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  1. Wow, I don't read the forums for almost a day and this is what I get! Anyways, I'm actually okay with Planet Snoopy, it'll be a nice change in my opinion. One thing I saw somewhere here was that there'd be a new show coming with Planet Snoopy. It sounds sort of odd that they'd take out Marty's Party in its first year, maybe there's a chance the Enchanted Theater (I think that's what it's called) might host the new show, that'd be pretty cool.
  2. I was just at KI and kept hearing rehearse while on Drop Tower, they really aren't good, at all. Yet people were actually camped out in front of the Timberwolf entrance a good four hours before the concert, which I found really odd considering they obviously already got their tickets.
  3. I just found a cool video about the job of a mechanic at Kings Dominion, pretty cool stuff: http://www.diynetwork.com/videos/kings-dom...ters/38847.html
  4. The live announcement is about to air! Just click the banner with Holiday World at the top of the page on http://www.14wfie.com/Global/category.asp?C=3490 ! EDIT: All they did was play a 15 second live clip of the announcement then show the animation. EDIT2: Wildebeest POV is now at
  5. If you're walking, I'd do the 10k for sure. The 5k looks to be almost half in the parking lot, which is rather boring.
  6. Wait, is the announcement at 11 Central Time or Eastern Time, Holiday World is kind of on the border.
  7. You can also watch the announcement live according to Holiday World's twitter at http://www.14wfie.com/ at 11 am Central Time.
  8. I was going to but now that XC has officially started I can't, oh well have fun!
  9. I think Days of Thunder should be torn out and maybe replaced with a Screamin' Swing, I think it would fit better in Action Zone than in Coney Mall. Also, I think there should be a cool stunt show where the water tower is multiple times through-out the day. That would really add to the action feel of Action Zone. They could even go as far as have some cool pyro-technics in the show along with the usual motorsports and other "stunts" which could change through-out the year.
  10. I'm not completly sure how I'd feel about an Aquatrax, it's an intresting idea, yet the capacity and the fact of it being an Intamin dicourage me quite a bit.
  11. G-Force

    Free Water

    I've only been refused water once, during last year's Haunt at Panda Express.
  12. lol, Just edited what my point was in that sentence to make it more clear.
  13. Today I went out to KI with my cousin who is visiting from Pennsylvania and had a pretty awesome time. We started they day of on Diamondback, row 2, and my cousin loved it. Then we headed over to The Beast and after waiting the longest amount of time I have ever waited for The Beast (All, and I mean ALL, of the queues were filled!) we had a great ride despite me cringing at the trim brakes. After that we headed over to The Vortex but the line was a bit too long so we headed back to the Rivertown LaRosa's for some pizza. We both got the usual two slices and ice water and finished em' up quick. (Now for the amazing part) So we were just sitting there and a kid from another table came over and gave us two slices leftover on the full pizza his family ordered, we gladly accepted those, of course! Then another guy from another table said "Hey, I got a large orange Fanta I haven't touched if you want it!). We just kinda looked at eachother and he brought us the cup. After some investigation we deemed the cup to be drinkable and had at it. Then we started wondering why we got free stuff, is it because we look homeless? Is it because we finished our food so quickly? Or was it because we are simply amazing? But that didn't bother us too much so we got up and headed for The Racer, short wait, and had a great ride. That great ride was followed by another, Adventure Express. Then we rode Drop Tower twice, followed by a ride on Flight Deck (Both amazingly awesome). We got one more ride on Diamondback in before heading back to Slingshot to wait for an hour and then get shot into the sky. This was my second time riding it (First doesn't count IMO because my eyes were closed and I was too freaked out to notice anything) and it was also, you guessed it, amazing. All in all by the end of the day we really did have an amazing time! EDIT: Sorry about the overload of the word amazing, I really just felt like saying that a few (thousand) times!
  14. Looks like I'm not going to be able to go... that Saturday I'm having a two-a-day practice for cross country that I can't miss. Oh well, have fun everybody!
  15. I'm heading out today for the first time in awhile (a month) and I am not expecting crowds, due to it being a wednesday and the current weather outlook. But the weather doesn't bother me in the slightest, usually its the rainy days that are the most fun!
  16. Well, I love G-Force being on just about any coaster... but my favorite has to be G-Force on Vortex, mostly because of its G-Forces. G-Force, who just HAD to..
  17. In my opinion, its not a coaster. I just think this because it is not following a set track.
  18. I'm also hoping for something like that, I think the kids would get a kick out of riding rides named after the big ones. Plus it would be a ton cheaper, with no liscenses needed, and not too much theming, just similar paint.
  19. 1. The Beast 2. Diamondback 3. Flight of Fear 4. The Racer 5. Son of Beast 6. Vortex 7. Adventure Express 8. Flight Deck 9. Firehawk 10. Beastie 11. Back-Lot Stunt Coaster 12. Invertigo 13. Runaway Reptar
  20. I heard from a friend who's dads a friend (wow, really long relation chain here) with a F-16 pilot that they'll be flying some F-16's over KI on the fourth.... not so sure if this is true but take it for what you want.
  21. Cool photos! It was really cool seeing Flight Commander. Plus Top Gun with actual paint is nice also. Thanks!
  22. Oh, I forgot something! Even though it is mostly for the little kids, Jackeroo Landing is actually pretty fun, if you don't mind getting drenched. You have to let the bucket dump on you at least once during your visit, you get soaked!
  23. I like the Coolatonga (sp?) Racers, ecspecially if you get people to race against!
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