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  1. That reminds me of a few Ricky Bobby and Cal jr. commercial qoutes from Talladega Nights.
  2. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...mp;refer=europe From the sounds of that the former Bush parks are now in play.
  3. I thought I saw a few of these in Chicago when I was up there a few years ago..
  4. If you enjoy the X-Treme Skyflyer, I highly suggest you go bungee jumping! I still get a bit nervous even recalling the event. I was standing only 65 ft up, and the ride op simply said, alright your ready to go! Then I asked the question, "so do I just like walk off the edge?" He simply said "ugh yea." I looked straight out, and started walking, and then an amazing feeling of a quick free fall bestowed my body. Once I got unhooked, I went and bought an other ticket to do it again. The second time i dove head first off that platform. Now that was scary! I hope to go skydiving one day; I think that would be the ultimate rush!
  5. I joined 23-November 04. I Used to be a member at PKIU, then switched over. Even though I don't post often I view these boards almost everyday.
  6. Hey, that sounds like the Reds idea of having cheerleaders; which I think, had more of a negative effect.
  7. The more people worry about terrorist attacks, the more they (terrorists) have succeeded. This situation is almost like the ol' witch hunts in Salem. Word of witch craft gets spread around and the whole town tears itself down. Even more recent like Joseph McCarthy and the accusations of communism during the cold war. Also, the good old nuclear fall out drills at schools and bomb shelters. If anyone were wise they would study the past and see these, and at least put some logic behind their panic. Yes, I believe that terrorism, unlike witchcraft, is real and it scares the crap out of me. Yet, I don't find it necessary to blow it out of proportion and drive everyone crazy; thats what bothers me about the media.
  8. I've rode it once since it reopened. To tell you the truth it's a boring coaster. Maybe that has to do with me riding it probably a good 100 times before the accident. Yet, today I find it rough, and the lay out boring. That would be a nice lay out for a steel coaster; but for now, hyper-wood coasters are just a bad idea.
  9. That would be the area surrounding the lift motor(s)? I don't know if you were being sarcastic or not I'm not sure, lol.
  10. I wonder if it would be possibly to squeeze Congo Falls in under that area by those power lines in BB. That brings up another question I have always had. How come the owner of Kings Island at the time agreed to sell that small area of land for use of a high voltage power line tower? It has always seemed a bad idea to me to have power lines over a water park.
  11. Hah, yea I saw that today. I was going to make a post about it later. I started laughing when I saw that, everyone who I was with just starred at me. Also, I found it funny how today was "Paramount sale day!" All former paramount merchandise was on sale up to 60%; In addition, they were also giving away bears with winter fest logos on them. I guess Cedar Fair is trying to clean out the ol' warehouses.
  12. "It's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for 'em." ^^I think Doge Ball is quotable in this situation. On a serious note though, I think this is a bad answer to worsening problem. If it is already too expensive for a day at one of their parks already why go and jack up the ticket prices. To me, it just seems smart to go for quantity. Reduce prices of items inside the park, and reduce the price of tickets. I think then you will have more people in the parks, willing to actually buy a drink that is not ridiculously priced. Yea it might not pay off right away, but I think it would work in the long run..
  13. So how much are they limiting attendance? Well I guess tickets for 300 dollars would do the limiting itself.. Yet, I am curious on how many tickets they are selling.
  14. Honestly, who care what orientation/religion someone is?? How about we, as humans, stop being so technical about every little detail and just treat everyone with respect and love. I can not stand when "groups" (I put this in quotes because to me we are all the same..) of people are slandered. What gives others the thought that they are right and better, nothing, nothing at all. Now on topic, I am glad this question was brought up. If I could go, I might do so, just to experience that type of community. I feel the best way to experience this world and mature is to be around as many different "groups" society has created. -Chris
  15. Haha, maybe we should start a rehab center for people who are addicted to "Beast." Yet, I too am addicted to coaster, have been ever since I first rode it.
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