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  1. Hey everyone, Just wondering about the seatbelt situations. On FoF is one car more forgiving than the other? Also what are the seatbelts like on Vortex, Flight Deck and SoB now? Also, when one says "retractable" what does that mean? I can fit on Dellirium and The Crypt. Been a few years since I've been there, and was wondering how it may effect the larger girls now? Thanks! Liz
  2. Thanks everyone for your responses! I was there 3 years ago, and was able to ride Delirium, and IJST, or the "back lot" coaster. The only two I wasn't able to ride were Drop Zone and FoF... but with FoF the seatbelt was super close to snapping, and they tried their hardest! Just wasn't sure with the new seatbelts and all. So hopefully with losing the weight I have, I should be okay. We'll see later this summer! ~Elizabeth
  3. LOL it's okay, that's why I'm asking! I'm 5'6 and wear a 40C. And to anyone else reading, don't hold back, believe me, I let my depression get the best of me years ago, and ate my way to where I was. I have lost weight, and intend on losing more, but I just don't know if I want to make the trip with my friends or not ~Elizabeth
  4. Hi all! I am new to the boards, and have a lingering question. I saw this topic on one of CPs message boards, and wanted to start one here for those of us "up north" making the trip to Kings Island! I was just curious to see who can ride @ KI and can't ride based upon your weight/clothing size. A few years ago I was able to ride everything but Drop Zone and FoF. I started a diet in January and have lost 30 pounds. I used to be 306, and am now 270ish. I wear a size 18 in clothing. Just curious to hear from other women riders/husbands with larger women as to if who has problems fitting with the restraints and seatbelts? Any insight would be great! ~Elizabeth
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