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  1. I will be getting these for sure. I have Beast, Diamondback and Banshee. Did Mystic Timbers get a model?
  2. Thank you for the report. I am hoping to make it out to KK before the end of the month to check this out for myself.
  3. That lift hill and drop was a thing of beauty. I also loved how you would see the loop right as the train left the station.
  4. A maintenance issue perhaps but ridership would not be the issue based on what I experienced. It was close to an hour wait.
  5. I do not understand the logic on removing the rapids ride. When I went a couple summers ago it was super hot and the line for the rapids ride was the longest one we waited in all day. This makes no sense. If it was immediately being replaced by another water ride with high capacity it would be ok but removing all the water rides in a park in the south is dumb.
  6. Kentucky Flyer is looking awesome. I can not wait to ride it with my daughter.
  7. I would not say Hurler was the worst I have ridden but it is certainly a LOT less forceful that Thunder Run. When I rode a couple years ago it was at least much smoother than the KD one.
  8. Fair board has ordered construction on Kentucky Flyer halted. They are claiming KK does not have rights to the land. link to press conference below. https://www.facebook.com/wave3news/videos/2163259197246669/UzpfSTE1MDU4NDQyNDk3NTczODoyMTQzNDM3NzQyMzU3MDUz/
  9. I doubt it. KI doesn't really need the land Invertigo is sitting on for expansion.
  10. I am pretty sure it was below 45 at the beginning of Banshee's media day. Bur that was a cold morning.
  11. I am glad they are opening up the beach and extending the boardwalk. I am surprised the stadium wasn't demolished sooner.
  12. Yes but they are not close enough that they are going to destroy one another. KK has probably hurt HW way more than it could KI but in general competition is almost always a good thing for us consumers.
  13. Hopefully CF continues on a similar path as under Mr. Ouimet. He has done of a heck of a job.
  14. We now have a healthy KK to put pressure on KI to invest more now too.
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