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  1. Thanks guys. Yea KI fanatic I have been there the past 3 years for Haunt but never the last weekend, so I was just wondering.
  2. I'm planing a a trip go Kings Island the 27th of October which you all know is the last day of operations. With that said how busy is the last day. I have never been to KI on the last day, but I'm going to try this year.
  3. Yes someone is. Haha..Fell into that one. I meant from KIC. Yes, someone is there from the site.
  4. No matter what Saturday you go on in October it will be busy, but still fun.
  5. This is why seat belts should not be on water rides, because anything can happen like this.
  6. He did say probably not a DAY this Summer. No. He did not. Ding ding ding round two.
  7. I have rode both front and back, and I still think the back is the best for the launch.
  8. I hope it has wheels and rolls back (occasionally), if you know what I mean. Roll backs I hear Walmart as roll backs. Freak who works at a Walmart.
  9. It's already noted earlier today. The publication use is for key chains. Yes, key chains. Terp: "I am somebody!" Sorry Terp didn't remember who said it.
  10. Yes, some one said it was just for key chains.
  11. No. No. No. He put green track not red. Freak just had too.
  12. Once I was the only one on the train on Adventure Express AT NIGHT! It was pretty cool but also a little scary because I was 8 when I did this. Having the train all to your self is fun> I have had Batman Knight Flight, Big Dipper, and Superman at Geauga Lake all by myself in the same day. Batman Knight Flight it was the last train of the day so it was awesome.
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