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  1. Lighting controls...and here I thought you all were talk about the deceased rapper.
  2. Back when it was just a rumor I heard that a change to the restraints may be coming in order to bring it back.
  3. Carowinds is a nice park, but they have removed much of their history and closing the raft ride made zero sense based on the climate. When I last visited it was extremely hot and we waited close to an hour for the raft ride just to cool off.
  4. I hope we get similar action in Kentucky. I went to KK for opening day and they were still running rides at half capacity and had several attractions closed. Both of these things were previously said not to be taking place by the new management so I am sure it is not by choice.
  5. What is with the 8 foot tall Bea Arthur?
  6. I tried to get a ticket but failed...maybe next year. Does anyone know how many tickets were available?
  7. I would buy some. Don't judge me. I am still salty over missing out on Vortex slice. Twice.
  8. Does anyone believe that there is a chance the park may attempt to sell these rides or are they destined for the scrap heap? The more I think about this the more upset I get.
  9. oh man...maybe next year. That would give me a good reason to go to the fair.
  10. If they make it to the online store I will pick one up. I unfortunately can not make it to the park this weekend.
  11. Has anyone put together a list of ride capacity/operations changes due to social distancing requirements? I did a quick search and could not find it myself.
  12. I got reservations for the 7th. I am hoping for a very light crowd so I can get a ride in on Orion.
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