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  1. Videos on KI's website don't seem to be working for me. http://www.youtube.com/user/KingsIslandOnline/videos Another link if anyone is having the same issue.
  2. Anyone think of a hologram projection in the nioght sky of what it will look like?
  3. Live stream seems to be a go. Stoked for the announcement!!!
  4. The rubber ducks are amassing for assault on the dino? And in the cover of night. Clever girl(s).
  5. I can confirm that it is starting to finally feel like summer here in South Florida :/ And that I saw a post on another forum from what seems to be a non troll stating there is a roped off area. Trying not to feed the trolls. Just curious.
  6. Don't post here often, but I have heard rumblings of a roped off area on the north side of the parking lot. Anyone else see/ confirm?
  7. Two previous Cedar Fair installations, Diamondback and Gatekeeper, had parts arriving in mid July, base off some old album viewing. Should be an interesting week or two...
  8. This area is of some intrigue. Being in Florida has kept me from the park for some time, but if memory serves, SoB was not on the land highlighted? Anyone know if this has always been cleared? Or am I just seeing things?
  9. Seems a tad early to start construction on a mouse for next season. Although one would seem to fit nicely in that space.
  10. Random thought here guys.... Has anyone thought of a Cedar Fair hotel potentially replacing SOB? It makes sense with ALL of the footings being removed. IMO the area is too large for a connecting path and why bother removing every footing if another coaster is going in the same area?
  11. Perhaps some rather large flower pots? One can hope...
  12. King Cobra entering the brake run was quite the acoustic experience when I was growing up. Especially in the queue!
  13. Wow, some memory you have there! Let the speculation continue....
  14. I think some interesting information can be gathered from the parks own website. Gives new meaning to a splash page if you ask me
  15. I was always under the assumption that re-tracking work was done in house by the park itself but I'm not 100%. Anyone know more about this? Certainly an interesting comment, but you would think there would be a non-disclosure policy if any projects were in development....
  16. Very nice TR, I normally tend to avoid the park in the summer but Cheetah Hunt might lure me up to Tampa very shortly Sheikra currently holds my top spot in in the state as it is just a ridiculously fun coaster, glad you liked it too! One thing I feel about the park is that it might be too big...BG is essentially my home park now out and I still can't seem to find those pesky lions!!!!!
  17. Exactly. For comparison, steel coasters have come a long way from the days of classic Arrow loopers. The two biggest aspects IMO being track design and the introduction of computers throughout the design process. Not so different from the situation with the Intamin pre-fabs and comparisons to traditional woodies. Getting back to SoB, I really don't see the logic in investing another 20 million towards this ride. Seems like Cedar Fair should check up on the Concorde fallacy . An Expedition GeForce-esque ride would look mighty fine in that area and should be close to or under 20 million. Sigh. One can dream....
  18. A bit off topic, but I am kind of confused about the queue set up. It looks to me like concrete still needs to be poured for the portion that goes underneath the actual ride. I thought about the current set up and this is the best scenario that i could come up with. The black line indicates the main rider line while the orange line could be a wheelchair accessible point since there are stairs in the main queue. The blue line would then indicate riders that are just exiting ride and get dumped into the gift shop. This scenario would also stop from clusters forming when riders get off the ride and try to quickly get back in line. Again, this is what makes sense to me but if anybody knows anything different please feel free to make corrections.
  19. I usually do not post that often, but I would just like to say that if Diamondback's splashdown is anything like Sheikra at BGA, it's hardly noticeable, unless riding in the back where you may get lucky and feel some mist. In my opinion, it's more of an aesthetic feature than one for thrills, especially compared to the dive machines where the majority of the rows are hanging over the pool. The rooster tails really are mystifying in perosn though as I could watch Sheikra cycle all day, and that will most likely have to do until this summer
  20. I think the term "trim brake" that is being discussed are brakes located on the ride other than the MCBR, or station brakes. Examples: Mantis - located on the first drop to "trim" the speed heading into the loop. Behemoth - 1:24, 1:30, 1:37 are all considered to be "trim brakes" and 1:46 would be the MCBR. Just trying to help with any confusion!
  21. Do you have a link to this? Yep you can click here, or if you're having trouble with that you can always listen to it via iTunes. Enjoy!
  22. Just listened to the Behind the Thrills Podcast where Mr. Helbig did an interview and gives ALOT of information regarding Diamondback, during which he said that they shold be putting up anywhere between 4-6 pieces per day, 8 at maximum very soon. Trackwork is also slated to be done anywhere between December 20th and January 4th.
  23. Not to be picky, but Behemoth and Diamondback are at about the same amount of progress in terms of construction dates. This picture was pulled off Behemoth's webpage and is dated on November 19. While DB's 2nd hill is not complete, I would say that it currently has more track up when you take the splashdown and return camelbacks into account; however Behemoth's station was further along at this point last year.
  24. I tried color coating the supports to show exactly which ones they are working on, and was very surprised by just how big this ride is really going to be. Being down in Florida, this really stunned me as I have not yet been able to see the construction in person and probably won't make it until after opening day! (I'm pretty sure the matchup is accurate, but the angle of the track is the only thing throwing me off)
  25. For anyone that has driven past the park lately, are you able to see the supports above the treeline yet?
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