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  1. Videos on KI's website don't seem to be working for me. http://www.youtube.com/user/KingsIslandOnline/videos Another link if anyone is having the same issue.
  2. Anyone think of a hologram projection in the nioght sky of what it will look like?
  3. Live stream seems to be a go. Stoked for the announcement!!!
  4. The rubber ducks are amassing for assault on the dino? And in the cover of night. Clever girl(s).
  5. I can confirm that it is starting to finally feel like summer here in South Florida :/ And that I saw a post on another forum from what seems to be a non troll stating there is a roped off area. Trying not to feed the trolls. Just curious.
  6. Don't post here often, but I have heard rumblings of a roped off area on the north side of the parking lot. Anyone else see/ confirm?
  7. Two previous Cedar Fair installations, Diamondback and Gatekeeper, had parts arriving in mid July, base off some old album viewing. Should be an interesting week or two...
  8. This area is of some intrigue. Being in Florida has kept me from the park for some time, but if memory serves, SoB was not on the land highlighted? Anyone know if this has always been cleared? Or am I just seeing things?
  9. Seems a tad early to start construction on a mouse for next season. Although one would seem to fit nicely in that space.
  10. Random thought here guys.... Has anyone thought of a Cedar Fair hotel potentially replacing SOB? It makes sense with ALL of the footings being removed. IMO the area is too large for a connecting path and why bother removing every footing if another coaster is going in the same area?
  11. Perhaps some rather large flower pots? One can hope...
  12. King Cobra entering the brake run was quite the acoustic experience when I was growing up. Especially in the queue!
  13. Wow, some memory you have there! Let the speculation continue....
  14. I think some interesting information can be gathered from the parks own website. Gives new meaning to a splash page if you ask me
  15. I was always under the assumption that re-tracking work was done in house by the park itself but I'm not 100%. Anyone know more about this? Certainly an interesting comment, but you would think there would be a non-disclosure policy if any projects were in development....
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