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  1. The idea of a smooth Texas Giant makes me sick to my stomach
  2. Hands Down, the Zingo at Bell's in Tulsa. I used to go at least every Friday and many Sundays or Saturdays. A long wait on the Zingo was 3 cycles, so I would normally get in over 10 rides a night, without really trying. Now she is sitting some storage building, wondering if she'll ever thrill people again :'(
  3. I think they should have an online store also, considering I can never find my size (XL) in shirts I like at the park. I have tried to get 3 different shirts this year and they never once had an XL in stock.
  4. Here is a picture on Yahoo, sad to see for sure. Link
  5. How can you be a Texas fan when you can't take the heat? Zorba, who is enjoying the "cold" front that came through last night and the cool 95 degrees it left behind.
  6. 1. SOB 2. The Beast (By Night) 3. The Racer 4. The Beast (By Day) 5. Diamondback 6. Fairly Odd Coaster 7. Flight of Fear 8. Vortex 9. Firehawk (Line moves way too slow) 10. Flight Deck (Fun, but short, it has really grown on me though) 11. Invertigo 12. Backlot Stunt Coaster 13. Runaway Reptar 14. Adventure Express (does nothing for me but hurt my back)
  7. ^^^ The Giant is my #2 coaster, but it is by far the roughest coaster I've ever been on
  8. Have you been injured by the ride? No? Then you have NO room to talk. Rode once last year. One year later, my back and neck STILL hurt, even though I've been to the chiropractor multiple times. Similar incidents have been reported by other riders. Every ride has the ability to hurt someone somehow. The first time I round Racer I had a headache/neck ache for a few days, but I still ride it and it doesn't bother me anymore. Heck, in January I messed up my knee walking on a Beach in LA. It is still bothering me after physical therapy, etc. But I don't go around bashing Long Beach and demanding it be closed.
  9. ^ And Sky Ride!!! ^^ My wife and I always talk about the lack of diversity/variety at Kings and how nice it is at CP.
  10. Then don't ride it I am sure there is at least one coaster in your top ten list that I hate, but I would never campaign for its demise.
  11. This is what I do also, just push my knee up when they check the bar. On The Racer and Beast you can also push your leg against the side of the bar making it hard for them to push down. One thing I've noticed is that if you try for too much room they will also pin you, so don't get too greedy.
  12. ^ I completely agree. CP was pretty busy the weekend I was up there, so my wife and I did tons and tons of flats. I had a better time riding mostly flats this year than last year when I rode mostly coasters. I've always thought the lack of flats was the number one problem at KI.
  13. I always just push my knees up at the bottom of the hills, keeping this problem from occurring. Once you do it a few times it becomes a habit.
  14. $109 for that stuffed animal in who's mind? That is like the infommerical that claims store bought tweezers cost $100. Lets see $16 for a 23" scooby here: Link Or a 45" Tweety bird for $36: Here I know there are cheaper places to buy these and when you buy in massive Bulk like CF. I just can't remember the company's names from my carny days.
  15. Nothing (not violating the laws of physics) is impossible in engineering if given enough time and money. As for the wood developing cracks over time all that matters is that it is designed correctly. All metal fatigues, also, some metals loose more than 50% of there strength over time, steel coasters are massively over designed to avoid fatigue problems. This is why things that can not be massively over designed such as airplanes and jet engines has hard life limit. For example a 737 might have a life limit of 100,000 takeoffs and landings, as soon as it did its 100,000th landing it would be removed from service as scrapped. SOB had cracking problems because it was not designed correctly and the wood 'fatigued.' EDIT: I am not saying it is a good idea, just possible.
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