would point out my photobomb.
  14. Yep, that was me in the club. Glad I gave ya a scare. Also, with the theme for club blood, it is a vampire club. Ya know, "creatures of the night".
  15. I can't believe they are closing! They shouldn't close the park, because they said it would be open! They should open it based on the principle of it!
  16. Thanks, I'll let the "bat looking demon" know he is doing a good job. His name is Kronos btw. Next time you see him, say hi.
  17. I'm just hoping my good buddy Kronos comes back this year. He's been hibernating since last fall, so I'm sure he'll be very grumpy when he wakes up, and sees tourists romping around his yard.
  18. Things that I used to do way back in my ride op days... I used to do the "world's longest water ride" joke previously mentioned. When working Flight of Fear, I'd do a countdown "Launching in 5, 4, 1, goodbye!" *launch* People in the station would often ask what happened to 2 and 3. I said the aliens abducted them. I would often say "Enjoy the rest of your day here at Kings Island, home of *insert ride no one cares about here*" Frequent attractions were "Little Bill's Giggle Coaster, and it's terrifying 8 1/2 foot drop" and Viking Fury. Frequently used "Please do not sit, stand, climb, or perform acrobatic feats on our handrails." Flying Eagles was also a fun one to work. When starting the ride, I'd do the "Shave and a haircut" on the starting bell, and the ride op at Shake Rattle & Roll would finish it off with the "Two bits". Either that, or the other way around. For those who are not keen on what "Shave and a haircut" is... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shave_and_a_Haircut
  19. You guys know the coaster that showed up at KD is NOT staying at KD... right? It got shipped to the wrong park. Don't believe me? They packed up the supports again, and started taking them away.
  20. I was actually at the theater across the street watching Star Trek. Go into the theater, great weather. Come out, lightning like crazy, winds, and Kings Island Drive packed with cars leaving the park (this was before 10, wondered if they had evac'd the park due to the storm).
  21. Ah, very true. I'm a bit slow on the intake today apparently. Should make tonight's show quite interesting, haha.
  22. Are you referring to the ESPN job I applied for? I didn't get that. Now Warner Brothers on the other hand...
  23. In The Loop, one of the biggest podcasts in the amusement industry is currently searching for a new co-host. Tonight, they will be recording a new episode with one of their four candidates for the open position... me! Make sure to download this coming week's In The Loop to hear my take on topic like Kong returning to Universal Hollywood, Freestyle Music Park, and other current industry news! www.coastercrew.com for info.
  24. I think I sat in the row in front of her when she did this. She didn't have her WHOLE body turned around, just her head and had her torso turned slightly. I'd prefer riding at night than looking backwards.
  25. Shocked no one mentions seeing me working at Beast this day... OR riding with me on Diamondback...
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