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  1. I will be going at the end of February also, the 20th,21st and 22nd. We are mainly going because of the Harry Potter experience. Does the Mardi Gras celebration and concert usually bring larger then usual crowds? I am wondering how the crowds will be on the 21st since Kelly Clarkson will be performing then.
  2. Just got the text Aug 8th they are announcing the new ride! Edit. Everyone beat me to it.
  3. I may be to chicken for this, can somone send me a play by play of what happens in the haunt?
  4. I have gotten one instant reward for free cotton candy. I went to redeem it, and they said they whole park was out of cotton candy...fail.
  5. I am trying to decide whether or not to go tomorrow also...not looking good.
  6. It was 25 minutes with no break downs. The other line was moving a lot more than the Fast Lane was.
  7. I was going up the lift hill on Adventure Express and the lady infront of my turned around and asked us if it used to be a water ride.
  8. I went Friday and Saturday, It was insane Saturday, I have never seen it so crowded. We broke down and got Fast passes around 1pm when we got there because it was our last time going till next season, best decision ever. We still waited 25 minutes with beast and 15 minutes Diamond back with the passes, but it was way better than the alternitive.
  9. Will we be able to use the same card and process online like last year?
  10. They have been working for the past week for me!
  11. Probaly The Beast, but I have no idea how many times.
  12. I am going tuesday, I hope the crowds die down by then.
  13. I usually don't have a problem with the photographers, but I have only been to KI once this year and we let the guy take our picture once, and then he kept trying to get us to do different poses, and we were like no thanks we going to get our early rides in and he followed us till almost the gold pass gate.
  14. It was still fun, the weather said only 40 percent chance of rain,so I thought it would be ok, but I thought wrong! This was the only time we can go till mid June, but we will go lots this summer so its no big deal. The only disapointment was Flight of Fear didnt open till after 1, but I am glad we got one ride on it in..
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