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  1. I would buy some. Don't judge me. I am still salty over missing out on Vortex slice. Twice.
  2. Does anyone believe that there is a chance the park may attempt to sell these rides or are they destined for the scrap heap? The more I think about this the more upset I get.
  3. oh man...maybe next year. That would give me a good reason to go to the fair.
  4. If they make it to the online store I will pick one up. I unfortunately can not make it to the park this weekend.
  5. Has anyone put together a list of ride capacity/operations changes due to social distancing requirements? I did a quick search and could not find it myself.
  6. I got reservations for the 7th. I am hoping for a very light crowd so I can get a ride in on Orion.
  7. in banks too...I kinda want to wear one to the bank now.
  8. My Grandmother always kept plastic butter containers because of her experience with the Great Depression. You never knew whether you were opening up butter or something else entirely.
  9. I was a Club TPR member but they are not currently accepting renewals or new members...not sure why, been like that for a while. I joined that particular club not because of anything to do with Robb, they just had the right balance of price vs perks for me at the time. With the current situation with the virus I don't feel like I need a club membership now anyway because who knows what events will actually happen this year now.
  10. Last time I remember Robb being at KI was Banshee media day. If you really want to see some comedy, join his Retro Games Fan group on Facebook. He has some pretty strict guidelines to keep the content of a certain quality. If you do not abide he simply deletes your post. The real fun begins after said post is deleted the person chimes in with an ugly response to the deletion. I know a lot of folks don't like him, but my interactions with Robb have always been pleasant and I and lots of the other members of that group get a real kick out of him going at it with idiots that do not abide by the r
  11. I will be getting these for sure. I have Beast, Diamondback and Banshee. Did Mystic Timbers get a model?
  12. Thank you for the report. I am hoping to make it out to KK before the end of the month to check this out for myself.
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